Explanation of shock absorption in the important parameters of electric motorcycles

Explanation of shock absorption in the important parameters of electric motorcycles
As an important choice for modern urban travel, the advantages and disadvantages of electric vehicles in their shock absorption systems are directly related to the comfort and safety of riding. And this article will analyze them in detail from the following aspects.
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    Different types of electric vehicle shock absorption systems have their own characteristics and differences. As more and more people choose electric motorcycle as a means of transportation for daily travel, everyone has higher requirements for the comfort of electric vehicles.

    When buying an electric vehicle, many people are not only concerned about appearance and performance, but also about riding comfort. Compared with the saddle, pedal distance, body proportion and other points that can be subjectively felt during the test drive, it may be possible to experience the shock absorption performance of electric motorcycles and electric scooter after purchase.


    Variety of shock absorber types

    The shock absorption system of electric vehicles can be mainly divided into two categories: front shock absorption and rear shock absorption. The front shock mainly affects the vibration of the handlebar, while the rear shock is directly related to the comfort of the rider’s hips.

    These shock absorption systems can be divided into various types such as spring shock absorption, air pressure shock absorption, and hydraulic shock absorption according to the different structures and working principles.

    • Advantages of air pressure damping

    Air pressure damping is achieved by inflating the airbag. This type of shock absorption adjusts the air pressure inside the airbag according to the rider’s weight and road conditions to achieve the best shock absorption.

    Pneumatic shock absorption has better cushioning performance and higher adaptability than spring shock absorption, so it has been applied in some high-end electric vehicles.

    Variety of shock absorber types

    • The advancement of hydraulic shock absorption

    Hydraulic damping is the absorption of shock energy by the flow of fluid within the motorcycle shock absorber, and it is the most effective in absorbing shocks. The hydraulic damping system automatically adjusts the damping force according to different road conditions and the needs of the rider, providing a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

    However, the structure of hydraulic shock absorption systems is relatively complex and costly, so they are more common in some mid-to-high-end electric vehicles.

    Features of spring shock absorption

    Spring damping is one of the most common types of shock absorption, which uses the elasticity of springs to absorb and cushion the impact of uneven road surfaces.

    Its structure is simple, the cost is low, and the maintenance is convenient, so it is widely used in many cheap electric motorcycles. However, the cushioning effect is relatively limited, and the adaptability to bumpy roads is weak.

    The difference between the front and rear shock absorbers

    • Front shock absorber

    It is mainly responsible for comfort and cushioning the impact caused by braking inertia. Most are hydraulically dampened, and most are non-adjustable.

    • Rear shock absorption

    Actively responsible for bearing and supporting the weight of the riding body. Most of them are hydraulic shock absorbers, very few are not adjustable, mainly to adjust the spring stroke, the shorter the stroke, the harder the shock absorption, the longer the stroke, the softer the shock absorption.

    Springs and dampers

    The shock absorber of electric vehicles is mainly used to suppress the shock and impact from the road surface when the spring rebounds after shock absorption.

    Springs and dampers

    When passing over uneven roads, although the shock absorber spring can filter the vibration of the road surface, the spring itself will also have reciprocating motion, and the shock absorber is used to suppress this spring jump.

    If the shock absorber is too soft (the damping is too small), the body will jump up and down. If the shock absorber is too stiff (too damp), it will cause a lot of drag and prevent the spring from working properly.

    In the process of retrofitting the suspension system, the damper with the greater damping should be matched with the spring with the stiffer, and generally the longer the formation will be matched. The stiffness of the spring is closely related to the weight of the car, so the heavier car generally adopts a damper with greater damping and stroke in addition to the larger spring force value.

    Hardness and comfort

    There is no strict standard for hardness and softness, because everyone’s weight is different, so the softness and hardness of shock absorption can only be experienced by one’s own feelings.

    When pressing the body, I feel that the whole vehicle has large fluctuations, indicating that shock absorption is softer, comfort is better, and it is suitable for urban paved road sections. If you feel that it is difficult to press when pressing the body, it means that shock absorption is stiff.

    Hardness and comfort

    The comfort is poor, but the stability of the vehicle is higher, compared with soft shock absorption, energy savings are improved; it is suitable for long-distance mountain or country roads, and the body is not easy to cause the vehicle to float due to soft shock absorption at high speed or when turning.

    In fact, the comfort of the vehicle can be measured not only by the quality of shock absorption, but also by the design of the car body, seat bag, and tires for motorcycle have an impact on the comfort of the vehicle. But shock absorption is the most important, and the shock absorber is a very durable component. As long as you pay attention to cleaning and maintenance, you can use it for a long time.

    Effect and riding experience

    The impact of different types of damping systems on the riding experience is significant. An excellent shock absorption system can not only reduce the fatigue caused by bumps in the road, but also improve the safety of riding.

    Effect and riding experience

    When choosing an electric vehicle, consumers can choose the right type of shock absorption according to their needs and budget to get the best riding experience.


    The difference in the shock absorption system of electric vehicles is not only reflected in the structure and working principle, but also directly affects the comfort and safety of the rider.

    With the progress of science and technology and the improvement of consumer demand, the shock absorption system of electric vehicles will develop in the direction of more intelligent and efficient in the future. Consumers should fully consider the performance of the shock absorption system when choosing an electric vehicle to ensure the best riding experience.

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