What is motorcycle wheel balancing and its necessity

What is motorcycle wheel balancing and its necessity
When it comes to motorcycle tire replacement, many people simply install the tire on the wheel hub and use it directly. They won't go to the balancing machine to do some motorcycle wheel balancing tests. In this article, the necessity of motorcycle wheel balancing will be explained.
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    On the one hand, it is because they do not realize the importance of motorcycle wheel balancing. And on the other hand, because of the lack of equipment, the overall situation is relatively simple, and it is impossible to balance motorcycle wheels.

    So what is motorcycle wheel balancing? Do tires for motorcycle need to be dynamically balanced? This article introduces the definition and importance of motorcycle wheel balancing.


    What is motorcycle wheel balancing

    Motorcycle wheel balancing refers to the method of counterweighting so that the wheel corrects the balance of each edge part.

    Wheel balance = counterweight

    Due to the manufacture of motorcycle tires, the mass distribution of each part of the wheel assembly (tire and rim) cannot be completely uniform. At this time, the static balance can be corrected, which is why there are also small lead bumps on the wheels of the new vehicle.

    The wheel part of the motorcycle(electric motorcycle) is composed of the hub, tire, and other components, and the overall weight of the wheel will not be balanced due to the loss of parts, the change of tire wear state and other reasons.

    What is motorcycle wheel balancing

    In fact, there will be a weight imbalance in the manufacture of tires and wheels, which is not obvious at low speeds, but will cause the wheels to shake and the handlebars to vibrate at high speeds. In order to avoid this, we need to add lead to the hub to adjust the wheel counterweight, and finding balance on the rolling wheel is dynamic balancing.

    Do motorcycle wheel balancing need to be done

    Balancing is generally more common in automobiles, and many people only realize the importance of balancing when they have an accident while driving. In fact, motorcycles also need to do dynamic balance tests.

    And motorcycle wheel balance is a problem that people tend to ignore. The focus on motorcycle tires is more only on the tire pattern, tire pressure, wear degree, etc. Motorcycles that are not wheel balanced will feel like they are floating in the air at high speeds.

    In severe cases, the rear wheels will wobble and slide sideways when cornering. Motorcycle tires are constantly cycling with sudden acceleration and braking during driving, resulting in uneven tyre wear.

    In what case do you need motorcycle wheel balancing

    • After motorcycle tire mounting or repairing it in a collision accident.
    • The front and rear tires are biased on one side.
    • The handlebars are too heavy or float and shiver while driving.
    • When going straight, the motorcycle deviates to the left or right.

    Although there is no such condition, for motorcycle maintenance purposes, it is recommended that the new vehicle be driven for 3 months, and then every six months or 2000 km.

    The hazard of not doing the motorcycle wheel balance

    The vehicle will vibrate violently at high speeds. The impact force generated by the tires touching the ground is transmitted to the rider through the motorcycle shock absorber and the various parts of the body.

    The hazard of not doing the motorcycle wheel balance

    Frequent vibrations can cause wear and slack in suspension systems and bearings, affecting the life of components, and even breaking and causing wheels to disengage.

    For fast motorcycles, if there is no dynamic balance support, the shaking will be obvious in high-speed driving, which will affect driving control. The vehicle body has the feeling of floating in the air, and the tire will wear the inside and outside of the tire differently if it is out of roundness.

    When turning, it will slide sideways, and even unforeseen accidents may occur at the end. But if you put some lead on the wheel (to balance the wheel of the motorcycle), although it only adds a few grams, a dozen grams of weight, it can avoid these dangers.

    The benefits of finishing the balance of the wheels of motorcycle

    • Enhance driving comfort
    • Reduce gasoline consumption
    • Increase the life of your tires
    • Ensure the stability of the vehicle in a straight line
    • Reduces wear and tear on chassis suspension fittings
    • Enhance driving safety

    Vehicle owners should check all tire pressure at least once a month, and when inflating tires, they should be compared to the standard tire pressure value. Insufficient or too high tire pressure will accelerate tire wear, and abnormal tire wear is also one of the reasons for wheel imbalance.

    Precautions when operating motorcycle wheel balancing

    Generally, there are several points to pay attention to when balancing motorcycle wheels:

    Precautions when operating motorcycle wheel balancing

    • Use new tires for dynamic balancing, preferably tires with a low flatness rate.
    • After balancing, do not switch to old tires and do not collide.
    • The motorcycle dynamic balance test is only applicable to tires equipped with alloy wheels.

    Why are some motorcycles not balanced

    Some motorcycles refer to motorcycles with a displacement of less than 150 and a design speed of less than 100 km/h. I didn’t do the balance when I changed the tire.

    In fact, it’s not that you don’t want to do it, but within the design speed, as long as you change to regular tires, you can basically make the tire counterweight deviate not much.

    Therefore, as long as it is an original tire, there is generally a yellow circle mark on the sidewall. This is the standard tire assembly, which is to align this mark with the valve, which is actually a counterweight balance installation.

    Why are some motorcycles not balanced

    Some small repair shops do not use genuine tires, and there is no counterweight installation. So there will be a strong vibration of the whole vehicle after riding 60km/h, which is also a manifestation of the tire not doing dynamic balance.

    Although this kind of vehicle can not be dynamically balanced, the premise is to replace the genuine tires and install the tires in strict accordance with the requirements, which can basically achieve the dynamic balancing effect.


    Motorcycle wheel balancing is a maintenance job that is done when a tire is reassembled, but there are many people who don’t understand its purpose and why they have to get to the bottom of it. Uneven wear of tires, etc., is caused by wheel balance imbalance, and failure to adjust the balance of the wheels can greatly affect the comfort of riding.

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