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Benlg is one of the well-known professional manufacturers and suppliers with many years of professional experience in electric scooter. Electric scooters are characterized by being light and flexible, and driving at a fast speed. They are widely used for patrolling, daily commuting, etc., and can also be used as sports equipment.

Usually, our product design has a stylish and elegant appearance, and the colors can also be customized according to your preferences, which is both attractive and cool. The use of high-quality materials, strong structure, high strength, stable and consistent bracket, excellent operation. And after good treatment, the hand feeling is smooth and shiny, and the use experience is comfortable.

Quality and affordable electric scooter can be purchased from our factory. As a cost-effective option for short commutes, pricing is reasonable with no fuel and maintenance costs. All of our products are certified and environmentally friendly, helping to reduce carbon emissions for healthier living. Welcome to visit our factory. The design is all developed by a professional team, and the most ergonomic products have been selected after practical testing, so that you can get a more comfortable riding experience here. The ability to climb hills easily and a powerful shock absorption system can be the key to choosing BENLG.

Electric scooters are all light in weight and flexible and fast in speed. They are widely used for patrolling, daily commuting, pizza delivery, carrying passengers etc., and can also be used as sports vehicle. Moreover, BENLG's electric scooter is well treated, feels smooth and shiny due to the mature technical capabilities, and is able to provide comfortable experience while using. Usually, our product design has a stylish and beautiful appearance, and the colors can also be customized according to preferences, which is both in and cool.

As an electric scooter manufacturer, BENLG has the confidence to make the best productions, ans our electric scooter has a powerful battery that powers the electric motor. Moreover, you can rely on this parameter to consider the battery capacity and motor power. Similarly, the maximum speed and range can be determined by this method. With the excellent load-bearing capacity and easy-to-carry folding mechanism of BENLG electric scooter, our products sell well. Likewise, if you have any needs and want to customize, please feel free to contact us.

BENLG electric scooter uses better quality pedals, stronger materials and dexterous construction. A maintenance manual is included to help extend life. As a well-known brand in China and established business relationships in 65 countries around the world, the products we provide with longer life and more durability.

Yes, BENLG electric scooters are usually easy to ride, even for beginners. Get efficient running capabilities without effort, such as long rides, corners and climbs, etc. At the same time, corresponding umbrellas and large loading spaces can provide more options, making it user-friendly. For those who are not familiar with riding scooters, there are custom-made videos for easy learning, and we also have products for beginners.

The electric scooters can be customized according to your requirements, or you can buy the products from our factory. All our products are certified and welcome to visit our factories for further investigate. At the same time, Benlg has been contributing to global environmental protection and has grown into a large-scale eco-friendly enterprise after years of technological development.


BENLG company sells electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric tricycles, electric scooters, electric scooters. Please contact us to get the best factory price and OEM/ODM service.


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