Top 5 best commuter motorcycle manufacturers in the world

Top 5 best commuter motorcycle manufacturers in the world
The best commuter motorcycle is still a type of model with a relatively large demand in the Chinese market. This article aims to provide more characteristic commuter motorcycles and the manufacturers.
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    What are the recommended motorcycles for commuting in major urban areas? In general, the best commuter motorcycle in urban areas can meet most needs. There is no need to choose a model with too much displacement. However, everyone’s riding status is different, so it is recommended to clarify the following questions.

    Here are the best commuter motorcycle manufacturers in the world: Honda, Benlg, Suzuki, Yamaha and SYM.


    Best list of top 5 best commuter motorcycle manufacturers in the world

    Number Company
    1 Honda
    2 Benlg
    3 Suzuki
    4 Yamaha
    5 SYM

    How to choose the best commuter motorcycle

    • Body structure

    As the displacement of motorcycles increases, the most obvious change is that the body structure will also become larger. Its ability to travel will be limited, and it will easily feel bulky, making it very unsuitable for riding in congested road conditions. Therefore, on the premise of large displacement, try to choose some motorcycles with compact bodies.

    • Model positioning

    In addition to the displacement that directly determines the power performance of the motorcycle, it is more of a symbol. It will not participate in the specific classification and refinement of the model, and today’s large displacement motorcycles will have a variety of types, such as ADV, cruiser, electric off road motorcycle, sports vehicle and so on.

    In fact, they are not all suitable for daily commuting. Therefore, it is important to determine the classification of the model, as this is directly related to later use.


    Honda logo
    Established date 1948
    Company location Japan
    Company website

    Honda is mainly engaged in the development, production, sales and service of motorcycle and electric vehicle products, with advanced production lines. Its best beginner motorcycles have always been the choice for beginners and are still highly sought after today.

    Honda building

    The CG125 is a vehicle that has been dreamed of for generations, and although it has lost its former glory, it is still durable. A very practical, compact body, flat seats, powerful low torque powertrain, can meet any requirements in the commuting state.

    Honda product


    Benlg logo
    Established date 2004
    Company location China
    Company website

    Benlg is mainly engaged in the production of electric tricycle and motorcycle and is one of the first electric vehicle companies in the industry to have a national industrial product production license, and the first electric vehicle company with independent export rights.

    Benlg building

    The Benlg brand covers four categories, including electric bicycles, lithium electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, and electric tricycles, combined with cool car series, nuclear submarine series, etc., to form a product series aircraft carrier group.

    Products have passed ISO9001 quality certification, DOT certification, EEC/E-MARK certification and other certifications, and are exported to more than 30 countries and regions.

    Benlg products

    Benlg has always inherited the motorcycle quality gene of the electric motorcycle industry cluster, and the product quality is excellent, and it has a good reputation in the market. Positive change, sales have increased by leaps and bounds in recent years, and market demand is strong, which puts higher demands on plant capacity.


    SUZUKI logo
    Established date 1920
    Company location Japan
    Company website

    Suzuki’s product line includes motorcycles, bicycles, automobiles, etc., of which motorcycles are one of its main products. Suzuki has a wealth of experience and technology in the motorcycle field, and its products are known for their reliability and durability.

    Suzuki building

    The GN125 is also a more classic model, and the classics of this car are mainly reflected in its appearance and powertrain. The GN125’s exterior design is excellent even now, and the chain motor is very durable and has smooth acceleration, so it is also very suitable for urban commuting.

    Suzuki product


    Yamaha logo
    Established date 1978
    Company location Japan
    Company website

    Since Yamaha has been producing motorcycles, its products have radiated to all corners of the world. From sports cars, street legal electric motorcycle, and off-road cruising motorcycles, you can find them everywhere.

    Yamaha building

    The performance of this product in all aspects is still relatively ideal, especially since its performance has obvious advantages in the same class of models. For example, the fuel consumption of this car is what many car lovers need, and it is 1.9L in total. Therefore, focusing on fuel consumption, this product Feizhi 150 will easily become the first choice in the same class.

    Yamaha product


    SYM logo
    Established date 1961
    Company location China
    Company website

    It is the first and only depot in Taiwan to produce both electric motorcycles and EVs. It is a page legend in the history of modern cars, and from 1974 to the present in Taiwan, it is not only a legend worthy of praise, but also an irreplaceable classic.

    SYM product

    Although the scooter lacks a sense of delicacy compared to Japanese models, it is actually unique in terms of power and configuration, as well as appearance. This is a typical example that, in addition to being equipped with a water-cooled engine, is perfectly equipped. So its practicality is more reflected in its cost performance.

    SYM products

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