Top 5 best cruiser motorcycle manufacturers in the world

Top 5 best cruiser motorcycle manufacturers in the world
Cruiser motorcycles tend to have a very relaxed forward riding position with both feet, a very low seat, large rear tires, a sloping fork and an engine that focuses on low torque rather than high-end power. This article aims to introduce the top 5 best cruiser motorcycle manufacturers in the world.
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    Motorcycle culture has spread all over the world in endless ways. The influence of popular culture, aggressive marketing strategies, and general acceptance by the masses have all contributed to the widespread use of various motorcycles.

    Add to that their practicality and maneuverability on city streets, and you’ll have a lot easier riding an elegant electric motorcycle. Here are the top 5 best cruiser motorcycle manufacturers in the world: Suzuki, Yamaha, Indian motorcycle, Harley and Ducati.


    Best list of top 5 best cruiser motorcycle manufacturers in the world

    Number Company
    1 Suzuki
    2 Yamaha
    3 Indian motorcycle
    4 Harley
    5 Ducati

    What is the best cruiser motorcycle

    Cruiser motorcycles tend to ride forward with very relaxed feet in a forward position, with the body standing upright or leaning slightly back. The seats are very low, the rear tires are large, the forks are tilted, and the engines focus on low torque rather than high-end power, but they tend to be really heavy. As a result, power figures often match the size of the engine.

    They’re more about looking and sounding good at low speeds than getting from A to B as fast as possible and keeping your knees in the corners. Power is usually transmitted to the rear wheels via a belt drive system rather than a traditional chain, and plenty of low torque also allows for easier shifting.

    They also typically place most of the dashboard on top of the fuel tank instead of behind the handlebars, although some models use both options with a split dashboard. The functions are like electric dirt bikes.

    But it doesn’t matter if you’re in love with daring cruiser motorcycles or if you’ve got a soft spot for extreme sports cars. Here are the top 5 best cruiser motorcycle manufacturers in the world, all represented in their respective segments and loved by every rider.


    SUZUKI logo
    Established date 1920
    Company location Japan
    Company website

    Suzuki has been in operation since 2006, and while it hasn’t been honed for a longer period of time than other motorcycles, fifteen years is enough time for people to fully feel its presence. There are several variants over the years, such as the Classic LT, Classic Special Edition, and Custom Edition, all of which hit the market at the right time.

    Suzuki building

    Arguably, the Custom Edition is one of the most attractive fuel motorcycles in this range. The car was powered by a 903-cc V-twin engine, liquid-cooled and fuel-injected. The low seat and full size hardtail design give it an unmistakable street look.

    Suzuki product

    This element sets the Custom Edition apart from the other two 900s. Interestingly, the 900 has remained virtually unchanged since its inception, with only a few distinguishing elements between the models.


    Yamaha logo
    Established date 1978
    Company location Japan
    Company website

    If you’re looking for a subtle entry-level motorcycle with a very encouraging fuel economy, the Yamaha V-STAR 250 would be a perfect choice. The V-Star 250 was launched in 2008. The V-twin engine is air-cooled and offers a smaller displacement. It is said to weigh only 147.8 kilograms.

    Yamaha building

    The seat height is approximately 27 inches, giving the rider comfortable control and handling of the machine and road conditions. It retains the classic style without much exaggeration in specific elements. This makes it a suitable entry-level motorcycle in the field of the best cruiser motorcycles.

    Yamaha product

    Indian motorcycle

    Indian motorcycle logo
    Established date 1901
    Company location America
    Company website

    Bobber Sixty has a number of admirable traits that are a plus for its quirky look. The combination of black metal plates and the matte black finish around it makes it attractive and stylish.

    Indian motorcycle building

    With a cast aluminum frame, the weight is kept low, while the vintage hard street legal electric motorcycle gives it a traditional overall look. The Bobber Sixty uses a V-twin 61cc powerplant that puts out 81 horsepower and 65 pound-feet of torque. The top speed is limited to 160 km/h, making it a cruiser motorcycle suitable for all kinds of riders.

    Indian motorcycle product


    Harley Davidson logo
    Established date 1903
    Company location America
    Company website

    The Low Rider S made a comeback in 2020 and received a rave reception after a series of improvements. One of its biggest stipulations is a stiffer frame, which is also lighter, giving the Low Rider S a much higher performance. The 1900-cc engine is quite an impressive component of this muscular machine.

    Harley building

    This motorcycle was indisputably a great way for Harley to cement its presence. It is a great reincarnation of the Dyna series and sits right in the middle of the company’s cruiser series. Harley is one of the top 10 electric motorcycle manufacturers in the world.

    Harley product

    You can have it in two tranquil colors, vivid black and midnight crimson. Judging by its appearance and performance, it is undoubtedly a sleeping giant with so much potential on any road.


    Ducati logo
    Established date 1926
    Company location Italy
    Company website

    Diavel made its public debut at the 2010 EICMA motorcycle show in Milan and caused quite a stir. It combines agility, efficiency, and a muscular look in a single motorcycle, something cruiser motorcycle builders have struggled to incorporate.

    Ducati building

    The Ducati Diavel 1260 manages to pack all these elements into a motorcycle that has its own personality and strives to outline its own space. The motorcycle was divided into Diavel 1260 and 1260s.

    Ducati product

    The notable feature is that the 1260S fork is trimmed in gold, and its weight is also almost 2kg lighter. Ducati is known for its race-winning motorcycles. The riding position, engine displacement, electronics, and overall styling all speak to a well-thought-out design that is ready for successful exploration in the future.


    We looked at all the best cruiser motorcycle manufacturers that can be purchased at a variety of price points and selected the top contenders, taking into account style, power, technology, and value for money.

    While cruiser motorcycles and sport bikes typically appeal to very different riders, in both segments there are a few motorcycles that every lover who loves to ride craves. Choosing the optimal product with the top 5 best cruiser motorcycle manufacturers in the world can save time.

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