Understand the motorcycle fender characteristics and usefulness in detail

Understand the motorcycle fender characteristics and usefulness in detail
Motorcycle fenders are plate-like structures that are mounted behind the outer frame of a wheel, usually made of high-quality rubber or engineering plastics. They can play a very good protection function, this article to introduce the motorcycle fender.
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    Electric motorcycles are an environmentally friendly and energy-saving means of transportation, which is becoming more and more popular among people. However, there is often a problem when driving on rainy or muddy roads with an electric motorcycle.

    That is, the wheels will splash a lot of muddy water, causing both the body and the rider to get dirty. To solve this problem, motorcycle fenders were designed. So, what is the purpose and function of motorcycle fender?


    What is a motorcycle fender

    Motorcycle fenders are plate structures that are mounted behind the outer frame of the wheels, usually made of high-quality rubber, but also made of engineering plastics. The fenders protrude about 5 cm more than the car body, effectively preventing flying stones and sand from damaging the paint surface of the car body.

    What is a motorcycle fender

    The motorcycle consists of five parts: motor, transmission system, walking system, electronic parking brake and electrical instrumentation equipment. Motorcycle fenders usually consist of three main parts: the plate body, the bracket, and the bolts. The plate body is the main part that touches the ground and prevents mud and sand from splashing.

    The bracket is the main structure that connects the plate body to the motorcycle, and is usually made of metal. Bolts are the key components connecting the plate body and the bracket, and their quality and specifications directly affect the safety and stability of the fender.   

    Characteristics of motorcycle fenders

    • Toughness and strength

    The fenders are located in front of the tires for motorcycle. When the motorcycle is in motion, the splash of stones from rolling of the motorcycle may cause the fenders to shatter, meaning that the fenders lose their proper function. Therefore, the fender material needs to have strong strength and toughness.

    • Corrosion resistance

    On rainy days, the fenders will be stained with some sewage and dirt, which may corrode the fenders to some extent. Therefore, the material of the motorcycle fender must be corrosion resistant.

    Characteristics of motorcycle fenders

    • Anti-aging properties

    Fenders are exposed to air, and some substances in the atmosphere may react to them, causing them to age and rot. Therefore, motorcycle fenders must have certain anti-aging properties.

    The role of motorcycle fender

    The effect is to increase the overall aesthetics of the body. This is also the reason why many car owners install car fenders. The main function is to prevent some dirt from splashing on the body or person, causing the body or person to be unsightly. It prevents mud from splashing on the tie rod and causes premature rust.

    Anti-mud and sand splash: During driving, especially in poor road conditions, motorcycles will produce mud and sand splashes, affecting vehicles and pedestrians behind them. Fenders can effectively prevent this phenomenon.

    Aesthetics: The design and color matching of the fenders can make the motorcycle look more aesthetically pleasing.

    Improve safety: For areas with more rainy seasons, fenders can increase driving safety and avoid the danger caused by skidding.

    Pros and cons of motorcycle fenders

    • Benefits

    Fenders can effectively protect the body from scratches on the car surface, especially on rainy days, which can reduce mud splashes and damage to the car caused by rubble on the road due to the rolling of tires.

    Pros and cons of motorcycle fenders

    At the same time, the wheel flick will throw the lower side panels with mud and sand, preventing some mud from splashing on the body or people, and the fenders can also keep the front and rear bumpers from mud and water.

    • Shortcomings

    After installing the fenders, it always feels a little incongruous to have an extra piece on the body, which makes the overall aesthetics of the car diminish. After installing the fenders, it will be lowered by at least 5 cm, which will affect the passability of the vehicle and thus the overall performance of the vehicle.

    In addition, the noise of stones caused by tires while driving and throwing them on the fenders is also relatively large. In winter, installing fenders can easily make the splashed snow stick to the fenders, and it is difficult to clean up once it freezes.

    Various application scenarios of motorcycle fender

    Urban Mobility: For motorcycles that travel around the city, lightweight, aesthetically pleasing plastic fenders are an option.

    Long-distance travel: Aluminum alloy fenders are better for long-distance travel because they have better durability and shock resistance.

    Various application scenarios of motorcycle fender

    Off-road driving: Electric off road motorcycle needs to be highly shock-resistant and impact-resistant, so high-strength aluminum alloy fenders are more suitable.

    When choosing a motorcycle fender, we need to consider many aspects, such as size, material, quality and usage scenarios in order to choose the most suitable fender for you.

    A guide to choosing a motorcycle fender

    Size: Choose fenders that match your model of motorcycle, too big or too small will not achieve the desired effect.

    Material: The fenders are usually made of plastic or aluminum alloy. The plastic

    fenders are lighter and suitable for city scooters, while aluminum alloy fenders are strong and suitable for off-road and long-distance travel (best touring motorcycle).

    Quality: Check whether the fender’s manufacturing process and materials meet national standards, especially the quality of bolts.


    In general, electric motorcycle fenders have a very important purpose and role in electric motorcycles. It can not only prevent mud and water splashing, keep the body clean, but also protect the body and mechanical parts, improve the appearance and grandeur of the vehicle, and also improve the safety of driving. Therefore, it is very necessary for owners who love electric motorcycles to install electric motorcycle fenders. It is hoped that more electric motorcycle fender products will come out in the future to provide better protection and experience for the riding of electric motorcycles.

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