Common sense for motorcycle maintenance and use

Common sense for motorcycle maintenance and use
Since motorcycles are equipped with lithium batteries, the market has been dominated by the era of electric motorcycles. Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to understand and master the general knowledge of motorcycle maintenance and use.
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    With the increase in driving mileage, vehicle loss continues to increase, which requires us to carry out regular motorcycle maintenance. They are intelligent, fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly, easy to start, and have a low maintenance rate.

    In real life, many people have little knowledge about motorcycle maintenance. Especially for beginners, a lot of common sense for motorcycles is not known. Today, this article focuses on motorcycle maintenance. 


    What is motorcycle maintenance

    Motorcycle maintenance, generally speaking, is to check the parts of the motorcycle, including fastening, lubrication, adjustment and other operations.

    Different motorcycles require different maintenance standards. Maintenance systems are a technical measure; each type of vehicle has a corresponding standard.

    What is motorcycle maintenance

    In the motorcycle maintenance process, consider that each rider has different knowledge of the vehicle, and it is best to do motorcycle maintenance professionally to ensure the safety and effectiveness. There are many professional teams that can offer assistance like Benlg.

    What are the types of motorcycle maintenance

    • Routine maintenance

    It refers to the routine maintenance of the electric motorcycle before and after operation and on the way.

    In the daily aspect, the main content of motorcycle maintenance includes inspection before running, observation during running and inspection after running. Each motorcycle has a corresponding “warranty manual” to find problems in time and deal with them as soon as possible.

    • Scheduled maintenance

    Regular motorcycle maintenance is carried out when the vehicle is driven for 3 months or every 3,000 km. If the use of time is too much and the road environment is poor, the maintenance interval should be shortened.

    It is generally divided into two categories: periodic maintenance and seasonal maintenance, and can also be divided into first-level maintenance, second-level maintenance and third-level maintenance.

    • Initial maintenance

    The normal running-in and maintenance quality of the running-in period of the early use of the motorcycle directly affects the service life of the motorcycle and the mileage interval of the overhaul.

    Therefore, new or overhauled motorcycles must be carefully maintained in the early days of use. In general, the initial maintenance is carried out within one month of the user’s purchase or when the user travels 300km.

    What are the types of motorcycle maintenance

    The new motorcycle should strictly comply with the speed limit, load limit and initial maintenance requirements during the run-in period to reduce the loss of engine and transmission parts.

    At the same time, do motorcycle maintenance can improve the performance of the new motorcycle and extend the service life.

    How to do the detailed steps of motorcycle maintenance

    • System self-test

    It refers to the process of self-diagnosis and correction of motorcycle electric power systems. The self-check process is performed automatically by the system to resolve problems found automatically.

    For problems that cannot be solved automatically, the fault indicator is displayed. The display of fault information on the dashboard indicates the current status and fault information of the power system and engine, which needs to be resolved manually or through diagnostic equipment.

    When starting, after opening the ignition switch, the fault indicator light is on. When the fault indicator light is turned off during the engine’s starting operation, the system is normal.

    How to do the detailed steps of motorcycle maintenance

    • Replace the fuel filter

    The following situations need to be replaced: the fuel filter has been used for more than two years, and the driving distance is more than 20,000 kilometers.

    Electric motorcycle air intake system maintenance

    It is mainly composed of air flow or pressure sensors and intake air temperature sensors, etc., which are precision sensor components. Working in a clean environment usually doesn’t fail. Therefore, routine motorcycle maintenance is mainly for air filters.

    The cleaning of the intake system should be done regularly, dust and dirt in the air filter should be removed, the intake pipe joint should be checked for aging and cracking, and the installation should be firm to avoid air leakage.

    Check if the air filter is blocked or damaged, and use compressed air to blow from the inside out, and regularly motorcycle maintain or replace the air filter core. The sensor plug should be connected in place during motorcycle maintenance. If damaged, replace it with a new one.

    When cleaning motorcycles, pay attention to the protection of precision electronic components to prevent water from washing. In particular, attention should be paid to moisture, so as to avoid moisture corrosion of electronic control components, resulting in loss of signal data.

    Electric motorcycle air intake system maintenance

    • Lubricating oil change

    To replace the engine oil to reach the oil change cycle, it should be carried out in the heat engine state that has just stopped, so that the oil in the machine is fully released, and the lubricating oil is changed once every two times.

    According to the technical requirements of the motorcycle maintenance, add the corresponding viscosity level of lubricating oil. However, it is necessary to choose a regular brand of lubricating oil. Otherwise, the engine will be damaged, and the machine will overheat and cause early wear.

    The amount of lubricating oil added should be added according to the specified amount of oil on the engine, or the lubricating oil added to the scale on the observation hole through the observation hole.

    To replace the filter, you need to add an appropriate amount of lubricating oil, stop the engine and then make up the appropriate amount of lubricating oil, to determine within a reasonable range!

    All in all, for new motorcycles like hybrid motorcycle, within the range of the run-in period, regular maintenance of the vehicle. For vehicles that are not new, it is best to perform maintenance every 3,000 km. In this way, the performance of the vehicle can be maximized in order to drive for a long time.

    Power system maintenance and repair

    • During testing, use a digital multimeter to test the power system.
    • For maintenance and replacement parts, please use genuine parts to ensure the normal operation of the power system.
    • For non-professionals, it is forbidden to disassemble parts of the power system during maintenance to avoid new faults.
    • Maintenance of electrical control units, sensors, disassembly or installation must be careful to avoid damage and collisions.

    Power system maintenance and repair

    Do not remove parts of the power system from the installation position at will to avoid accidental damage or foreign bodies such as water stains and oil stains entering the connector, which will affect the normal operation of the power system.

    Before removing the sensor connection plug for maintenance, be sure to put the ignition switch in the off position and the power relay in the off state to avoid damaging the electrical components or leaving a fault code.

    The supply pressure of the electric fuel system is very high, and even if the engine is not running, the fuel pressure in the transmission line is still high. Therefore, during the maintenance process, the fuel system needs to be relieved.

    The fuel pump assembly is not allowed to operate in dry conditions. Otherwise, it will reduce its service life. In addition, the positive and negative poles of the fuel pump must not be reversed.

    The idle speed of the power system is achieved by the power control system without manual adjustment. The throttle limit screw of the throttle body has been adjusted by the manufacturer when leaving the factory, and its initial position is not allowed to be adjusted at will.

    When the motorcycle power system uses negative grounding to connect the body, the positive and negative terminals shall not be connected incorrectly when replacing or connecting the electric motorcycle battery, so as to avoid damage to electronic components and other failures.

    Install the relevant electronic components away from the electronic control ECU components to avoid unnecessary interference. It can help increase the safety and among the advanced technologies, electric motorcycle manufacturers in China have a good reputation in this field.


    To sum up, motorcycle maintenance is indeed a tedious job, but as long as we have the right methods and skills, we can easily do it. In addition, proper maintenance can not only ensure the performance and safety of the motorcycle but also extend its service life, saving more maintenance and replacement costs.

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