Introduce the grease for motorcycle chain application

Introduce the grease for motorcycle chain application
The purpose of using a good grease for motorcycle is to make the motorcycle run safely and properly, not just to protect the chain. Therefore, it makes little sense to compare the price of the chain with the price of grease for motorcycle.
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    Using grease for motorcycle chain should be routine maintenance, like changing engine oil. So this article will introduce the daily use and characteristics of grease for motorcycle chain.


    What is grease for motorcycle chain

    Motorcycle chain lubricant is also one of the many lubricants. However, this lubricating oil is a kind of lubricating grease specially formulated according to the working characteristics of the chain, which has the characteristics of waterproof, mud-proof and easy to adhere to. Such a blending basis will more effectively promote the lubrication of the chain and prolong the service life of the chain.

    The way in which motorcycle chains are lubricated

    After a period of use, the chain will stick to dust, and the motorcycle chain generally needs to be lubricated to ensure safety and comfort while riding. It means making motorcycle maintenance. There are three main methods that are widely used today.

    • Spent engine oil

    Benefits: Saving money and lubrication is fine. Disadvantages: It will be thrown on the rear tire and frame, causing pollution. In particular, the oil thrown on the tires will have a certain corrosive effect on the tires. In addition, the oil thrown on the tires will also make the rear wheels slip and affect driving safety.

    • Butter is added to the used engine oil

    Benefits: Save money and won’t get rid of it. Disadvantages: Poor lubrication effect, which will aggravate chain wear.

    • Special chain oil

    Benefits: Good lubrication effect, will not be thrown on the tire, safe driving. Cons: Expensive. However, from an economic point of view, because of the good lubrication effect, it can reduce the energy loss of the chain, reduce fuel consumption, and achieve the effect of saving money. But some cheap electric motorcycle will not do this.

    The way in which motorcycle chains are lubricated

    In addition, the use of chain oil should be daily maintenance, like changing engine oil. So, what are the properties of a good grease for motorcycle chain?

    What are the characteristics of grease for motorcycle chain

    • Lubricity

    One of the functions of lubricating oil is lubrication. However, when the chain is subjected to different actions during operation, the lubrication performance of the lubricating oil will be higher, especially those under heavy load and impact conditions.

    The requirements for high temperature chain oil extreme pressure and wear resistance are higher, so high temperature grease for motorcycle chain must pay great attention to this aspect.

    • Thermal stability

    The use of high-temperature chain oil reaches more than 250°C. At this time, the grease for motorcycle chain is required to have excellent heat resistance, oxidation resistance, and good high-temperature lubrication, so that the equipment is always in a good state and not easy to coke.

    • Permeability

    For high temperature chains, it is easier to lubricate rollers and sprockets, but it is more difficult to lubricate axles and bushings. This is because the clearance between the axle and the bushing is very small and completely open to the environment.

    If the grease for motorcycle chain does not have good permeability, it cannot penetrate into the inside of the shaft and bushing, and it cannot lubricate the shaft and bushing.

    • Adhesion

    When the chain is running, the grease for motorcycle chain will be thrown off due to the action of high speed. At low speeds, grease for motorcycle chain drips due to gravity. All of this not only pollutes the environment and products, but also creates a lot of waste.

    Therefore, it is required that the grease for motorcycle chain should have good adhesion and be able to adhere firmly to the friction surface without falling off due to various actions.

    What are the characteristics of grease for motorcycle chain

    • Anti-rust, anti-corrosion and cleanability

    Chains exposed to lifting equipment, forklifts, motorcycles, chain saws, conveyor belts, and a variety of industrial equipment are highly susceptible to corrosion. Therefore, the chain oil should be rustproof and corrosion resistant.

    In addition, high-temperature chain oil should also have the characteristics of no scaling, no dripping, long-lasting temperature resistance, and easy cleaning.

    Usually, the production of chain products after assembly needs to go through inventory, long-distance transportation (electric cargo tricycle) and even across the ocean, so it is required that the special lubricating anti-rust oil used in the chain before assembly has a medium and long-term sealing and anti-rust effect.

    • Oxidative stability

    Usually, high temperature chain drives work in an environment exposed to high and low temperatures, and lubricating oil is prone to oxidation, so the good high and low temperature properties and excellent high temperature oxidation stability of chain lubricating oil are very important.

    In order to make the chain special lubricating antirust oil not easy to oxidize and deteriorate during long-term cycle dipping and use, the chain special lubricating oil and antirust oil must have good oxidation stability.

    • Good resistance to external effects (anti-contamination properties)

    High temperature chain drives typically operate in harsh environments. It is easy to be polluted by the environment, that is, grease for motorcycle chain is easy to be contaminated with dust, etc. A good high temperature grease for motorcycle chain can still lubricate the chain even if a little dust adheres to the surface.

    • Lesser tendency to deposition carbon

    The carbon deposition characteristics and evaporation loss rate of grease for motorcycle chain are relative, and a lower evaporation loss rate corresponds to a higher carbon deposition characteristic. The most important thing is how to balance these two characteristics, and regular cleaning of the chain for one or two years is essential.

    • Minimal evaporation loss rate

    The evaporation loss rate of grease for motorcycle chain will determine the customer’s consumption when using this chain oil, while the lower evaporation loss rate will protect the customer’s on-site working environment.

    How to use grease for motorcycle chain

    If it is found that the chain is short of oil, it should be lubricated, under normal circumstances, it should be cleaned and lubricated every 500KM, and the steps are as follows:

    • Remove the shift arm
    • Remove the left rear cover of the engine
    • Remove the rear chain box

    Locate the movable link, remove the movable locking clip with pliers, remove the chain from the rear direction, clean the chain in the cleaning agent, and air dry. Check the chain for wear and tear and replace it if necessary.

    Note: The opening of the movable link clamp should be installed in the opposite direction to the direction of movement of the fuel motorcycles chain. Replace them in reverse order and fill the chain with the right amount of lubrication.


    Grease for motorcycle chain is one of the most common lubricating greases. We know that the right chain oil plays a vital role in the use of the chain, which can prolong the service life of the chain, prevent chain wear, etc.

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