Ultimate introduction of electric scooter and its function

Ultimate introduction of electric scooter and its function
In order to discover the benefits of electric scooters, maintenance tips, and how to choose the right one for needs. This article offers the short, informative guide and the ultimate introduction of electric scooter and its function.
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    When selecting an electric scooter, it’s crucial to consider the specific requirements and preferences. This article offers the short, informative guide and the ultimate introduction of electric scooter and its function.


    What is an electric scooter

    An electric scooter is like a compact, battery-powered vehicle that people ride for short city trips.

    They have a platform to stand on, handlebars to steer like electric mototcycle, and an electric motor to move them forward. They’re famous for their eco-friendliness and convenience, making them an excellent choice for urban commuting.

    What are the main components and essential parameters of electric scooter

    The main components of an electric scooter include:

    Frame: The structural foundation of the scooter, providing support and stability.

    Battery: Powers the electric motor and is crucial for range and performance.

    Electric motor: Drives the scooter and varies in power, affecting speed and performance.

    Wheels: The scooter’s connection to the ground, with size impacting stability and ride quality.

    Brakes: Essential for safety, typically including disc or drum brakes.

    Throttle and controls: Handlebar-mounted controls for acceleration, braking, and speed adjustment.

    Deck: Where the rider stands, with size and material influencing comfort.

    Suspension: Absorbs shocks and impacts for a smoother ride.

    Important parameters to consider when choosing an electric scooter include battery capacity (measured in watt-hours), motor power (usually in watts), top speed (in miles per hour or kilometers per hour), range (how far it can travel on a single charge), loading capacity (maximum rider weight it can support), and folding mechanism (for portability).

    What are the main components and essential parameters of electric scooter

    These factors collectively determine the scooter’s performance and suitability for various needs and preferences.

    How do electric scooters work

    Electric scooters operate by harnessing electrical energy stored in a rechargeable battery. When a rider activates the throttle, it sends an electrical signal to the scooter’s controller, which regulates the power flow to an electric motor.

    This motor is typically located near one of the wheels and converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, propelling the scooter forward. You can adjust the throttle to control the speed of the vehicle.

    When they want to slow down or stop, they engage the brakes, which can be either mechanical (like disc brakes) or regenerative, converting some kinetic energy back into electricity for recharging the battery.

    The scooter’s wheels and tires provide traction and support, and the frame and deck offer a sturdy platform for the rider.

    What are the common types and models of electric scooter

    Common types and models of electric scooters include electric mopeds like BENLG product BENLG FALCON 1.

    BENLG-FALCON-1 Electric Scooter
    BENLG-FALCON-1 Electric Scooter
    • Commuter scooters, off-road models.
    BENLG-Rainbow Electric Scooter-2
    BENLG-Rainbow Electric Scooter
    • Kids’ options and shared scooters from services.
    • High-performance models are available for those seeking speed and range.

    The choice depends on needs, whether commuting, leisure, or off-road adventures.

    How fast an electric scooter rides

    Electric scooters come with varying speeds that depend on their model and specifications.

    Electric scooters for urban commuting typically have a top speed of 15-20 mph (24-32 km/h).

    How fast an electric scooter rides

    High-performance electric scooters can reach over 40mph (64km/h).

    In contrast, smaller and more affordable models may have a top speed of 10-15 mph (16-24 kph).

    The specific speed will depend on the scooter’s motor power and design.

    Do electric scooters last long

    • Quality

    High-quality scooters tend to last longer due to better materials and construction.

    • Maintenance

    Regular upkeep, such as bolt checks, lubrication, and battery care, can extend the scooter’s life.

    • Battery life

    Lithium-ion batteries typically last 5-7 years, depending on use and care.

    • Usage

    Frequent and long rides can accelerate wear and tear on scooter components.

    • Environment

    Extreme weather conditions, like heavy rain or heat, can impact the scooter’s durability.

    • Brand

    Reputable brands often offer more durable scooters with longer lifespans.

    • Replacement parts

    Easy access to replacement parts can prolong usability by allowing repairs when needed.

    • User care

    Gentle handling, avoiding overloading, and proper storage can contribute to a longer scooter lifespan.

    What are the benefits of electric scooter

    • Eco-friendly

    Electric scooters produce zero emissions, contributing to cleaner air and a reduced carbon footprint.

    • Cost-efficient

    They are a cost-effective option for short-distance commuting, saving money on fuel and maintenance compared to cars.

    • Convenience

    Electric scooters are compact, elegant, and easy to navigate through traffic and crowded city streets, making commuting more convenient.

    • Low operating costs

    Fewer moving parts require less maintenance, resulting in lower operating costsIn addition, electric scooters are not like traditional transportation vehicles, which cost a lot of fuel costs.

    • Quiet operation

    Electric scooters run quietly, reducing noise pollution in urban areas and creating a more peaceful environment.

    • Reduced traffic congestion

    Electric scooters help alleviate traffic congestion during peak hours by offering an alternative to cars.

    • Health benefits

    Riding them can be a form of exercise, promoting physical fitness and well-being. Most models require long-term standing when used, it encourages outdoor activity and less sedentary commuting.

    How to charge an electric scooter

    Power off the scooter: Use the key or power button to turn off the scooter.

    Locate the charging port: Find the charging port on scooter, usually near the rear wheel or under the deck.

    Plug in the charger: Connect the charger to a standard electrical outlet.

    Connect the charger: Insert the plug into the scooter’s charging port.

    How to charge an electric scooter

    Observe the charging indicator: Watch for the indicator light to show that the scooter is charging.

    Charging time: Let it charge fully (time varies based on battery capacity and charger).

    Monitor the charging: Check periodically for issues.

    Full charge: Indicator changes (color, turns off, or displays “fully charged”).

    What is the difference between electric scooter and normal scooter

    Aspect Electric scooter Normal (Gasoline-powered) scooter
    Propulsion Electric motor powered by a battery Internal combustion engine running on gasoline
    Emissions Zero emissions, environmentally friendly Emits pollutants and greenhouse gases
    Noise Quiet operation Engine noise can be loud
    Maintenance Lower maintenance costs Regular maintenance required
    Operating costs Cheaper to operate Higher fuel and maintenance costs
    Speed Limited by battery capacity and BMS design Higher top speeds
    Range Limited by battery capacity Typically, a more extended range with a full tank
    Fueling infrastructure Requires access to electricity Requires access to gas stations
    Weight Lightweight, easier to maneuver Heavier and bulkier

    Is the electric scooter worth it

    Electric scooters can be worth it, depending on needs and circumstances. They’re generally cost-effective for short urban commutes due to low operating costs. 

    They’re eco-friendly and quiet, reducing pollution and noise. However, their suitability depends on range and speed, which can vary among models. Assess commuting needs, budget, and local regulations to determine if an electric scooter is a practical and economical choice.

    How to maintain an electric scooter

    Like electric dirt bikes, maintaining an electric scooter is essential for its longevity and performance. Here’s a brief guide:

    Regular cleaning: Prevent damage from dirt and debris.

    Tire care: Check and replace damaged tires promptly.

    Brake inspection: Replace worn brake pads as needed.

    Battery care: Follow the manufacturer’s charging/storage recommendations.

    How to maintain an electric scooter

    Bolt tightening: Regularly check and tighten bolts, nuts, and screws.

    Lubrication: Reduce friction by lubricating moving parts.

    Electronics: Keep electrical connections clean and secure.

    Safety check: Ensure lights, horn, and brakes work.

    Storage: Store in a dry, safe place away from extreme conditions.

    Professional maintenance: Periodic professional servicing for complex issues.

    How to choose the best electric scooter

    • Determine intended use.
    • Match the scooter’s range and speed to needs.
    • Check battery life, weight capacity, and portability.
    • Look for durability, suspension, and braking.
    • Consider safety features and price.
    • Read reviews and consider local regulations.
    • Trust reputable manufacturers with warranties.

    Are electric scooters safe

    Electric scooters can be safe when used responsibly. However, riders must wear helmets, follow traffic rules, and be cautious in various conditions. Proper maintenance and adherence to local regulations are essential for safety. As one of the top 10 electric scooter manufacturers, BENLG is ready to solve the problems and offer excellent service.

    Can electric scooters be customized

    You can customize certain aspects of electric scooters by choosing a professional electric scooter manufacturer, such as handlebars, grips, lights, tires, suspension, batteries, deck graphics, seats, accessories, controllers, displays, and fenders, almost all compoents can be customized and mass-produced on request.

    Request a quote for your customized electric scooters. The available customization options may differ based on the manufacturer and model of the scooter. Or it’s convenient to contact us for suitable plan, we also make electric tricycle.

    How do you choose an electric scooter manufacturer

    Choosing the proper electric scooter manufacturer is crucial to getting a quality product. Follow these steps:

    • When choosing an electric scooter manufacturer, research reputable brands with various models.
    • Look for quality and durability, focusing on battery technology and safety features.
    • Consider warranty coverage and customer support availability.
    • Lastly, ensure the scooters comply with local regulations and fit the budget.


    FAQ about electric scooter

    The safe age for an electric scooter typically varies by local regulations and the specific scooter model.

    In many places, electric scooters are not recommended for children under the age of 16 due to safety concerns. Younger riders may need to gain the necessary skills and judgment to navigate traffic and control the scooter safely.

    Safety between electric scooters and bikes depends on various factors. Electric scooters are slower and have a lower center of gravity, potentially reducing accident severity.

    Bikes with better visibility and lower speeds may have their safety advantages. However, the overall safety primarily hinges on responsible rider behavior, adherence to traffic rules, and local road conditions.

    Electric scooters are generally easy to ride, even for beginners. They typically have simple controls, including a throttle and brake, making them user-friendly.

    There may be a learning curve for those unfamiliar with riding scooters or similar devices.


    Electric scooters offer a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation, suitable for short urban commutes. However, their lifespan varies based on factors like maintenance and usage patterns.

    Invest in a professional e-scooter manufacturer, follow regular maintenance, and use it within recommended limits to get the most out of an electric scooter. When selecting an electric scooter, it’s crucial to consider the specific requirements and preferences.

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