Understanding motorcycle abs system – stability and control

Understanding motorcycle abs system - stability and control
In simple terms, an motorcycle abs system is a system that prevents tires from locking up when braking. The function is to automatically control the braking force of the brake when the motorcycle is braking.
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    Among the many safety configurations of motorcycles, the motorcycle abs system is undoubtedly one of the most concerning technologies. As the community of electric motorcycle enthusiasts continues to grow, more and more riders are beginning to pay attention to and discuss the importance of motorcycle abs system.

    In order to make the rider safer on the road. In this article, we will take a closer look at ABS, an important security system.


    What is a motorcycle abs system

    The full name of ABS system is “anti-lock braking system,”  and its main function is to prevent tire locking by automatically adjusting the braking force when the motorcycle is performing emergency braking. This maintains tire adhesion to the road surface and improves vehicle stability and manoeuvrability.

    As a result, the wheels are not locked and are in a rolling and sliding state (depending on the manufacturer’s settings, some allow a certain amount of slippage (millisecond level), while others do not). The anti-lock braking system of motorcycles is an essential safety feature on modern motorcycles.

    How the motorcycle abs system works

    It can be simply considered that the control won’t be lost during emergency braking. When the rider brakes urgently, without the motorcycle abs system, the tires for motorcycle are likely to lock up due to excessive braking force, causing the vehicle to lose control and even cause a traffic accident.

    ABS, on the other hand, can monitor the tire speed in real time through the sensor, and once it finds that the tire is about to lock, it will quickly adjust the braking force to ensure that the tire remains in the best sliding edge state, thus greatly improving the efficiency and safety of braking.

    It is worth noting that when cornering, vehicles with only the motorcycle’s anti-lock braking system should not be overly trusted with the ABS system. When cornering, due to changes in tyre ground and changes in center of gravity, hard braking in corners can be dangerous.

    How the motorcycle abs system works

    However, vehicles with ABS cornering can brake vigorously when cornering without danger due to the addition of a series of sensors such as inertial sensors. However, safe riding depends more on anticipation and timely and correct operation, and the controller of the vehicle is always the person.

    In the modification of the braking system, it is also necessary to consider the compatibility with the anti-lock braking system of the original motorcycle, or directly remove the anti-lock braking system of the motorcycle.

    Composition of the motorcycle abs system

    The motorcycle abs system consists of several parts: a wheel speed sensor, an motorcycle ECU flash unit, and a hydraulic unit. If it is a vehicle with ABS cornering or traction control and other electronic controls, there will be more sensors, more powerful electronic computing and control systems.

    It keeps the dual sport motorcycle stable when braking. Sensors monitor wheel rotational speed and direction and relay this information to the ECU. The ECU then adjusts the braking force based on this information to ensure that the wheels do not lock up.

    Some motorcycles may only be equipped with a single ABS front wheel.
    The safety of single front wheel ABS is a matter of great concern. When braking and cornering, the rear wheel ABS plays a vital role.

    Composition of the motorcycle abs system

    It prevents the rear wheels from locking, maintains vehicle stability and reduces the risk of sideslip and tail flicking. In short, the anti-lock braking system of a motorcycle is simply indispensable for safety.

    The importance of motorcycle abs systems

    Although ABS is not always popular in the racing world, some professional racers think it interferes with their delicate handling. But in daily riding, the importance of the anti-lock braking system of motorcycles is self-evident.

    Most of us are not professional racers and cannot control the braking force as precisely as they do. For ordinary riders, having an efficient motorcycle abs system is equivalent to adding an extra layer of safety.

    While anti-lock braking systems on motorcycles can significantly improve riding safety, we must not rely too much on them. After all, motorcycles are driven by people, and the rider’s driving skills and anticipation are equally important.

    ABS is only an auxiliary system, which can help avoid danger at critical moments, but it is not a substitute for judgment and operation. Therefore, improving one’s driving level and safety awareness is the foundation for ensuring riding safety. The performance and tuning of the motorcycle abs system will vary depending on the brand and model of the motorcycle.

    When buying a motorcycle, in addition to paying attention to the power performance and appearance design of the vehicle, you should also pay special attention to its safety configuration, especially the performance of the ABS system.

    The importance of motorcycle abs systems

    Some high-end motorcycle brands like Benlg tend to have motorcycle abs systems that are fine-tuned to provide excellent braking performance in a wide range of road and weather conditions.

    Regardless of whether the motorcycle is equipped with ABS or not, as a rider, you should always be vigilant, obey the traffic rules, and control the speed reasonably to ensure safety.

    At the same time, it is also very important to carry out regular maintenance of the motorcycle, which not only extends the life of the vehicle, but also ensures that the various safety systems of the vehicle are in optimal working condition.

    How to properly use the motorcycle abs system

    Familiarize ABS working principle: Knowing how a motorcycle’s anti-lock braking system behaves in different situations can help react correctly in an emergency.

    Maintain proper speed: In slippery or complex road conditions, reducing your speed appropriately can reduce the likelihood of emergency braking.

    How to properly use the motorcycle abs system

    Timely maintenance: Regularly check the working condition of the ABS system and maintain it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure that the system is always in the best working condition.

    Don’t overdo it: ABS is an important safety assistance system, but riders should develop good driving habits and skills and cannot rely solely on ABS systems.


    Finally, riding a motorcycle is not only a way to travel, but also an attitude to life. While enjoying the freedom and joy of riding, we should always keep in mind the principle of safety first.

    The motorcycle abs system can help you to have a deeper understanding of the motorcycle and related technical configurations, and be more calm and confident on the road of cycling.

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