Electric off road motorcycle – the future of green riding thrills

Electric off road motorcycle - the future of green riding thrills
For decades, the off road motorbikes have been powered by gas engines but the era of sustainability powered by electric thrille and power is here. This article focuses on the charm of electric off road motorcycle.
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    Off road riding is one of the most amazing ways of experiencing nature and adventure. This comprehensive article discusses everything about electric off road motorcycle.


    What is an electric off road motorcycle

    Electric off road motorcycle is electrically driven instead of gas-powered like traditional off road motorcycle. As such, these vehicles have batteries and electric motors instead of fuel tanks and combustion engines.

    These days, many gas dirt bike models have been upgraded to run on battery power to suit different riding styles and preferences. Electric motorbikes generate instant and powerful torque without any revving up of the machine.

    They are also very quiet out on the trails because they do not exhaust. Environmental friendliness is also an attribute of electric power which reduces the noise and air pollution in natural settings.

    What is an electric off road motorcycle

    In general, the electric motorcycle merges green technology and tough off road for thrill seekers who care about eco-friendliness.

    The main components of electric off road motorcycle

    Electric off road motorcycles have a few key parts that differ from gas models:

    • Batteries: Instead of a gas tank, e-motorbikes have a lithium-ion battery pack that stores electricity to power the bike. Quality and capacity vary.
    • Electric motor: The motor converts battery electricity into a kinetic movement to turn the wheels. Choice of brushless vs. brushed impacts torque.
    • Controller: This regulates how much power gets from the battery to the motor. It acts like an accelerator.
    • Charger: Converts household AC electricity into DC to charge the batteries when not riding. Faster is better.

    Beyond these electrical components, much of the chassis, suspension, brakes, and structure resemble traditional motorbikes built for rugged trails. Combining new electric powertrain technology with proven off road components produces exciting motorcycle bikes ready for adventure.

    What is the range of the electric off road motorcycle

    One consideration with electric powertrains is range, that is how far you can ride between charges. The range of the electric dirt bike depends on battery capacity, battery discharge current, motor efficiency, and riding styles. Typically, a model ride will last between one to four hours, a higher speed burns more.

    For example, some of the basic models of electric trail bikes may be limited to a range of about 30 to 50 miles. The higher-end models can drive between 70 to even more than 100 miles on one charge.

    What is the range of the electric off road motorcycle

    Similarly, rider weight, terrain, and use of accessories also affect mile range. Fortunately, electricity is convenient to replenish practically anywhere with an outlet.

    Improving battery technology means the range can increase over time. And for the average recreational rider, 30-50 miles is often sufficient for hitting local trails before heading back home to recharge.

    How fast will an electric off road motorcycle go

    Electric motors provide abundant low-end torque, allowing electric dirt bikes to accelerate rapidly from a standstill. While gas models ultimately achieve higher top speeds, electric motorcycles still impress with brisk acceleration up to 50-60 mph.

    This spunky powerband gives them great capabilities for trails, where rapidly navigating terrain and technical sections is more important than hitting extremely high speeds.

    Peak motor output varies substantially by model, from mild to wild. Some youth and beginner bikes purposely have lower power for predictability.

    While high-performance electric models rival gas-powered bikes with 60+ hp and outrageous torque figures allowing wheelies and jumps – perfect for experienced riders wanting maximum excitement.

    The difference between electric off road motorcycle and the traditional one

    Electric motorcycles may seem dramatic shift from gas, but they offer familiar ride – some electric features.

    The difference between electric off road motorcycle and the traditional one

    Like electric tricycle, they run electrically and are quiet to operate, enabling riders to experience nature more closely and avoiding disturbing wildlife. Also, they have no emission and in line with environmental friendly.

    Additionally, like electric motorcycles, they hardly vibrate, making them less in need of mechanical maintenance. The gas models have longer ranges and faster top speeds, and refueling a gas tank is however faster than recharging a battery.

    Moreover, in cold weather, gas bikes also warm up quickly. In the long run, electric and gas dirt bikes would each have their strength that would attract different groups of people.

    How to customize your electric off the motorcycle

    Electric off-road motorcycle can be customized to perfectly suit demands and applications. This might mean upgrading the suspension, adding protective accessories, or fine-tuning performance with electronic controls.

    Electric off road motorcycle retain all the modification potential of gas bikes in the chassis and handling components. And their unique electrical systems also offer opportunities to improve performance:

    • Battery upgrades: Install higher-capacity lithium batteries for longer ride times.
    • Custom tuning: Reprogram controllers for faster acceleration or higher top speeds.
    • New motors: Increase torque and power with a larger electric motor.
    • Charging: Add fast charging ports and equipment to reduce downtime between rides.
    • Accessories: Install LED lights, specialty tires, upgraded brake pads and rotors, and more.

    Work with reputable electric motorcycle manufacturers if attempting complex electrical system modifications to ensure safety and compatibility. Benlg offer nearly endless customization flexibility for electric off road motorcycle.

    What to look for when buying an electric off road motorcycle

    With so many electric dirt bike models available from various manufacturers, it helps to assess a few key factors when choosing one:

    What to look for when buying an electric off road motorcycle

    • Budget

    Prices range from around $2,000 for cheap bikes to as high as $15,000 for elite performance models. The wholesale price offered by the manufacturer will be cheaper.

    • Power

    Power output as well as a mode of distribution. Can it be customized for the riders with differing skills? The peak output ranged from mild (below 10 hp) to very powerful (over 60 hp).

    • Range

    Consider what’s normal for ride times and distances in order to calculate sufficient battery range. From 30-100+ miles per charge.

    • Suspension travel

    More suspension travel means being able to “swallow” bigger hits. For rough terrain, get 7-ince models or higher.

    • Weight

    They are around 100-300 lbs. (Weight). While lighter models are easier to maneuver, they often come at the expense of stability or battery capacity.

    • Manufacturer quality

    Established motorcycle companies such as Benlg, Husqvarna, and Beta have electric dirt bike models of great quality and performance.

    How to choose the right electric motorcycle manufacturer

    As electric vehicles surge in popularity, more manufacturers are expanding into electric dirt bikes to meet rising demand. But not all manufacturers offer high quality motorcycles that suit needs.When comparing top electric motorcycle companies, look for:

    • Proven off road heritage: Brands known for tough gas bikes usually excel at electric too.
    • Specialized e-bike models: Avoid companies only offering electric versions of tame trail bikes unfit for intense use.
    • Performance orientation: Torque should be as good as that of gasoline counterpart.
    • Quality components: Details make the difference between name-brand batteries and adjustable suspension and durability.
    • Customer support: After sales services like warranties, repair assistance, and upgrade instructions ensure satisfaction over a long period.
    • Field testing: Try out demo bikes on local trails rather than just believing marketing claims. And authentic reviews are often more effective.

    Trusted industry leaders known for high-performance gas motorbikes usually deliver the most rugged and well-supported electric off road motorcycle.

    Why Benlg is the best electric motorcycle supplier

    Here at electric motorcycle manufacturers in China, we focus on high-performance electric vehicles specially designed for off road adventure. Our e-bike range offers ground-up engineering excellence.

    We only use premium components suspensions in bikes tested extensively under punishing real-world conditions before market release.

    Why Benlg is the best electric motorcycle supplier

    Riders consistently praise the instant power delivery combined with plush suspension travel that lets Benlg electric off road motorcycle fly over even the most demanding wilderness trails.

    The ultra-quiet power comes without any loss of speed, range, or reliability compared to gas equivalents. Plus, our convenient battery modularity enables fast swaps for all-day driving.

    Benlg bikes also feature weatherproof metal construction to withstand years of rugged use while looking great with customizable graphics. Our worldwide sale network provides purchasers with support from ride planning to maintenance to accessories integration and after-sales assistance.

    At Benlg, we’re dedicated solely to pushing electric off road motorcycle technology to the limits so environmentally conscious adventure seekers can ride powerful, sustainable bikes without compromise. Test ride one of our award-winning electric dirt bikes locally and quickly discover the future of off road fun!

    FAQs about electric off road motorcycle

    Electric motorcycle pricing has dropped substantially in recent years as technology keeps improving. Entry-level electric dirt bikes now start around $2,000-$3,000, on par with cheaper gas-powered trail bikes.

    High-performance electric models range from $7,000 up to $15,000 for elite superbikes laden with advanced components and features.

    Reasons to go electric include:

    • Environmental friendliness
    • Lower noise helps preserve the peacefulness of nature
    • Less maintenance without engine or exhaust upkeep
    • Provide torquey acceleration and aggressive trail handling

    Of course, gas models still hold advantages too in areas like refueling times, range, and top speed. Ultimately needs and priorities determine whether electric suits the needs.

    Laws for riding electric motorcycles on public roads, sidewalks, and trails vary significantly between states, counties, and cities. Generally, they are legal on trails specifically designated for off-highway vehicle (OHV) usage, which you should research locally.

    Electric motorcycles resembling dirt bikes may not meet requirements for street-legal operations regarding aspects like lighting, tires, emissions, and registration.

    So unless specifically permitted, assume electric dirt bikes are for off road and closed-course use only. Consider a dual sport model instead if seeking a street-legal electric motorcycle.


    In this article, the main parts of the electric off road motorcycle are examined, discusses the most efficient capabilities of the electric motorcycle, differentiates between the electric motorcycle and gas model, and the ideal motorcycle. Benlg is one of the most reputable manufacturers in the market.

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