Common motorcycle frame type – motorcycle center of gravity

Common motorcycle frame type - center of gravity
In recent years, the motorcycle boom, new models emerge in an endless stream, and a new one has been listed. The focus of attention is mostly on price, engine cylinder displacement, performance, configuration specifications and appearance level, but few people pay attention to the motorcycle frame.
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    The motorcycle frame, like the skeleton of the motorcycle, also affects form and critical performance. This article will take you through the types of motorcycle frames there are and the advantages and disadvantages they each have.


    The basic concept of motorcycle frame

    A motorcycle frame, by definition, is the frame of a car, framing the outline of the entire car. And the engine, transmission, battery, shock absorber, seat and so on.

    In addition, the electric motorcycle frame must also bear the weight of the rider, the impact of inertia during acceleration and deceleration, and the deformation generated during bending.

    In the history of motorcycle development for more than 100 years, the type and nature of the frame have been constantly changing.

    The electric motorcycle frame is equivalent to the skeleton of a motorcycle, which is the key component of connecting and carrying a motorcycle’s engine and transmission system, suspension braking system, walking system, ancillary equipment and drivers.

    The basic concept of motorcycle frame

    And it must withstand the longitudinal inertia force when accelerating and braking, as well as the impact of the road surface and the deformation brought about by the curve.

    Structural type of electric motorcycle frame

    The earliest motorcycles simply had an internal combustion engine attached to a bicycle, and the bicycle as a prototype motorcycle frame didn’t look too wrong.

    However, after generations of research, the support form of the bicycle cannot meet the requirements of the hybrid motorcycle, so a variety of frame forms have been developed. Different types of frames have different advantages and disadvantages and are suitable for different models and occasions.

    • Spine type

    It is the most basic and economical type. It is similar to a spine, but instead of a complete skeleton, it holds the different motorcycle parts together.

    This type of frame uses less steel and is therefore less expensive to manufacture. However, it lacks good strength or torsional stiffness, so it is mainly suitable for low-cost, low-displacement motorcycles.

    • Cradle

    A common type consists of two or four steel tubes in a cradle-like structure that holds the engine in place in the middle. This type of frame has better strength and stiffness, but also provides better protection and heat dissipation.

    The cradle frame is suitable for motorcycles of various displacement and performance, especially heavy cruise cars and street cars.

    Structural type of electric motorcycle frame

    • Diamond 

    A high performance type consists of a main pipe and two auxiliary pipes in a diamond-shaped structure with the engine as one of the stressed components.

    This type of frame has the highest strength and stiffness, while also reducing weight and air resistance. The Diamond frame is suitable for motorcycles with high speed, high handling and high stability, especially racing cars and sports street cars.

    A steel-braided frame is a complex and expensive type that consists of multiple steel pipes that are cross-braided together to form a grid-like structure that wraps the engine inside.

    This type of frame has very high strength and stiffness, while also providing very good aesthetics and personalized results. The steel braided frame is suitable for high-end, high-performance, and highly customized motorcycles.

    The double SPAR frame is an advanced and innovative type that consists of two aluminum alloy or carbon fiber components that resemble fins to form a bridge-like structure, dangling the engine underneath.

    This type of frame has the lightest weight and the best aerodynamic results, while also providing the most room for adjustment and flexibility. The twin SPAR frame is suitable for the most high-end, high- performance and high-tech motorcycles.


    Analysis of the design and manufacture of motorcycle frames

    The design principles and methods of motorcycle frames include how to choose the right material, shape, size, strength, stiffness, weight, etc., and how to consider the safety, stability, comfort, and aesthetics of the frame.

    The manufacturing process and technology of motorcycle frames include how to cut, bend, weld, process, surface treat, and so on. Different materials and types of frames require different designs and manufacturing methods.

    For example, a triangular frame is a frame made of multiple triangles that has high stiffness and strength, but is also relatively heavy. It is usually made of steel pipe and needs to be precisely cut, bent and welded.

    Analysis of the design and manufacture of motorcycle frames

    A double SPAR frame is a frame consisting of two parallel or nearly parallel beams. It has high stiffness and is lightweight, but it is also more complex. It is usually made of aluminum alloy and requires precision machining and surface treatment.

    How to maintain motorcycle frame correctly

    Motorcycle frames need to be inspected and cleaned regularly to prevent rust and deformation. And they also need to be replaced or repaired with damaged parts to ensure they work properly.

    Motorcycle frame common faults such as cracks, deformation, loosening and so on. For example, if you find a crack in the frame, you should immediately stop using it and seek professional repair or replacement.

    If the frame is found to be deformed, it should be checked for reasons such as collision or overload, and the corresponding parts adjusted or replaced. Like electric tricycle.

    In fact, no matter what type of car, everyone’s focus is roughly the above several aspects. The frame is one of the most critical components of a motorcycle; its structure, driving control, stability, safety—these points have a crucial impact on whether a car is good enough.

    How to maintain motorcycle frame correctly

    Frame design is bound to be a very important link. For the rider, the most direct feeling of the quality of the frame is that it is related to the riding quality of a motorcycle, there is no good frame, the parameters are beautiful, and the configuration is luxurious.

    How to choose the optimal motorcycle frame

    No matter what form of electric motorcycleframe it takes, it must be able to meet the following requirements:

    Understand the longitudinal inertia caused by braking and acceleration when the motorcycle is driving in a straight line. As well as resistance to lateral torsion deformation during curve driving, it requires a certain rigidity.

    Resist the impact of motor vibration to avoid resonance with the engine vibration frequency. Otherwise, the overall strength and reliability of the frame will continue to decrease, resulting in poor comfort and increased engine noise and jitter.

    Due to the resistance to the accumulation of dynamic stress brought by uneven road surfaces, poorly designed frames are often easy to metal fatigue after a short period of use, resulting in frame opening and welding.

    Lightweight design as much as possible, reduces the dead weight of the vehicle, improves the driving texture.

    Good resistance to acid, alkali, corrosion, oxidation and rust, including whether the surface treatment process of the frame is up to standard.

    However, motorcycles are affected by cost factors, and not every motorcycle frame can be perfect in the above aspects.

    For example, small displacement motorcycles, small power acceleration performance is general, and they do not have a strong athletic ability.

    How to choose the optimal motorcycle frame

    Therefore, on the basis of ensuring durability, it will make a choice in the anti-distortion performance, and use a simpler steel plate stamping and welding process to manufacture the frame, which is convenient for large-scale mass production at the same time of low cost.

    The frame used on large-diameter high-performance motorcycles is more urgent for the pursuit of frame performance. As one of the most critical components of a motorcycle, the design and manufacture of the frame is a highly professional field.

    For example, various CNC milling machines, grinding machines, lathe punching machines, wire rolling machines, friction presses, welding and cutting equipment, heat treatment equipment, various fixtures, metal surface treatment and spraying equipment.

    Lightweight design also requires a lot of complex calculations and tests to prove the design results.

    After the frame design is finalized, how to convert the design results into real objects is also a lot of doors. The quality of the welding will directly affect the scrap rate of the frame.

    And the surface treatment process will directly affect the service life, so the technology and investment required to design and manufacture a qualified frame are not small.

    Benlg designs and manufactures most of its own frames, and can develop and manufacture suitable frames according to the positioning of its own products.


    The frame is an important part of the motorcycle. Above is the current common form. The electric motorcycle manufacturers in China will choose different forms of motorcycle frames according to the performance of different models and audience needs.

    In addition to affecting vehicle performance and shape, they also determine the cost and selling price of the vehicle.

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