Motorcycle chain maintenance and safety-related guide

Motorcycle chain maintenance and safety related guide
The introduction is about the motorcycle chain as one of the important parts of the motorcycle, how to choose and use. This article will introduce in detail how to properly maintain the motorcycle chain in order to extend the use time of the motorcycle.
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    The motorcycle chain is one of the important components of motorcycles. It is directly related to the performance and safety of motorcycles.

    However, many owners do not know how often the motorcycle chain needs to be maintained, or how to properly clean the chain. This article will give you a detailed introduction to the use of motorcycle chains and maintenance cycles.


    The main categories of motorcycle chains

    Motorcycle transmission mechanism is mainly divided into chain drive, belt drive, shaft drive , three kinds of which chain drive is the most widely used. The reason, of course, is that it has many advantages.

    • Low power loss
    • High tensile strength
    • Suitable for high speeds
    • Retrofit
    • Relatively low cost 

    The main categories of motorcycle chains

    Of course, it also has shortcomings (need for regular maintenance, wear to replace, etc.). Today, let’s talk about the knowledge of the chain, in-depth knowledge of chain construction, installation methods, and the use and maintenance of common sense.

    Analysis of the basic structure of motorcycle chain

    In simple terms, we can think of the chain as the joint structure of the steel bomb model. The chain is composed of interlaced chains, bushings and rollers, and the pins pass through the middle to connect, so that the chain has a single vector of mobility.

    This is the chain structure of our car, and then through other components, affects the power transmission of the chain, the smoothness of operation, etc. The precision of the chain has a crucial impact on the efficiency and even safety of the vehicle.

    There are two kinds of motorcycle chain, namely ordinary chain and oil seal chain. Ordinary chains are generally used on small displacement models, with low price, low cost and better transmission efficiency. But because life is relatively short and easy to stretch, hundreds of kilometers need to be adjusted.

    Analysis of the basic structure of motorcycle chain

    The oil seal chain is also known as the competitive chain, in fact, there is an oil seal in the middle of the inner and outer chain, and the oil seal is filled with grease, which plays the role of lubricating the chain roller and bushing, avoiding wear between the two, and thus extending the service life of the chain.

    The importance of maintaining the motorcycle chain

    The chain is an integral part of the transmission system. The chain is more outstanding in the efficiency of power transmission than the belt, the loss of kinetic energy is less, and the power generated by the engine is more completely transmitted to the rear wheel.

    However, because the chain of the truck is mostly exposed, long-term contact with dust or gravel in the air will abrase the structure or surface of the chain, so the maintenance of the chain cannot be neglected.

    Regular maintenance chains can not only extend the service life, but also maintain the transmission efficiency of the power, so that you can enjoy the fun of riding more safely and comfortably. Benlg is herer for safety use.

    How should motorcycle chain be cared for

    First of all, we must understand that to judge whether the chain should be lubricated, it cannot be judged by whether the chain is dry but by whether there is an abnormal sound in the process of driving.

    If the motorcycle chain itself is dry but the car does not emit abnormal noise, it means that the motorcycle is temporarily no problem. It does not need to oil. But after driving for a long time, there will be some foreign bodies on the chain, and these foreign bodies must be cleaned.

    But if your electric motorcycle is in the process of driving, you can clearly hear the chain. There was a strange sound, or the chain was very dry and appeared to be worn. This time, it must be oil.

    And timely oil, otherwise, the car will be damaged. Oil needs to be paid attention to. The first step is to clean the foreign body on, and then clean the car. Remember that the right amount of oil is the best. If too much, the chain will absorb a lot of sand and dust, but will accelerate the wear of the chain.

    How should motorcycle chain be cared for

    Driving electric vehicles has its own risks. To ensure the safety of driving, the premise is to ensure that the parts of the locomotive will not have problems. If the driving skills are not enough, and there are problems with the parts of the locomotive, the possibility of accidents is very large.

    Why tighten the motorcycle chain

    The motorcycle chain is a transmission device, its main role is to connect the motorcycle engine and the rear wheel, transfer power, so that the motorcycle can run normally.

    If the chain is too loose or too tight, it will affect the performance and safety of the motorcycle. Too loose a chain will cause the chain to fall off during driving, and even accidents.

    Too tight a chain will lead to increased chain wear, shorten the service life. Therefore, it is very necessary to regularly tighten the motorcycle chain, especially in terms of riding safety. Benlg electric motorcycle has passed many security certificate.

    Fastening method of motorcycle chain

    • Use a wrench to unscrew the chain adjuster and lower the chain to its lowest position.
    • Align the card block on the chain with the card slot on the frame, then slowly restore the chain.
    • Ensure that the chain is securely installed and tighten the screws using a wrench.

    It should be noted that the adjustment method of the motorcycle chain of different brands and models may be slightly different, and it can be adjusted appropriately according to the tension you need.

    Tightening cycle of motorcycle chain

    Generally speaking, the tightening cycle of the motorcycle chain depends on factors such as riding habits, driving road conditions and chain quality.

    Based on experience, it is recommended that the owner check and tighten the motorcycle chain every 5,000 km or so. If the riding habit is not good or the road condition is poor, it is necessary to shorten the tightening period.

    In addition, if the chain is found to be worn or deformed, it also needs to be replaced or repaired in time, and the chain that is in use can be filled with lubricating oil, reduce the friction index, increase the service life, and make the ride smoother.

    Tightening cycle of motorcycle chain

    In short, the fastening method and cycle of the motorcycle chain is the basic knowledge that every owner must understand and master, and the regular maintenance of the motorcycle also needs to pay attention to some.

    Only the correct operation and maintenance of the motorcycle chain can ensure the performance and safety of the motorcycle. Check out the electric scooter and  electric tricycle.

    By mastering the method of adjusting the motorcycle chain, I believe that everyone will be more assured in the process of riding, and when replacing the chain, we should pay attention to the appropriate tension. Only in this way can the motorcycle have better riding conditions, so that the riding is more comfortable.

    Motorcycle chain maintenance cycle

    The first maintenance time of the chain is about 500 kilometers, and the chain oil can be used for maintenance. At the same time, when racing, high-speed driving, rain riding and chain noise, it can also be maintained.

    Then, at 1000 km (or two lubricates), a cleaner is used to do a more comprehensive cleaning, keeping the surface of the chain clean and shaving the small debris stuck in the chain, helping the chain run more smoothly, reducing noise and maintaining transmission efficiency and service life.

    • Motorcycle chain cleaning

    In the chain cleaning, be sure to pay attention to the damage to the oil seal is very important! If you buy cleaners online, try to buy branded products. In addition to the basic functions of deep penetration, strong decontamination, and no damage to the oil seal or metal.

    A good cleaning agent should also be able to combine rust prevention, lubrication and activation of the oil seal. If you want to keep it simple, mix your household dish soap with some hot water and clean with a chain brush or toothbrush.

    How to install motorcycle chain

    The newly opened chain will come with a loose joint, an oil seal, and original chain oil. (In order to ensure strength, the expansion buckle has become the mainstream.)

    How to install motorcycle chain

    Generally, the length of the chain sold is more than 120 knots, which is enough for most vehicles, only long and not short (the chain model and the number of knots of the model need to be confirmed before purchase).

    The length of the chain must be confirmed before it is cut off, but it cannot be restored. It must be paid attention to! After the length has been determined and the number of rich knots has been cut off, the chain can be ready to be connected using the built-in buckle.

    Before inserting the shaft pin, remember to apply the lubrication grease configured, and do not forget to install the oil seal, for a total of 4 oil seals. Use special tools to install the chain in place. After the chain installation, adjust the length of the chain.

    First, loosen the chain adjuster, and then move it to the appropriate distance, making sure that the scales on both sides are consistent. Then fix the rear shaft firmly according to the corresponding torque, and don’t forget to fix the screws on both sides of the regulator.


    The above introduction is followed by how the motorcycle chain should be selected and used. Only by choosing the right method and using the right car oil can we ensure that the chain will not have problems and that we can extend the use time of the motorcycle. Before driving a motorcycle, you should learn driving skills well, and then on the road, beware of danger.

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