Innovation in motion – Benlg lightweight electric motorcycle

Innovation in motion - Benlg lightweight electric motorcycle
Benlg is a leading manufacturer of efficient, eco-friendly and lightweight electric motorcycle. Our team of engineers and designers focuses on creating the next generation of electric motorbikes that are high-performance yet gentle on the environment.
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    The lightweight electric motorcycle provides an unparalleled riding experience with near-silent operation, incredible acceleration, and customizable features. As a wholesaler, Benlg can offer competitive pricing, bulk order discounts, product support, and more. Read on to learn why Benlg lightweight electric motorcycles lead the global market.


    What is lightweight electric motorcycle

    Lightweight electric motorcycles are lighter and more compact than regular motorcycles. This is because the materials and design are more lightweight. This makes them easier to control and handle, whether you’re in motion or at rest. This type of lightweight motorcycle is usually more suitable for beginners.

    Main parts of lightweight electric motorcycle

    Benlg uses high-quality branded components from leading suppliers across the key systems in our e-motorcycles. These include:

    • Batteries: Premium Panasonic, Samsung, or LG lithium-ion battery packs. Options range from 1 to 15 kWh.
    • Controllers: Advanced smart motor controller units fine-tune power delivery.
    • Chargers: Integrated fast-charging technology quickly recharges batteries.
    • Dash/Lights: Full LED lighting plus informative displays.
    • Brakes: Strong hydraulic disc brakes on both wheels.
    • Tires: Sporty road-gripping tires as standard. Off-road knobby options too.

    Using famous-name parts ensures the safety, handling, and performance expected from premium electric motorcycles. These pieces come together into a finely tuned machine in Benlg’s own manufacturing facilities.

    The characteristics of lightweight electric motorcycle

    What truly sets Benlg’s lightweight electric motorbikes apart is the riding experience itself. Key features include:

    Sleek integrated design: Our electric motorbike frames hide bulky batteries inside the chassis for a minimalist, futuristic look.

    Powerful torque: Electric motors provide tons of low-end torque. You get incredible acceleration off the line for thrilling riding.

    The characteristics of lightweight electric motorcycle

    Quiet operation: Without a loud engine, these electric motorcycles have a futuristic whirring sound at speed. It’s like gliding in the air!

    Smart tech: Use our mobile app to monitor battery charge, adjust power mappings, turn on anti-theft tracking, and more. Never get stranded mid-ride.

    Rugged dependability: Aircraft-grade aluminum frames, waterproof batteries, tamper-proof casings and quality components ensure reliable function through years of regular use.

    Eco-friendliness: With zero emissions and fractional running costs compared to gas bikes, you’ll feel good riding Benlg lightweight electric motorcycles built using sustainable processes.

    These qualities add up to a riding experience that is truly unique to modern electric motorbikes like those produced by Benlg. It’s a combination of performance, technology, and environmental responsibility rarely seen before.

    The benefits wholesalers get from Benlg

    As a wholesaler dealing in electric vehicles and one of the top 10 electric motorcycle manufacturers in China, it is crucial to partner with reliable brands that make your business easier. Benlg offers:

    Industry leading quality: Strict quality control and testing during production means low defect rates and fewer customer returns/service requests.

    The benefits wholesalers get from Benlg

    Business flexibility: Order what models you want in desired quantities. Get custom paint jobs. Bundle accessories. A broad range of options for your shop.

    Marketing support: Benlg provides high-quality images, product descriptions, and specs so your listings attract maximum customer interest.

    Ongoing training: Learn directly from Benlg experts on topics like e-bike technology, troubleshooting, maintenance best practices, and more.

    With Benlg electric motorcycle, wholesalers can minimize headaches and inventory risk thanks to our professionalism. Focus more on profitably growing the lightweight electric motorcycle sales.

    Why Benlg lightweight electric motorcycle lead the global market

    Many qualities explain Benlg’s rise to become a top lightweight electric motorcycle manufacturer within less than a decade.

    Smartly positioned: Mid-priced, mid-performance market sweet spot between DIY/hobbyist builds and ultra-premium brands. Matches what most riders want and can afford.

    Specialization: 100% dedicated to electric two-wheelers. Not a legacy company adapting existing ICE models. Ground-up development solely around electric power and batteries.

    Why Benlg lightweight electric motorcycle lead the global market

    Rapid iteration: Release quicker generational updates as technology keeps improving. Avoid stagnant lineups lagging behind the latest EV capabilities.

    Innovative technology: Patented battery casings, onboard charging features, and other proprietary engineering provide a competitive edge.

    Cost leadership: Economies of scale achieved rapidly due to larger manufacturing allow very attractive wholesale pricing without compromising too much profitability.

    Premium brand equity: Savvy marketing and racing sponsorship makes Benlg sought-after compared to generic Chinese imports flooding the market.

    With no signs of the electric vehicle boom slowing down, Benlg aims to solidify our position as the top brand in lightweight electric motorcycles worldwide through even bigger investments and ambitious growth plans.

    Benlg lightweight electric motorcycle independent production Line

    Unlike many smaller electric motorcycle startups relying on external suppliers, Benlg has purpose-built a cutting-edge factory dedicated solely to manufacturing our lightweight e-motos exclusively. Key features inside this state-of-the-art facility include:

    Fully automated assembly lines: Minimal human input is required during production thanks to intricate robotic arms and supply conveyor systems designed specifically around Benlg bikes. This automation improves consistency.

    Benlg lightweight electric motorcycle independent production Line

    Quality control infrastructure: Multiple testing checkpoints confirm electric motorcycle battery integrity, waterproofing, acceleration/top speed, mechanical function, and more before boxes get sealed. We electronically reject any product not meeting specifications.

    Just-in-time inventory: Parts from hundreds of suppliers feed seamlessly into Benlg’s assembly floor as needed. This cuts waste and quickens fulfillment, especially for bulk wholesale orders.

    Strategic location: Based in a special economic zone with friendly e-mobility policies. This setup allows us to source components competitively and export worldwide with ease.

    By controlling everything in-house using an advanced facility tailor-made for electric motorcycles, Benlg delivers exceptional quality control and cost savings – advantages we pass down to wholesale buyers.

    Services offered by Benlg to wholesalers

    While engineering and manufacturing exceptional lightweight electric motorcycles is Benlg’s primary focus, we provide a suite of services to directly make wholesalers’ businesses run smoother:

    Flexible payment terms: 30-60 day payment windows, revolving credit lines, payment plans, etc. Schedule repayments in a way that works for your cash flow.

    Warranty support: Benlg bikes are covered for 2 years with options to add extended warranty periods. We facilitate servicing across our authorized dealer network.

    Services offered by Benlg to wholesalers

    Spare parts supply: Order replacements for any components needed locally instead of waiting weeks for shipping. We stock every part to cut downtime.

    Demo units: Try out Benlg e-moto models personally or lend to customers for extended test drives before committing to large orders.

    Complimentary accessories: Wholesale bulk orders come with free helmets, pads, bike locks, maintenance tools, and other accessories at certain volume tiers.

    Customization: Want a unique color scheme or badging for an exclusive variant? Our factories can tweak styling per your requests for special editions.

    Ongoing training: Attend virtual or in-person sessions to refresh your knowledge of Benlg systems. Learn about newly launched bikes before they reach showrooms through private sneak peeks.

    These value-added services simplify operating your Powersports dealership. Let the cost savings translate into bigger profit margins for you.

    FAQs about lightweight electric motorcycle

    The electric motorcycle industry is projected to grow over 20% annually through 2030 as gas counterparts decline. Benlg aims to lead the charge by reaching a production target of 500,000 electric bikes per year fueled by our modernized factories and enthusiastic talent pool.

    New models will push limits of range, charging speed, connectivity, and autonomous features. Owning an EV will become the norm.

    Contact our sales team to develop a customized wholesale partnership plan tailored to your business needs regarding order volumes, cash flow capabilities, location logistics, and inventory flexibility. We can supply branded Benlg bikes or white-label models exclusively made for your brand. Get started today!


    Benlg strikes the optimal combination of innovative technology, smart positioning in high-growth electric segments, and relentless focus solely on two-wheel electric vehicles, especially lightweight electric motorcycle.

    This category focus allows us to provide better-performing e-motos faster and cheaper than lumbering legacy motorcycle makers trying to adapt to batteries. Our agile innovation engine keeps outpacing competitors.

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