Motorcycle brake knowledge – uncover the secrets of braking

Motorcycle brake knowledge - uncover the secrets of braking
Brakes is an important system of electric motorcycle. If the stop of the vehicle can not be achieved properly, it will affect riding experience and driving safety. Today's article is to share the braking method of motorcycles.
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    Motorcycle brakes are divided into front brakes and rear brakes, the front brake is used to slow down, and the rear brake is mainly to stabilize the body, so the two brakes need to operate at the same time.

    The front and rear brakes are used at the same time to achieve an effective way to achieve short-distance emergency braking.


    What is motorcycle braking

    Braking refers to the action of stopping or slowing down a running locomotive, rolling stock, or other means of transport or machinery. During driving, braking performance is directly related to driving safety, so its importance cannot be ignored.

    What is motorcycle braking

    Among them, the main braking capability comes from the front brake, which can reach 70%. If only the front or rear brakes are used, the body will lose balance and roll over.

    The various types of motorcycle brake

    • Front and rear brakes brake

    When the fastest motorcycle needs to slow down, you need to return to the throttle, operate the brakes, hold the clutch lever, and then press the foot brake pedal and hold the disc brake at the same time. If you don’t want your hair to mess up, use both the front and rear brakes to improve braking efficiency.

    • Engine braking

    When a motorcycle suddenly slows down at high speed, you need to quickly force a shift from high gear to low gear and use the engine drag to slow down the vehicle. If you don’t want to have a free roller coaster, riders can use the drag of the engine to slide gently to the end.

    In addition, the electric motor brake is generally only used when the front and rear brakes fail, or on mud, sand, stones, snow and other roads. Please don’t worry about your own style, safety first!

    • Combined braking

    The use of both brakes and engine braking methods at the same time not only improves braking efficiency, but also helps you maintain an elegant posture and maintain your own chivalric demeanor when others are messy.

    The various types of motorcycle brake

    Here’s how to keep the demeanor going: return to the throttle, operate the electronic parking brake, then hold the clutch handle, brake with the front and rear brakes, and quickly shift into low gear to slow down or stop.

    What is a disc brake

    Disc brakes consist of a brake disc attached to the wheels and a brake caliper on the edge of the disc. When braking, the high pressure brake fluid pushes the brake pad to clamp the brake disc to produce a braking effect.

    • Merit

    Fast braking speed: Disc brakes can brake quickly at high speeds.

    Short braking distances: Disc brakes typically have higher braking systems, greater flexibility, shorter braking distances, and greater safety.

    Labor-saving braking: The pressure channel required for disc brakes is small, and the operation is more labor-saving.

    Good heat dissipation effect: The disc brake disc will have small holes in it, which has good heat dissipation capacity and can improve braking efficiency.

    • Shortcoming

    Susceptible to external factors: In extreme weather conditions, disc brake performance, such as low temperatures or icy road conditions, may affect the braking effect.

    Brake pads wear high: The friction area between the brake pads and the brake disc of a disc brake is smaller than that of a drum brake, so the wear will be higher and it will need to be replaced frequently.

    What is a disc brake

    High maintenance costs: There are more disc brake parts, installation accuracy requirements are also higher, and more time is required for maintenance.

    Motorcycles that use disc brakes need to be equipped with higher braking performance, so they are suitable for high-performance vehicles such as dual sport motorcycle and electric off road motorcycle.

    What is a drum brake

    When braking, the brake shoes are pushed by oil pressure to contact the inner edge of the brake drum, and friction generated by contact inhibits the rotation of the tire. The drum brake is composed of brake floor, brake cylinder, brake shoe and other related connecting rods, springs, piggybacks, and brake drums.

    • Merit

    The structure is simple, the friction area is large, the manufacturing cost is low, and the applicability is wide, so the maintenance cost is not high.
    Drum brakes are more traditional in design and have a stronger braking capacity than disc brakes. Many trucks use drum brakes to brake.

    • Shortcoming

    The braking system of the drum brake is enclosed in the brake drum, so the heat dissipation capacity is relatively poor, and if it is in the braking state for a long time, there will also be certain safety hazards.

    Drum brakes are mainly used in heavy duty, truck-carrying vehicles, because they can maintain the stability of the braking system even when the vehicle is carrying a heavy load. Both braking systems have their own advantages and disadvantages, with disc brakes being more common and more powerful for most riding situations.

    However, the braking strength depends on the braking system of the vehicle, if there is a secondary braking system, the operation error can be avoided to a certain extent.

    What is a drum brake

    Otherwise the strength needs to be mastered according to the characteristics of the vehicle. Therefore, when braking, it is necessary to combine the characteristics of the vehicle and road conditions to operate flexibly.

    Maintenance of braking devices

    • Brake fluid inspection and replacement

    Brake fluid is the transmission fluid of the brake system, which is hydrophilic, and long-term use will lead to high water content of brake fluid. The boiling point of the brake fluid will be reduced, causing the brake to lock or malfunction abnormally, which is very dangerous.

    • Discs

    For disc brake vehicles, the brake pad is used to clamp the disc through hydraulic force to generate braking force. Although the discs are basically made of hard cast iron, they will still wear out over time.

    For example, if there are problems such as defects and deformations, they must be replaced in time. If the lever bounces or makes a serious noise when braking, you must check whether the disc is abnormal.

    • Master pump

    The master cylinder is a mechanism that pushes the brake oil and causes the brake oil pressure to actuate the caliper piston. Although the master cylinder is not often broken, the brake oil is not replaced for a long time, which will cause impurities to accumulate in the master cylinder, so remember to check the cylinder when replacing the brake oil.

    Maintenance of braking devices

    • Calipers

    The caliper is an important mechanism for pushing the brake pad, and it is usual to pay attention to whether there is an abnormal sound when the tire rolls. If the brake pads rub against the disc when pushing the tire, it is likely that the caliper piston cannot be retracted. It is also possible that the caliper oil seal is damaged or dirty, in which case it is best to disassemble and clean or replace the caliper.


    Braking is an essential operation while driving a motorcycle, whether it is on the track, on a mountain road or on a daily commute, it is a very important speed control tool.

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