The competition of high-speed electric motorcycles

The competition of high-speed electric motorcycles
Electric motorcycles are more in line with market demand and have gradually become a new growth point for the two-wheeled electric vehicle market. This article is able to figure the current market and development of the electric two-wheeler.
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    Especially since last year, replacing gasoline vehicles has become a trend, and a number of high-quality electric motorcycles have been launched, which are widely favored by electric motorcycle enthusiasts.

    In order to further meet consumers’ demand for high-speed and high-performance electric vehicles, traditional electric motorcycle companies have begun to focus on high-speed electric motorcycle tracks, and ushered in a wave of innovation driven by the trends of electrification, high-end, and intelligence. The market for high-speed electric motorcycle has ushered in a broader development prospect.


    A wide range of product options drive growth

    Data show that an important reason for the year-on-year decline in China’s fuel motorcycle production is the rapid development of electric vehicles. The increasing maturity of the industrial chain and the high-end of products have made electric motorcycles a fashionable and environmentally friendly travel choice.

    Fuel motorcycles in urban short-distance transportation scenarios are rapidly being replaced by electric motorcycles. Similarly, with the change of consumption concepts and the main situation of young consumer groups, the high-speed and high-end electric two-wheeled vehicles have allowed traditional motorcycle companies to take advantage of the situation.

    A wide range of product options drive growth

    The high-speed electric motorcycle track is ushering in unprecedented development space. Multiple factors work together to give high-speed electric motorcycles a broader future.

    The choice of the market and the audience

    It is understood that at this stage, electric mopeds occupy 69% of the market, electric bicycles 30%, and high-speed electric motorcycles less than 1%. However, in the past two years, under the call of the dual carbon strategy and the global new energy policy, the call for high-speed electric motorcycles to replace traditional fuel motorcycles has become increasingly loud and has become a new direction of competition.

    Focusing on the product itself, the fundamental reason why the high-speed electric motorcycle track continues to be hot is the huge market demand. More and more young people, food delivery workers, and people with long commutes are helping the electric vehicle market enter the fastest motorcycle in the world era.

    On the one hand, with the awareness of motorcycles among young people, they have changed from a means of commuting to a carrier of personality and lifestyle.

    Not only are they very sought after for the speed brought by electric vehicles, but also high-speed electric motorcycles also have the characteristics of high appearance, high performance, and excellent user experience, which can give more enjoyment and fun to daily travel.

    On the other hand, for food delivery riders who commute for a long time, high-speed electric motorcycles not only have a long battery life, but also have a comfortable riding experience and safety guarantee, which can just meet their travel needs.

    The choice of the market and the audience

    Trends show that the potential of high-speed electric motorcycles is limitless. Of course, the most important point is that compared with traditional electric motorcycles, high-speed electric motorcycles have obvious advantages in intelligence, which can provide users with a convenient, efficient and safe travel experience, and also give them a wider space for development.

    Excellent electric motorcycle manufacturer

    It is worth mentioning that in the context of global electrification, there are more and more excellent high-speed electric motorcycle products. It can be seen that high-speed electric motorcycles have great potential in the market and have promising prospects.

    The vigorous development provides more possibilities for the future competition in the electric two-wheeler market. For example, Benlg electric motorcycles have become popular products with extreme performance, excellent handling experience, perfect speed and strong endurance.

    Benlg attaches great importance to channels and has enough sincerity to achieve channel expansion. When we have a sufficient number of channels, the first task is to make the industry present a new development look.

    Luyuan has launched the new product, equipped with a new generation of liquid cooling technology that is not inferior to fuel motorcycles in speed and power. And they also realize the ultra-long warranty of “riding for 10 years,”  and the Internet brand has also released a variety of high-speed electric motorcycles, boosting the electric vehicle market into the high-speed era.

    Excellent electric motorcycle manufacturer

    Thanks to the deep foundation of the industrial chain and the long-term cultivation of original technology, China’s two-wheeled electric vehicle industry is far ahead in the global market in terms of market size, product types and technical accumulation.

    With the advantages of technology and production capacity, the market layout of two-wheeled electric vehicle products has become an important strategic component of many car companies. The output of brands, technologies and platforms will also help China’s two-wheeled electric vehicles dominate the global value chain.


    It can be seen that with the acceleration of the global electrification process, the new revolution of electric motorcycles is gaining momentum. As a new trend in the development of the industry, high-speed electric motorcycles have undoubtedly broadened the track and layout of two-wheeled electric travel.

    The development of high-speed electric motorcycles has taken shape, and with the strong boost of the wave of young consumption and high-quality industrial clusters such as Dazu, it has become an indispensable growth point and profit point for the two-wheeled market.

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