Electric scooter for adults makes city travel easier

Electric scooter for adults make city travel easier
Electric scooter for adults can become easier and easier to get around in busy cities. Problems such as road congestion, bus and subway congestion, and difficulty in parking cars are annoying. At this time, it becomes ideal for urban mobility.
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    In busy cities, travel becomes increasingly difficult. Road congestion, bus and subway congestion, car parking difficulties and other problems make people feel annoyed.

    At this time, the electric scooter for adults with its light, fast, environmental protection and other advantages, has become the ideal choice for urban travel. And as the top 10 electric scooter manufacturers in China, Benlg is always the one that has won the good reputation.


    What is electric scooter for adults

    Adult electric scooter is a new type of short-distance travel tool that integrates the advantages of electric vehicles and scooters.

    It adopts advanced motor and control systems, which have the advantages of environmental protection, high efficiency and economy. At the same time, it can also be folded for easy portability, and easily shuttles through the streets of the city.

    How about electric scooter for adults

    Electric scooter for adults is a new type of travel tool, its advantages and disadvantages are obvious, the following for everyone to analyze:

    The advantages of electric scooter for adults

    • Easy to carry

    Small size, light weight, and can be folded. The size of the electric scooter is generally small, the body is generally made of aluminum alloy structure, with light and portable characteristics.

    Compared to electric motorcycle, the electric scooter can be easily loaded into the trunk of the car, or carried to the subway, bus, etc., and can be combined with other means of transportation. It is very convenient.

    • Efficient travel

    Although cycling can only be done in some areas, when visiting parks and attractions, riding an electric scooter is much more efficient than walking, and it saves effort.

    Electric scooters generally use permanent magnet synchronous motors or brushless DC motors, which have large motor output, high efficiency, low noise, and are much faster than shared bicycles.

    • Easy to use

    No additional learning is required, you can walk on it, and you can ride like a regular scooter even without batteries.

    How about electric scooter for adults

    • Fashionable appearance

    The appearance of the electric scooter is very fashionable and the appearance is high. Electric scooters are loved by everyone, in addition to styling, there are many advantages:

    • Environmental protection

    It can meet the needs of low-carbon travel, compared to cars, there is no need to worry about urban traffic jams, parking difficulties and other problems.

    • High economy

    Electric scooters are powered by lithium batteries, which have long batteries and low energy consumption.

    Limitations of electric scooter for adults

    It can only be used in some places such as communities, attractions, parks, etc., and is not allowed on the road.  Electric scooters have higher requirements for the terrain.

    If the road surface is not particularly flat, the ride will not be very comfortable, and the suspension is poor. During the ride, because it is standing, the center of gravity is high, which makes it easy to fall.

    What makes electric scooters for adults a short-range commute

    All kinds of electric scooters

    One piece frame structure, designed in a minimalist style. The handlebars can be designed as curved or straight to show the curved beauty of the combined assembly.

    After folding, the electric scooter is a “one-line” structure, which can present a simple and beautiful structure after folding on the one hand, and is easy to carry on the other hand.

    Our adult electric scooter is made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, which has a stylish appearance, compact structure, stable and reliable quality.

    What makes electric scooter for adults a short-range commute

    It adopts imported motor and control systems, which have excellent power performance and stability, and it also has a variety of safety protection measures to ensure the safety of cyclists.

    The development of cities and the acceleration of the pace of life have made people’s travel needs increasingly diversified. We hope that with our adult electric scooters, we will provide a more relaxed, convenient and environmentally friendly option for urban travel, and make urban life better.

    In addition, some scooters are also equipped with an electronic anti-lock braking system. The system detects the wheel speed by sensing the wheel speed sensor, and if it detects that the wheel is locked in a locked state, it automatically controls the braking force size of the locked wheel to make it in a rolling and sliding state (the side slip rate is about 20%), ensuring the safety of the owner of the electric scooter.

    How to buy an electric scooter for adults

    There are many electric scooter for adults products on the market, so how to choose a folding electric scooter for adults?

    • Body hardware configuration

    Excluding the factors of the user himself and the use environment, from the point of view of software and hardware alone, there are four key points that affect endurance: battery capacity, motor power, motor control mode, and tires:

    • Battery

    The battery has the greatest impact on battery life, and it is highly recommended to buy an electric scooter that uses imported batteries. The battery conversion rate and energy density are higher, that is, the imported cell capacity is larger under the same volume and weight.

    • Motor

    The power is not as large as possible, too big waste, too small is not enough, and the power selection of the hub motor is also related to the wheel diameter, speed, torque.

    How to buy an electric scooter for adults

    • Tires

    The active wheel has high friction, and the driven wheel has high endurance if the friction is small, and vice versa.

    • Speed-wise

    An electric scooter for adults does not need too high a speed. After all, it is not a product suitable for pursuing speed, small wheel diameter, short handling reaction time, long braking distance.

    Under the premise of ensuring safety, it is recommended that the maximum speed should not exceed 25km/h, and the limit should not exceed 30km/h.

    • Shock absorption performance

    The shock absorption performance of electric scooters depends mainly on the tires, the larger the tire (tire width is higher than 40), the better the shock absorption. In addition, there are electric scooters with three-wheeled designs on the market, but relatively flexible, safer and cheaper to operate.

    • Folding method

    The two most popular folding methods are column folding and pedal front folding, which are more recommended to choose column folding, because the force on the column position is smaller than that of the pedal.

    Also the folding requirements can be met with relatively light structural materials, and the wheel position will not be changed after folding, and it can be placed on the ground normally without shaking.

    Use guidelines of electric scooter for adults

    Before using an electric scooter for adults, ensure that safety measures are taken, such as checking whether the braking performance of the vehicle is normal, whether the handle and other parts are loose, and wearing helmets, knee pads and other protective gear.

    The weight of the user shall not exceed the maximum load indicated by the scooter, nor can it be lower than the minimum weight indicated. In addition, do not hang items on the handle during the gliding process, and it is best not to hang items that are easy to shake yourself.

    • During the taxiing process, a certain safety distance should be kept from others to allow for reaction time for accidents to avoid collisions.
    • Staying focused while gliding, being alert to what’s ahead and keeping a good eye view helps you glide the electric scooter for adults safely.
    • Avoid sliding on obstructed and slippery ground, such as snow, ice, slippery ground, etc.

    Guidelines for the use of electric scooter for adults

    • Sliding with your legs relaxed and your knees slightly bent allows you to absorb shocks when you hit uneven ground and make it easier to maintain balance.
    • It is best to wear clothing suitable for gliding, and clothes should be buttoned up to avoid accidents caused by the hook of clothes floating in the gliding on other people and objects.
    • Only one person can glide while taxiing, and no one else can be carried.
    • Always control the speed of the car, ensure your own safety, and avoid poor control endangering the safety of others.
    • It is recommended not to charge frequently, do not charge for a long time, and unplug the charger when it is fully charged.
    • Choose the charger carefully. It is best to choose the charger of the same manufacturer where the product was purchased.

    If the product has accidentally fallen or been hit by a heavy object, do not rush to charge, be sure to check whether the shell of the product has cracks or deformation.

    Whether there is loose and abnormal noise inside, pay special attention to whether the shell temperature is abnormal when charging, so as to avoid accidents caused by internal circuits and battery damage. If there is any question about electric scooter for adults, we as one of the top 10 electric motorcycle manufacturers is ready to offer help.


    Choosing a two-wheeled scooter can bring portability and convenience to the user, and the two-wheeler requires more balance than an electric tricycle, but the advantage is that it can make faster and sporty turns, increasing overall mobility.

    Adult electric scooters are more portable and convenient, but also have higher requirements for cyclists’ physical strength and balance.

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