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We are a veteran electric motorcycle manufacturer with our own products as well as advanced technology. Also we have a number of large production bases in China. Through strong technical capabilities, high-quality product quality and mature OEM and ODM customization capabilities, we have gained customers from 65 countries and regions around the world. At the same time, Benlg is committed to establishing a perfect service system to ensure that our after-sales service can satisfy customers. As one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers with rich experience, our enterprise has a variety of electric motorcycles.

Firstly, Benlg is an electric motorcycle manufacturer of large scale, which means that we also have ample experience to solve all sorts of needs from customers. Currently, we set up the partnerships in 65 countries. The total annual production volume can reach one million units, with an output value of about two billion. Secondly, our products have passed DOT and EEC certifications, etc., and have more than 30 patents. Moreover, we also welcome customization while ensuring speed and endurance, supporting easy short-distance travel, transportation and food delivery scenarios.

The products of Benlg all own the US DOT certification, the EU EEC/E-MARK certification, ISO9001:2001 international quality certification, and more than 30 registered patents in China.

The range of Benlg electric motorcycles may vary depending on many factors, including the temperature, speed, payload, terrain, and the mode while riding... Also the using habits, frequent stop-and-go will affect the battery life. Based on usage, quality and maintenance, our estimated range is 90 km.

Yes, this means that they do not require any fuel combustion at all. Benlg is an electric motorcycle manufacturer committed to environmental protection, self-developed and produced electric motorcycles that do not produce exhaust emissions and are quiet.

Yes. Benlg adheres to the core concept of customer first. Different scenarios are available. If you need any customization, please contact one of the best electric motorcycle manufacturer in China - Benlg.

Benlg’s products adopt scientific and ergonomic design, simple operation and easy to use. And it is environmentally friendly, does not produce harmful substances, and can contribute to the protection of the environment. It is made of high-quality materials and is durable, with a strong frame and high strength.

We can provide customized services, you can purchase optimal products from our factory. It’s a great solution for commuters who want to spend less time commuting to work. They are stylish and well-made, giving you a comfortable ride.


BENLG company sells electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric tricycles, electric scooters, electric scooters. Please contact us to get the best factory price and OEM/ODM service.


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