The future development direction of electric bicycles

The future development direction of electric bicycles
After nearly five years of continuous growth, industrial scale and production and sales volume have grown rapidly. However, due to the gradual saturation of the Chinese market in recent years, the current growth rate is slowing.
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    With the continuous development of urbanization, the problem of urban traffic congestion is becoming more and more serious. Electric motorcycle and bicycle, as important means of transportation, are gradually being phased out in competition with electric vehicles and motorcycles.

    Although motorcycles have many advantages over electric vehicles, they are gradually being replaced by electric bicycles due to policy regulations and environmental pollution. Electric bicycles have been around since 1985 and have grown rapidly since 2003.


    Analysis of e-bike market in China

    In recent years, battery technology has been a huge bottleneck in the development of electric vehicles. And electric bicycles have lower battery requirements and are more suitable for the current market. According to statistics, the market for electric bicycles is very considerable.

    • The status quo of the industry

    According to relevant statistics, the sales volume of the electric vehicle industry fell by 20% in 2015. Most of them are conceptual and have no real breakthroughs.

    However, judging from the new products released by major electric vehicle companies last year, the electric vehicle industry is gradually developing in the direction of “lithium batteries”, “lightweights”, and “intelligents”.

    Analysis of e-bike market in China

    Lithium battery electric bicycles have gradually entered the market and become a new breakthrough in the electric vehicle industry.

    Lightweight direction of electric bike

    Due to the limitations of materials and technology, the manufacturing cost of lithium batteries is higher than that of commonly used lead-acid batteries. Cost is the biggest concern when using conventional EV products.

    To a certain extent, it has hindered the development of lithium battery electric vehicles. However, in recent years, with the continuous innovation of lithium battery materials and technology, the price has decreased, and the advantages have become increasingly prominent.

    Compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries have a longer life span, about 3 times that of lead-acid batteries, and are light in weight and small in size.

    It is highly competitive in electric vehicle products. In recent years, major electric vehicle companies in the electric vehicle industry have shown a trend toward lithium batteryization. In recent years, lightweight materials have been used more to reduce the weight of the entire vehicle.

    Lightweight direction of electric bike

    Moreover, through lightweight product design, the endurance of electric bicycles can be more effectively improved to meet consumers’ needs for high-performance electric vehicles.

    Benlg is able to ensure that the appearance is stylish, there is built-in efficiency and high energy, and environmental protection can be guaranteed.

    Intelligence has become a trend

    With the advent of the Internet, electric vehicles have also entered the era of intelligence and began to develop in the direction of interconnection, intelligence and interaction.

    Intelligence has become an important product upgrade direction and technological breakthrough in the electric vehicle industry.

    At present, the top 10 electric motorcycle manufacturers have launched products that can be used for human-computer interaction through mobile phones, and have made major breakthroughs in interactivity, intelligence, entertainment, etc., providing users with an unprecedented user experience.

    With the development of the times, electric vehicles are no longer just a simple means of transportation, and consumers have put forward more demanding requirements for the user experience and performance of electric vehicle products.

    Intelligence has become a trend

    The era of intelligent lithium electric bicycles has come, and in the face of the emergence of new battery and motor control technologies, conventional electric bicycles can no longer meet the market’s requirements for new products.

    This requires traditional electric vehicles to keep pace with the times, combine new concepts and technologies, and make electric vehicles that meet the development of the times.

    The future folding development of e-bikes

    With the development of science and technology, the technology of electric bicycles is becoming more and more mature, and the development of electric bicycles in the future will be more and more advanced.

    Judging from online sales data in recent years, folding and lightweight electric bicycles as well as electric scooter are more favored by consumers. The general electric vehicle is large in size and weighs more than 100 catties.

    Most folding bikes weigh less than 25kg, which is very light. The average person can easily lift it. You can easily carry it on the subway and in the trunk of your car. In addition, with the rise of emerging professions such as alternative driving, there is also a certain rigid demand for this model.

    The future folding development of e-bikes

    It should be noted that this type of electric bicycle is also very popular in the European market. It is expected that in the future, electric bicycles will continue to develop towards lightweight and foldable types.

    The battery swap mode replaces the traditional charging mode

    Battery swap platform: The battery swap mode of the two-wheeled tram is composed of a battery swap station, a battery swap car, and a cloud control platform.

    Battery swap station: The battery swap cabinet that provides users with battery swap services needs to provide users with fully charged batteries at any time.

    Battery swap vehicle: At present, because there is no unified national standard for battery swapping of two-wheeled vehicles, different companies support battery swap services for battery swap vehicles.

    Battery swap service platform: including APP, recording user battery swap data, monitoring the battery health of battery swap station, safety monitoring of battery swap station, etc. It is in this part that the technical content is the most difficult.

    At the same time, for some users who are inconvenient to charge, it solves the problem of short-distance peripheral travel and saves the trouble of charging. It belongs to buying time and convenience with a part of the money.

    At present, there are many companies that provide battery swap services for commercial purposes such as food delivery and riders. The biggest advantage of the battery swap mode will be greatly reflected, which solves the user’s mileage anxiety.


    In the past 20 years, China’s electric bicycle industry has grown from scratch and developed into the world’s largest market.

    After years of development, electric bicycles have become an industry with a high degree of marketization and fierce competition and have formed a pattern of two strong and scattered places.

    The electric motorcycle manufacturers in China have gradually distanced themselves in terms of scale, profitability, competitiveness and market influence, and the hierarchy is obvious.

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