Detailed introduction of motorcycle exhaust pipe and environmental protection concept

Detailed introduction of motorcycle exhaust pipe and environmental protection concept
A motorcycle exhaust pipe is an essential part of the whole motorcycle and highly related to the environment because of its emmision of gas. The casually customization can be realized and get fashion and practical apperance of the motorcycle. Today’s article is about motorcycle exhaust pipe.
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    There is certain that the motorcycle exhaut pipe is familiar by people. It’s function is to shut down and exhaust gas, which is a component that a lot of people like to customize. If the modification is good, the effect can be greatly improved.

    Instead, it may affect power, and even have security risks. So the relevant knowledge of the motorcycle exhaust pipe is significant. Master it and then try to understand the modified a motorcycle exhaust pipe.


    What is a motorcycle exhaust pipe

    What is a motorcycle exhaust pipe? It plays the role of exhaust muffling and back pressure promoting combustion. After the engine does the work stroke ignition, the gas deflagging does the work, which will push the piston down, thus generating power.

    When the piston reaches the bottom dead center, the exhaust valve opens, and when the piston goes up, the burned exhaust gas will be discharged into the motorcycle exhaust pipe.

    Because motorcycle engine speed is often measured in thousands of revolutions, in fact, the time for gas work and emissions is very short. When the exhaust valve is opened, the high temperature and high pressure gas may run into the exhaust without waiting for the piston to extrude upward.

    If it is too smooth at this time, the mixture will be discharged without burning completely, and energy will be wasted. Therefore, the exhaust pipe will have a back pressure effect at this time to prevent the working gas from escaping.

    However, this back pressure can not be too high. If too large, when the piston rises, it will hinder the smooth discharge of the exhaust gas, resulting in the combustion of the exhaust gas and the mixture, both reducing combustion efficiency, and more importantly, affecting power output.

    What is a motorcycle exhaust pipe

    At the beginning of a traditional motorcycle or electric motorcycle design, these parameters are designed, and the noise reduction design inside the motorcycle exhaust pipe is also for this service. But when the motorcycle exhaust pipe accumulates too much carbon, it breaks this balance and affects the power of the engine.

    Classification of motorcycle exhaust pipes

    • Original pipe

    Motorcycle exhaust pipe preferred original goods, the original is set according to the various considerations of the vehicle, the modification is often only to consider some of the advantages, and the original is much higher than the durability of the modification.

    • Back pressure pipe

    The same principle as the original factory, but the sound will be better than the original factory. The original vehicle mostly uses this tube, mainly by the tube of the mesh silencer or tube volume change to produce a will return to the cylinder pressure.

    When the engine fires, the piston begins to track the power stroke, and the exhaust valve will be opened before the piston reaches the bottom dead point. At this time, the back pressure in the tube will block the exhaust gas out, so that the mixture can achieve complete combustion.

    However, if the back pressure is too high, it will cause the exhaust gas to be unable to completely discharge the cylinder, resulting in the combustion of the exhaust gas and the mixture to reduce combustion efficiency, and the most direct is to trigger horsepower output.

    Advantages: low noise, low speed torque

    Disadvantages: At high speed, the exhaust gas can not be discharged quickly, which triggers the engine power output.

    Volume: Low (one star)

    Classification of motorcycle exhaust pipes

    • Half back pressure pipe

    The strength of the pipe back pressure is low, the compliance of the exhaust gas is better than the back pressure, in simple terms, it is between the back pressure pipe and the straight pipe.

    There is a moderate back pressure to achieve the starting torque, the exhaust gas compliance is better than the back pressure pipe, and the torque of the medium and high speed is also larger than the back pressure pipe.

    Advantages: The start of the tail speed torque performance is good

    Disadvantages: loud noise (2 stars)

    Volume: Large

    • Straight pipe

    Acceleration will be better than back pressure, but the biggest disadvantage is that it is very noisy, the back pressure is very low, the exhaust gas has no resistance, the low speed torque is poor, and the medium and high speed torque is large.

    Advantages: Smooth exhaust, high speed torque

    Disadvantages: low speed soft force, loud noise (some people say that it is easy to burn out the valve do not know whether it is true).

    Volume: Relatively high (4 stars)

    • Semi-straight pipe

    In fact, the semi-straight pipe is the same as the semi-back pressure pipe, but the exhaust diameter is larger than the semi-back pressure pipe. Like hybrid motorcycle.

    Advantages: The starting torque is lower than the back half, but the medium and high speed torque is large.

    What are the materials of motorcycle exhaust pipe

    Iron, stainless steel, carbon fiber, titanium alloy. The outer layer of the iron pipe is treated with black heat-resistant paint, commonly known as “black iron pipe”.

    The characteristics of low cost are loved by top 10 electric motorcycle manufacturers, but the black iron pipe is easy to rust and the shortcomings of insufficient heat dissipation performance need more attention.

    Stainless steel pipe, also known as “white iron pipe”, has higher durability and thermal conductivity than black iron pipe, and the price is not too expensive. Therefore, many modified pipes are made of stainless steel.

    What are the materials of motorcycle exhaust pipe

    Carbon fiber tubes and titanium alloy tubes can achieve the effect of lightweight vehicle bodies. The unique color of carbon fiber is more attractive, and the anti-hot effect is better than the general metal liner.

    Due to material characteristics, the carbon fiber tubes currently seen are made into the tail section, and the entire section cannot be used. Titanium alloy material can be seen on aerospace materials, and it can be imagined that its strength and light weight performance is quite excellent, but the price is relatively expensive.

    Many titanium alloy exhaust pipes on the market are not made of titanium alloy as a whole, some are retained stainless steel in the front segment, and titanium alloy raw materials are used in the end segment.

    In addition, riders should pay attention to the fact that some advertised titanium alloy exhaust pipes are only coated with titanium or colored titanium burning, so special attention should be paid before the purchase.

    Motorcycle exhaust pipe maintenance methods

    When the cold vehicle is difficult to start in winter, close the throttle to start the engine, and pay attention to opening the choke in time after the hot vehicle. Do not drive at high speed for a long time with the choke closed.

    It is forbidden to install windshields or other decorative items in front of the engine and muffler, which will affect the heat dissipation of the engine and muffler.

    Motorcycle exhaust pipe maintenance methods

    Do not drive for a long time in low gear with heavy loads, which will cause damage to the engine and muffler. Do not blast the throttle at high speed for a long time.

    When there is oil on the muffler surface, the hot vehicle will change its surface color to yellow, blue and so on. In addition, when there is a lot of dirt and other dirt on the surface of the muffler, please clean it in time to avoid affecting its heat dissipation.

    When installing the muffler, it should be noted that the muffler pad is installed in place and fastened to prevent air leakage, affecting the muffler effect and causing the muffler interface to yellow. Benlg is the expert in this field.

    Engine valve clearance and carburetor, air filter, etc., should be timely and correct adjustment and cleaning according to vehicle instructions, such as valve clearance is too small or the mixture is too thick, too thin will affect combustion, affect muffler cause discoloration.

    Why a strange sound occurred when riding motorcycle

    Motorcycle exhaust pipe abnormal sound is a very common fault, especially those old motorcycles, motorcycle condition is not good, more prone to this fault. The same as electric tricycle.

    Although many of us have no maintenance experience, this does not prevent us from exploring the reasons for the abnormal sound of the exhaust pipe from the theory. Today we will try to analyze the fault from the principle of engine operation.

    Why a strange sound occurred when riding motorcycle

    The root cause of abnormal noise in the motorcycle exhaust pipe is that the mixture is burning in the motorcycle exhaust pipe. The oil and air in the mixture have been mixed very evenly, so the combustion speed is very fast, which will quickly cause the surrounding pressure and temperature to rise suddenly.

    The sudden rise in pressure as it burns in the cylinder pushes the piston, turning it into power. The high-temperature gas produced when burning in the exhaust pipe will be sprayed out of the motorcycle exhaust pipe at the speed of sound, and eventually produce a different sound.

    So there is an abnormal sound in the motorcycle exhaust pipe, which is basically the mixture burning in the exhaust pipe.

    Why does the mixture go into the exhaust pipe of a motorcycle

    The mixture is supposed to burn in the cylinder, and the energy produced by combustion pushes the piston to work. The reason why the mixture can run into the exhaust pipe is mainly the following three factors:

    The ignition failed, the mixture failed to ignite, and went straight from the exhaust valve into the exhaust pipe during the exhaust stroke.

    The mixture is too thick, the oil is more and the air is less, the air is consumed, and some of the mixture can not be burned due to hypoxia, and can only be discharged with tail gas.

    The mixture is too thin, the air is more and the oil is less, not only is it not easy to ignite, but the combustion speed is also very slow, resulting in a part of the mixture can not burn normally, and finally can only come to the exhaust pipe and burn there.

    FAQs about motorcycle exhaut pipe


    Lightweight, focused and able to cope with stringent environmental regulations. In order to comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations, the exhaust pipe body of large displacement vehicles is made longer and longer to facilitate the increase of partitions.

    But too long a motorcycle exhaust pipe, in addition to increasing weight, will also change the vehicle's center of gravity ratio. The design of the box moves the inner partition design of the pipe body to the middle part of the exhaust pipe to reduce the load on the tail section.

    It is installed at the bottom of the vehicle with the catalyst converter to make the center of gravity of the vehicle more concentrated.

    Treatment of exhaust gases to reduce pollution. The catalyst converter is a catalyst containing a variety of precious metals, which can convert the exhaust gas generated by the engine into a harmless gas discharge.

    The lead compound will adhere to the surface of the precious metal catalyst, resulting in loss of function. Therefore, gasoline can only use unleaded gasoline, and try to avoid adding additives to unknown composition.

    In addition, the operating temperature required by the catalytic converter is quite high, so it is often designed in the head or middle of the exhaust pipe.

    End segment: Light weight, sound wave.

    Full segment: Increased performance.

    The tail section is the place with the largest volume and heaviest weight of the entire exhaust pipe, and the weight of the motorcycle body can be effectively reduced by using the modified pipe with lighter texture.

    At the same time, the sound wave of the exhaust pipe can also be changed by changing the inner pipe and diameter size. By modifying the entire exhaust pipe and returning the computer, the overall engine output can be effectively increased. Although changing the end segment can also increase performance, the increase is not better than the full segment.

    Motorcycle exhaust pipes are motorcycle modifications. The frequency is relatively high. I believe that many people have a good understanding of exhaust pipes.

    But in fact, in the process of refitting the exhaust pipe, we can’t just be simple and clear, and we must deeply understand some knowledge. Otherwise, the modified exhaust pipe may cause pollution and even affect the performance of the motorcycle.

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