The usefulness and impact of motorcycle clutch

The usefulness and impact of motorcycle clutch
For motorcycles, the motorcycle clutch is an indispensable device. No matter what type of vehicle will have a clutch, different types of clutches will have different working principles, structures, and characteristics.
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    At present, the common motorcycle clutch can be divided into automatic and manual depending on the working form. The working environment can be divided into dry and wet. The electric motorcycle with pedals generally uses a dry automatic release clutch, and a wet manual clutch is used in the gears. This article focuses on motorcycle clutches.


    What is a motorcycle clutch

    The motorcycle clutch is an important link between the internal combustion engine and the transmission to achieve wheel movement. It is a device that engages or off power transmission. It basically connects disconnected shafts like drive shafts or master shafts.

    When needed, motorcycle clutches utilize torque from one axle to another. Initially, the torque generated by the engine in the initial phase, the speed very slow. It is also an electric motorcycle conversion kit.

    What is a motorcycle clutch

    The motorcycle clutch is able to prevent any shock or bumpy movements. Gradually, he takes to the road to operate the vehicle. This helps protect engine components from strain and wear. This also helps to reduce the burden on passengers.

    How motorcycle clutches work

    In principle, the motorcycle clutch is a device located between the engine and the motorcycle gearbox, and its main role is to transmit or cut off the power of the engine. The purpose of transferring power is to move the vehicle forward. The purpose of cutting off power is usually to facilitate gear shifting.

    Because if the power is not cut off, it is difficult to synchronize the active and passive gears in the transmission, and it is not easy to change gears (some skilled people can use the control of the speed and engine speed to achieve basic synchronization between the two, but it is usually not possible).

    The motorcycle clutch is located between the gearbox and the crankshaft, and the location and method of installation will vary depending on the model. However, its main role will not change, basically to transmit and cut off power, and to start smoothly and smoothly shifting gears as the main purpose.

    How motorcycle clutches work

    Therefore, it can be simply understood as a buffer zone in the process of power transmission, and it is precisely because of this characteristic that the motorcycle clutch has the ability to control the speed of the vehicle. Note, however, that this is not its scope of work, it is a derivative function and is not intended for normal operation.

    The classification of motorcycle clutches

    • Transmission clutch

    The transmission clutch is an indispensable device in the process of engine power transmission, which mainly plays the role of transmitting and cutting off engine power. With the presence of this device, the ride will be more fun, and the start and shift of the vehicle will be smoother and smoother.

    Motorcycle engine transmission clutches can be divided into two types: single clutch and dual clutch in terms of quantity. Most of the current models are single-clutch, and only some high-end models are equipped with dual-clutch.

    Of course, the dual clutch and the bent beam car here are two concepts, and they will be more energetic and technical in the power transmission process. The dual clutch of the bent beam car is mainly designed to achieve automatic disengagement. So they are fundamentally different.

    • From the form of work

    It is divided into two types: automatic and manual, and the most widely used automatic clutch is in scooters, followed by bending beam cars and some high-end models.

    Whereas manual clutches are more common and are the form of clutch used by most street legal electric motorcycle. However, the manual clutch also has a slip clutch, and its practical use effect is also outstanding.

    The classification of motorcycle clutches

    The motorcycle clutch disengagement will achieve the purpose of separation and combination with the speed of the engine. It is completely different from the manual clutch. The entire process will be on standby.

    That is, after the vehicle is started, it is ready to work at any time. As long as we increase the throttle, it will transmit power to the gearbox, otherwise it will cut off the power transmission.

    • Starter clutch

    This device will be relatively unfamiliar to most people, as we are not directly involved in its work. It is completely automated, but its main role is still to cut off and transmit power.

    Does the speed control of the motorcycle clutch have an effect on the vehicle

    The answer to that question is yes. As mentioned above, the normal working state of the clutch of a stopper motorcycle is to combine and not separate. Controlling the speed of the vehicle with the clutch means that the half-clutch will be used, leaving it in a semi-bonded state, and in the long run, the clutch will definitely be damaged.

    One of the most obvious manifestations is the accelerated wear of the friction plate, and the phenomenon of slippage. If the throttle is not in place during this process, the clutch plate will be burned directly, which will bring more trouble.

    It’s not just a simple loss of power, a lot of wear debris can also affect the lubrication system. In this case, the engine is pulled on the cylinder, so it is not advisable to use the clutch to control the speed of the vehicle without special needs.

    • So is it feasible to use occasionally

    This mainly depends on the individual’s operating methods and actual situation. For example, regular start does not have much to do with it. Because the engine speed itself is not high at this time, and the normal start of the vehicle is part of the clutch working range, there is no adverse effect.

    Does the speed control of the motorcycle clutch have an effect on the vehicle

    However, if the clutch is used as a transmission for a long time, it is a violation, and it will not only accelerate the wear of the clutch friction plate, but also pose a safety hazard. For example, downhill and sliding in motorcycle gear, using the clutch to achieve “neutral” is a violation of the operation.

    However, semi-clutch transmission is allowed in congested road conditions, because even in first gear in this state, speed of the car may be too fast. It is therefore necessary to take advantage of the semi-linkage characteristics to make the vehicle slower and maintain the same speed as the traffic flow.

    All in all, it is not recommended to control the speed of the vehicle with a clutch without special needs. Because this is beyond the working range of the clutch itself, there will be damage to the vehicle, and there will also be some safety hazards. Therefore, it is necessary to use the performance of the vehicle itself to control the speed of the vehicle by improving personal skills.


    The above is a brief introduction to the motorcycle clutch, from which you can see that the structure and use effect of the gearbox clutch will be very different, and the starter will be much simpler to overtake the clutch. But no matter what kind of motorcycle clutch it is, its main function is to cut off and transmit the relevant power.

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