Analysis of motorcycle bearings and structural functions

Analysis of motorcycle bearings and structural functions
Bearings are widely used in various machines. It can be said that as long as it is a running machine, it is inseparable from the bearing, and the bearing is a key component of the motorcycle. This artlcle is able to talk about the key part.
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    Motorcycles are exposed due to the fact that most mechanical parts are exposed, so they can withstand the severe test of high-speed rotation in the harsh driving environment. This requires motorcycle bearings to meet good durability and high sealing properties to extend the service life of motorcycles.

    Motorcycles vary depending on the model and construction, but each motorcycle is usually equipped with 20 to 30 bearings. These bearings are used in engines, transmissions, wheels, and other rotating parts that support travel. It plays a role in reducing friction and ensuring that the power of the engine is transmitted to the wheels.


    Performance of motorcycle bearings

    • Smooth rotation is achieved with low friction and vibration.
    • It has resistance to foreign matter and high rigidity.
    • Durability and so on must be ensured.

    Bearings for motorcycles and transmissions are required to be resistant to foreign bodies and have high rigidity because they are used under conditions of high temperature, high speed rotation, and high shock loads in a foreign body environment. In addition, bearings for wheels must be suitable for use in various terrains and applications, so they must be durable to water and mud.

    Common models of motorcycle bearings

    Ball bearings are generally used in the internal drive train (electric motor for bicycle) and the wheels of the engine. Flat ball bearings are used on the forks, and needle roller bearings are used on crankshaft connecting rods and some transmission gear shafts.

    Transmission principle

    We need to understand how shaft drives and chain drives work. Shaft transmission is a way of transmitting power to the rear wheels through bearings on the wheels, while chain transmission transmits power through the meshing of the chain with the gears. In theory, shaft drive and chain drive are comparable in the efficiency of power transmission, but there are differences in practical use.

    In fact, a fuel motorcycle with a shaft drive is more fuel-efficient than a motorcycle with a chain drive, mainly because the friction resistance of the shaft drive is greater than that of the chain drive.

    Shaft transmission transmits power through friction between bearings, while chain transmission transmits power through the meshing of chains and gears. Although the contact area between the bearings is smaller than that between the chain and the gear, the friction resistance of the shaft drive is still greater than that of the chain drive.

    Transmission principle

    This difference is even more pronounced at high speeds, as the friction resistance between the bearings of the shaft drive increases with speed, while the meshing resistance between the chain and the motorcycle gear of the chain drive is relatively stable.

    Causes and analysis of early damage

    Bearings on the front and rear hubs and rear chain discs

    Due to the fact that the owner wades too deep into the water or frequently cleans the vehicle during daily use. Let the water enter the bearing, so that the grease in the bearing gradually fails, the rolling groove and ball in the bearing are seriously worn, and the clearance is significantly increased.

    If the front and rear wheels (motorcycle wheel balancing) are assembled too tightly or too loosely when leaving the factory or for sale, driving will be unstable for a long time. The bearing is stuck or the bearing displacement is loose, the ball cage is damaged or falls off, and the gap is too large, so that the brake disc and the wheel hub rub against each other, and the driving resistance is increased.

    Causes and analysis of early damage

    The bearings on the rear sprocket disc are very easy to enter the water or adjust too tight and too loose, which will cause damage, so the owner should pay special attention when washing the car or passing deep puddles, and check and maintain it in time. If it is damaged, the replacement must be in place, adjusted to the flexible rotation of the wheels, and no obvious clearance shall prevail.

    Crankshaft connecting rod and head roller bearings and balls on both sides

    Generally, two-stroke engines are more susceptible to damage. The main cause of damage to roller bearings of connecting rod size is: the oil quality is too poor or the oil quantity is too small.

    The temperature of the engine is too high when it is operating, which exacerbates friction and heats up the surface. Premature fatigue peeling of the working face occurs, and peeling particles enter the cage of the steel column, resulting in the retardation of operation.

    Rollers produce abnormal loads on the cage, which aggravates the wear of the cage, causing the cage to break and break, and the crankshaft connecting rod to lock.

    If the oil replaced by the four-stroke engine is a fake and shoddy product or has a long service life, the lubrication effect will be reduced, wear will be aggravated, and impurities will be easily generated to block the oil passage.

    After the assembly or overhaul of the new car, the hard foreign matter of the appliance belt used in the field is not enough to clean or correct the bearing groove, resulting in the obstruction of the rotation of the bearing.

    Crankshaft connecting rod and head roller bearings

    The misalignment of the crankshaft press-fitting or misalignment of the crank during installation will increase the rotating load of the bearing and cause damage.

    Bearings on the rear wheels

    Generally speaking, the rear shock absorber of the car is a single support, the load is large, if the road conditions are not good, it will not slow down, it is easy to cause wear and tear, affect the service life, and it is easy to enter the water when washing the car.

    Direction post upper and lower bearings

    Due to the failure of the front motorcycle shock absorber, insufficient lubrication or the discomfort of the upper and lower tightening strength, the ball is broken or the ball working surface is peeled off, and the steering direction is astringent or deviated, which affects the safety of driving.


    Bearing damage is mainly caused by poor lubrication, inadequate installation, improper clearance coordination and poor use environment. If it is not detected or repaired as soon as possible, it will cause greater losses or affect driving safety. Please pay attention to avoid such accidents.

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