Buying used electric tricycle – saddle up for substantial savings

Buying used electric tricycle - saddle up for substantial savings
Buying a used electric tricycle instead of a new one can save money, but does come with some risks. This comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to know about purchasing a pre-owned electric tricycle.
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    A used electric tricycle can be a great option for affordable and eco-friendly transportation. Electric tricycles, also known as e-trikes, are three-wheeled vehicles powered by an electric motor and battery.


    What is a used electric tricycle

    An electric tricycle is a three-wheeled cycle with a motor and battery powering it instead of manual pedaling alone. E-trikes come in many configurations – some resemble regular bicycles, while others have more robust frames with storage and seating capacity making them useful for running errands or small cargo delivery.

    Most used e-trikes available will likely be lithium battery-powered with a range when fully charged of up to around 15-30 miles.

    The expected lifespan of a used electric tricycle will depend greatly on factors like battery age, mileage ridden, manufacturer quality, and maintenance history. Well-cared-for lithium batteries can retain good capacity for 300-800 charge cycles before needing replacement.

    Other tricycle components like motors, controllers, and frames often remain functional for over 5+ years. Checking these components closely is key when evaluating a pre-owned e-trike.

    Advantages of buying used electric tricycles

    Buying used can make owning an electric trike much more affordable and environmentally friendly by extending product lifecycles.

    • Cost savings

    Used electric tricycles can cost 50–75% less than brand-new retail pricing. For equivalent features and performance at a fraction of standard e-trike prices, pre-owned is extremely appealing for budget-conscious buyers.

    Advantages of buying used electric tricycles

    • Established condition

    When shopping from reputable sellers that fully check over and service trade-in e-trikes, buyers can have confidence in the trike’s components and safety. No guesswork about potential issues to repair.

    • Environmentally friendly

    By giving gently used e-trikes new life with different owners, fewer brand new units need to be manufactured – preserving resources and landfill waste.

    • Customization options

    Since used electric tricycles have often already taken their biggest depreciation hit, buyers can invest in upgrades like new batteries, seats, and storage accessories without inflating costs too much.

    What impacts the cost of a used electric tricycle

    Multiple individual components determine the listing price sellers will ask for when reselling pre-owned cheap electric tricycle. Assessing what parts may need proactive replacement and their expense will give buyers a clearer understanding of value.

    BENLG-HARVEST Electric Tricycle
    BENLG-HARVEST Electric Tricycle
    • Batteries: Lithium batteries are the most expensive component. Higher battery voltages like 48V cost more. Replacement can run $400+.
    • Motors: Brushless rear hub motors ranging from 250-1000 watts represent performance capability. Higher-watt motors cost more to replace if faulty.
    • Frame and wheels: Aluminum or steel frames plus wheel quality should be examined for rust/damage. These foundational trike sections are pricier to swap out.
    • Accessories: Check for included cargo baskets, custom seats, and riding stability add-ons that increase retail pricing but don’t affect operation.

    Buyers should cross reference what replacement parts might cost with the asking price to make an informed used e-trike buying decision.

    Potential risks buying used electric tricycles

    While used electric tricycles can provide very reliable transportation at a great value, assuming someone else’s pre-owned e-trike does come with a degree of uncertainty. Staying cautious regarding a few key areas will help minimize purchase disappointment or safety hazards.

    • Battery health unknowns

    Unless the original purchase receipt history is available, gauging lithium battery capacity fade is tricky. Requiring replacement batteries shortly after buying used leads to added costs.

    Potential risks buying used electric tricycles

    • Mechanical issues

    Prior owner negligence or riding mishaps can result in problems with motors, brakes, or electrical components that surface after purchase. Repair bills eliminate any used savings.

    • Manufacturing defects

    Even quality e-trike brands can produce lemons despite strong reputations. Buying used skips customers guarantees protections against these flaws emerging later on.

    Vetting out e-trike listings thoroughly, asking sellers plenty of questions about origin/care, and test riding when possible go a long way to avoid getting stuck with a subpar pre-owned purchase.

    What question should consider when buying a used electric tricycle

    It’s recommended to have a detailed conversation with used e-trike sellers and also conduct in-person test rides before committing to ensure you make an optimal purchasing decision. Also try to read the top 10 electric tricycle manufacturers in China.

    • Odometer reading: Gives a sense of mileage ridden. Lower totals indicate lighter use.
    • Charge cycle history: Request battery recharge data if possible. 300-800 cycles are expected before capacity fades.
    • Tuning/Repairs done: Gives insight into mechanical care/condition. More fixes could signal problems.
    • Incident damage: Ask about any significant collisions resulting in component damage requiring repair.
    • Test ride available: First-hand experience riding used e-trike is invaluable in assessing noise, handling, and braking functions.
    • Return policy: Sellers that stand behind sale for 1-2 weeks indicate confidence in quality.

    Vetting out responses thoroughly paints a clearer picture of how well-maintained a used e-trike truly is before paying.

    How to inspect a used electric tricycle

    The best tactic for filtering quality pre-owned electric tricycles from problematic units is an in-depth inspection. Use this checklist when evaluating used e-trikes in person before making a purchase.

    How to inspect a used electric tricycle

    Examine frames and wheels closely for:

    • Dents, cracks, or damage indicating crashes
    • Rust corrosion around joints and fasteners
    • Alignment and spacing issues between parts

    Review wiring harness & connectors for:

    • Fraying wires suggesting moisture damage
    • Burnt or damaged plugs hinting short circuit
    • Loose connectors that could cut power  

    Check motor function by:

    • Listen for odd sounds when pedaling or engaging the throttle
    • Feel for excessive vibration indicating internal damage

    Test ride extensively evaluating:

    • Expected motor power and speed
    • Responsiveness of brakes and throttles
    • Ability to steer or balance comfortably

    While not every used e-trike will be flawless, this inspection process will filter out units prone to failure versus those likely to provide reliable transportation.

    Where to find used electric tricycles for sale

    Many excellent outlets exist for finding pre-owned electric tricycles – ranging from private sellers to specialty dealers. Tap these e-trike resale sources for choice-used options.

    • Craigslist: The listing site often has used e-trikes for sale locally by private owners at good values.
    • eBay: Huge online auction marketplace matching buyers and sellers directly. Well-priced selection.
    • Amazon: The retail giant now includes some third-party resellers of used e-trikes through their platform.
    • Electric trike dealers: Brick-and-mortar shops focusing on e-trike sales often take trade-ins they recondition and resell.

    Checking multiple sources gives a better chance of finding well-cared-for used e-trikes for the lowest prices. Set search alerts and check back often for newly listed pre-owned buying opportunities.

    Best top 3 electric tricycle manufacturers

    While almost any used e-trike model from a recognizable brand can provide satisfactory affordable transportation, some manufacturers consistently rate higher for quality, features, and durability. These top electric tricycle makers are most prominent across pre-owned resale channels.


    China-based Benlg has quickly become one of the world’s largest electric trike producers. They focus extensively on lithium battery optimization and electric drivetrain innovation across affordable models now resold widely. Additionally, it is one of the best top 10 electric motorcycle manufacturers in China.

    Best electric tricycle manufacturer - Benlg


    Founded in California in 2015, Emojo produces a wide range of electric trike models focused on comfortable seating, responsive digital controls, and fun colors. Used Emojo e-trikes generally hold value relatively well if maintained properly.


    This Florida electric bike manufacturer brings over 15 years of focusing specifically on electric trike innovation for senior riders. Used eWheels models offer stable chassis and low step-through frames.

    While buying from top brands lowers purchase risks, avoiding any used e-trike with apparent structural damage or electrical issues regardless of branding is most prudent.

    FAQs about used electric tricycles

    Yes, pre-owned e-trikes using standard electrical components can usually be upgraded in performance and aesthetics.

    Common modifications include replacing seats for better comfort, fitting sturdier cargo racks for more hauling capacity, installing higher voltage batteries adding range. Changing handlebars, grips, and tires for customized styling is also popular.  

    Absolutely. Buying pre-owned instead of new saves hundreds typically. Just focus used e-trike searches on popular production brands, inspect thoroughly before purchase, and avoid units with expensive damage or wear requiring immediate repair needs. Test riding using e-trikes also helps determine quality and value more accurately.

    Look for the below hallmarks when researching any electric tricycle maker, new or used:

    • Hundreds+ online customer reviews highlighting excellent product reliability and customer service satisfaction
    • Years or decades of consistently manufacturing and evolving e-trike models  
    • Responsive warranty coverage even for second owners of used trikes when reasonable
    • Strong track record improving battery range, ride comfort, and electrical safety advancements in their e-trike designs

    Brands displaying these traits inspire greater confidence in dependability - even when buying pre-owned examples after initial warranty expiration.


    Purchasing quality used electric tricycles for sale by reputable sellers can deliver substantial value and affordable, eco-friendly transportation. Taking precautions by fully inspecting and test riding used e-trikes pre-purchase minimizes disappointment risks later.

    Leverage this complete guide’s research when hunting for the perfect pre-owned electric trike providing many miles of practically powered mobility.

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