Top 5 motorcycle manufacturers in Malaysia

Top 5 motorcycle manufacturers in Malaysia
Malaysia's two-wheeler market is dominated by locally manufactured or imported models. However, the introduction of several imported brands is also closely related, and the market as a whole is very active. This article is about the best top 5 motorcycle manufacturers in Malaysia.
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    Over the past few years, many top 10 electric motorcycle manufacturers have started to produce small-displacement scooters with racing-style liveries, most of which are exclusive to the Asian market, which also provides racing enthusiasts with a racing-style commute and off road electric motorcycle.

    The lower threshold for the use of electric two-wheelers is expected to drive the overall penetration of two-wheelers up. Motorcycles are widely available in Malaysia and are the most convenient and economical means of transportation in Malaysia.

    From the point of view of use, due to the high threshold for the use of motorcycles, the local cycling population is dominated by young and middle-aged men.

    Lightweight electric motorcycles are relatively light and simple to operate, which will impress more women and middle-aged and elderly consumers and form a considerable incremental market space. Here are the best top 5 motorcycle manufacturers in Malaysia: Modenas, Petronas, Proton, Perodua and Demak.


    Best list of top 5 motorcycle manufacturers in Malaysia

    Number Company
    1 Modenas
    3 Xidesheng
    4 MERIDA


    Modenas logo
    Established date 1995
    Company website

    As one of the top 5 motorcycle manufacturers in Malaysia, Modenas is a classical brand and receive good sales. In 2007, the company achieved its 1,000,000th production scale. Modenas previously featured electric scooters and mopeds in the market.

    Modenas building

    The company also develops and produces about 50 different types of motorcycle models. In order to expand its footprint in the international market, Modenas has also partnered with other motorcycle manufacturers to diversify its product range.

    Modenas product


    Petronas logo
    Established date 1974
    Company website

    Petronas’ team competed in the 2003 World Superbike Championship with the launch of the company’s own invention of the FP1 e-bike for road use, the first e-bike in Malaysia itself. Officially launched its premium automotive lubricant series into the Indonesian lubricant market.

    Petronas building


    Proton logo
    Established date 1983
    Company website

    Proton is Malaysia’s largest car company, a classic brand and the only car manufacturer that has full autonomy from design to production. Its Saga, Exora and Persona models are the best-selling models in their segments.

    Proton building

    In 2022, Proton Malaysia ranked second in terms of sales, with 136,026 units sold, accounting for 18.9%.

    Proton environment


    Perodua logo
    Established date 1993
    Company website

    Perodua is the best-selling local car brand in West Asia and the only brand with monthly sales of more than 10,000 yuan. Its models are mainly small cars, which are economical and very suitable for the local economic situation.

    Perodua building

    In 2022, Perodua ranked first in sales, with 282,019 units sold, accounting for 39.1%. Perodua is Malaysia’s largest car manufacturer, and in fact, Perodua is almost a local joint venture of Japanese automakers in Malaysia.

    Perodua environment

    After all, the models sold by Perodua in Malaysia are basically Toyota’s products, and they do not have the ability to design and define products independently after a simple transformation and then a new logo.


    Demak logo
    Established date 2002
    Company website

    Demak’s goal is to develop Demak into a reliable brand. On a warm summer day, many people’s favorite pastime is to ride an electric motorcycle and enjoy the warmth of the season.

    Demak building

    Demak has created his own success story in Malaysia’s highly competitive motorcycle industry. We are the only manufacturer with factories in both the western and eastern parts of Malaysia, with engine production capacity of 250cc since 2002 and more recently, approved engine production capacity of over 500cc.

    Demak environment


    Two-wheelers and automobiles are substituting and complementary to each other, and the four-wheeler market, which has relatively low market demand in Malaysia, contains a larger two-wheeler market.

    Compared to automobiles, motorcycles can complete the same travel in a shorter time and at a lower cost, and considering economic development factors, the market capacity of two-wheelers may be higher.

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