Understand reasons that affect the range of electric motorcycles

Understand reasons that affect the range of electric motorcycles
Electric two-wheeled and three-wheeled vehicles, as the most commonly used means of transportation for people to travel, have become an inseparable part of life. And the price is cheap, and many car owners use it as their primary means of transportation.
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    Especially in the past two years, with the continuous development of science and technology, electric vehicles have evolved from the original shoddy manufacturing to the trend of intelligence and high-end. Green mobility is being given more and more missions.

    However, there is still a difficult problem with electric motorcycles so far, and that is the range of electric motorcycles. At present, electric motorcycles usually have a range of about 50-60 kilometers, and some electric two-wheeled vehicles are affected by a variety of factors.

    The range is only twenty or thirty kilometers, especially in the cold weather in winter, and battery life will drop significantly. It has to be charged almost every day, which has brought great trouble to many car owners.

    So, what are the key factors that affect the battery life of electric motorcycle? How can car owners reasonably improve the range of electric vehicles? Today’s article analyzes it in detail.


    Battery quality and capacity

    First of all, electric two-wheelers are all battery-powered. The battery is the most critical factor affecting the range of an electric vehicle, so the quality of the electric vehicle and its model capacity are the decisive factors affecting the range.

    At present, in the market, if the owner chooses a genuine 60-volt battery, the range can usually reach more than 70 kilometers. With a 48-volt battery, the range is usually around 50 km. Choose a battery above 72 volts, and the range can usually reach 100 kilometers.

    Battery quality and capacity

    If the owner chooses some refurbished batteries or second-hand batteries, then its battery life will be greatly reduced. This is also the main reason why it is not recommended to choose second hand batteries or refurbished batteries. Only genuine batteries can guarantee the higher and longer range of electric vehicles.

    The ambient temperature of the ride

    Secondly, the ambient temperature of the electric vehicle is the second key factor affecting the range. Especially in the cold winter, the average temperature is only in the single digits, and this low temperature environment seriously affects the charging and discharging efficiency of the electric motorcycle battery.

    Usually the normal ambient temperature of lead-acid batteries is about 25 degrees, which is also the best charging and discharging efficiency of the battery. If this temperature is lower, the charging and discharging efficiency of the electric vehicle will also decrease. It turns out that an electric car that can run fifty or sixty kilometers can only run thirty or forty kilometers.

    Riding habits of electric vehicles

    Of course, the ambient temperature cannot be changed, and the only thing owners need to be careful about is not to overuse the electric car in cold weather. For example, electric vehicles are overloaded, driving at high speeds, etc.

    Riding habits of electric vehicles

    Regardless of the season and temperature, electric vehicles should try to use medium speeds. Not only is it safe and energy-saving, it can also effectively extend the range of electric vehicles.

    Brakes and tire pressure

    The fourth factor that affects the range of electric vehicles is the brakes and tires for motorcycle pressure of electric vehicles, which are usually overlooked. When the tire pressure of an electric vehicle is too low, the tire has a large area of force, and the vehicle needs more power to drive, which will consume more power.

    Secondly, when the brakes of the electric vehicle are too tight or fail, it will increase the workload of the motor, thus consuming more power and shortening the mileage.

    Riding an electric vehicle should not only pay attention to the battery, but also check the tire pressure, electronic parking brake and other details from time to time, which is conducive to improving mileage.

    Charging method

    The last key factor is how electric vehicles are charged. Park in a warm environment to charge to avoid too low temperatures affecting the battery’s charging and discharging efficiency.

    Control the charging time of electric vehicles, about 6 to 8 hours in summer and 8 to 10 hours in winter. When the electric motorcycle charger jumps to a green light, it can also float properly for 1-2 hours, which is conducive to fully charging the battery.

    Riding at a pace that saves more or less energy

    We know that the range of electric vehicles is determined by the battery, and the loss of power is also related to factors such as the output efficiency of the motor. The speed of an electric vehicle affects the wear and tear of the battery. Then the question arises again, when will the speed of an electric car be more energy efficient?

    Riding at a pace that saves more or less energy

    First of all, it must be understood that the conditions for electric vehicle manufacturers to test a range of 200 km on a single charge are mostly between 20-25 km/h. Therefore, it can also be known that driving an electric vehicle in this speed range is more energy efficient.

    To sum up, no matter what kind of electric vehicle it is, controlling the speed between 20-25km/h is the most energy-efficient, too high speed will increase power loss, and too low speed will not reduce power loss.

    3 ways to extend the range of electric vehicle

    In addition to paying attention to speed, there are actually 3 ways to extend battery life.

    • Pay attention to the charging method.
    • Don’t charge your bike right after riding.
    • Do not run out and recharge.
    • Don’t charge it every day.
    • Do not charge in the sun.
    • Do not mix chargers.
    • Pay attention to the ACS function when the power is out.

    When the electric car is out of power, pressing this button can intelligently replenish the battery, and it can travel 5-10 kilometers more.

    3 ways to extend the range of electric vehicle

    • Don’t brake too often

    Electric vehicles need to be driven at a constant speed to maintain a stable battery output. If you brake frequently during riding, it will destroy the state of constant speed. When you start fast, you will have a large current output, and the loss will increase. Therefore, do not brake frequently during riding, which can increase the durability of the battery.


    Although the battery life of electric vehicles cannot represent the whole vehicle, most people still attach great importance to battery life. After all, it is an electric-powered car, and battery life must be the best data to judge performance.

    Then the question is, how far is the maximum range of an electric car now? First of all, from the manufacturer’s point of view, the electric vehicle industry has now entered the 200 km era.

    Secondly, from the perspective of ordinary car owners, the ultimate support for battery life is the battery. To see how far the battery life of an electric car can be, the first thing to see is the battery capacity.

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