Electric motorcycle conversion kit – transform your ride

Electric motorcycle conversion kit - transform your ride - 副本
An electric motorcycle conversion kit make it works that change the gas engine with a battery-powered electric drivetrain and deliver faster acceleration and torque without producing emissions. It has many advantages.
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    An electric motorcycle conversion kit enables you to convert your conventional gas-powered motorcycle to an electric drivetrain. This makes all these advantages possible with electric vehicles, which include low operating costs, low maintenance, and environmental benefits.

    This is a complete manual for electric motorcycle conversion.


    What is an electric motorcycle conversion kit

    An electric motorcycle conversion kit may consist of an electric motor, a controller, batteries, wiring harnesses, and any other hardware that will be required to electrify your motorcycle.

    Kits allow you to change your gas engine with an electric drivetrain powered by batteries. These electric motorcycles convert and provide faster acceleration and torque without producing emissions.

    Main components of an electric motorcycle conversion kit

    An electric motorcycle conversion kit contains several key components:

    • Rear motor

    This electric motor for bicycle replaces your gas engine to drive the rear wheel. Instant throttle response from high-efficiency, high-torque electric motors.

    • Controller

    Controls the flow of power from the battery to the motor. It allows you to vary speed progressively with minimum drainage of your battery.

    • Batteries

    Lithium batteries are used to store energy which powers the motor. A vehicle’s battery should be able to offer great range while keeping its weight low.

    Main components of an electric motorcycle conversion kit

    • Wiring harnesses

    Wiring harnesses interconnect all the electric components neatly. They should be plug-and-play for easy installation.

    Other parts, such as chargers, gauges, and mounting hardware could also be included. Full electric conversions are provided in premium kits.

    Range of an electric converted motorcycle

    The range of the electric converted motorcycle or electric scooter depends on battery capacity, output power, and the rider’s style. With a sufficient battery pack, ranges extend up to 100 miles.

    In this regard, powerful performance may slightly reduce the distance traveled. Proper throttle use for better range of battery. They are small but can store a lot of energy and weight is a factor.

    Speed capabilities of electric conversions

    Instant torque through electric motors makes for great acceleration. The performance level you choose will enable your electric motorcycles to exceed 60 mph.

    There may be slower top speeds in beginner kits than in the higher-end kits for fast riding. Maximum speed is also determined by gearing and wheel sizes. Speed capabilities can be custom-tuned.

    The difference between electric and gas motorcycles

    Electric motorcycles differ from gas motorcycles in a few key ways:

    The difference between electric and gas motorcycles

    • Instant torque gives a fantastic start-line acceleration.
    • There is no changing of gears; speed depends on the throttle.
    • charging batteries rather than refueling gas.
    • Zero emissions for environmental benefits.
    • A more silent electric motor instead of a noisy gas engine.

    Enthusiasts who want customized, environmentally friendly, and exciting-performing vehicles may go for electric conversion.

    What to look for when buying an electric motorcycle conversion kit

    When selecting an electric motorcycle conversion kit, key factors to consider include:

    • Power motor and torque required for your speed/acceleration.
    • Battery capacity for ample range.
    • Features such as regen braking, and traction control.
    • This means fewer additional parts will be required.
    • The reputable brands’ warranties and support policies
    • You need to be able to work with your particular motorcycle model.
    • Read customer reviews and research about brand reliability to pick a satisfying kit.

    How to customize the electric motorcycle by using electric motorcycle conversion kit

    On the part of the motorcycle conversion, flexibility in customization is the benefit. You can either go for higher-capacity batteries to get more range or install components for extra power and speed. Other modifications include:

    How to customize the electric motorcycle by using electric motorcycle conversion kit

    • Performance gearing for faster acceleration
    • Sharp handling with custom wheels, tires, and suspensions.
    • Styling personalization through aftermarket parts such as lighting or gauges.
    • Adjustable controllers to fine-tune performance parameters.

    The ultimate customized electric motorcycle comes with components and settings that you can experiment with.

    Choosing the right conversion kit company

    There are many new electric motorcycle conversion kit companies cropping up. When selecting a supplier, key factors include:

    • Expertise in EV components and system integration.
    • Quality electric motors and quality battery options.
    • Responsive, customizable programmable controllers
    • Comprehensive customer support and service
    • Brand reputation and positive customer reviews.
    • Complete kits to individual parts for flexible purchasing options.

    Benlg moves beyond other manufacturers to provide highly efficient, reliable conversion kits that perfectly suit your motorcycle. Find out why Benlg is your number-one supplier of electric motorbike conversion parts.

    Why Benlg is the best OEM and ODM service provider

    Benlg is a company that focuses on high-performance, reliable, and simple electric motorcycle technology. Moreover, OEM and ODM services are available, which has won tremendous support from our partners. Benefits of choosing Benlg as the most reliable cooperative partner include:

    Why Benlg is the best OEM and ODM service provider

    • High-powered, high-efficiency electric motors for range and weight efficiency.
    • Custom performance tuning of waterproof programmable controllers.
    • We supply lasting energy from name-brand lithium cells.
    • Modular components work with almost any motorcycle model.
    • Installation with pre-wired harnesses.
    • The services are responsive, and they include customer care and tech support.

    Benlg electric motorcycle enable you to transform your current motorcycle or construct a custom electric bike with any preferred powertrain. Call or email our conversion expert and start building your dream electric motorcycle today.

    Most of them are first-time buyers who have a multitude of queries regarding the procedures and parts that are associated with an electric conversion. Here is how we respond to some of the frequently asked questions.

    FAQs about electric motorcycle conversion kit

    Improved EV technology and economies of scale have made conversion kits cheaper. You can save more money in the lifetime of your motorcycle in conversions if you take fueling and maintaining costs as a discount.

    Riding with conversions is both eco-friendly and thrilling. Electric motors are known for their instant torque which in turn translates to unprecedented acceleration abilities.

    It is customizable and retains the familiar handling of your existing bike. The advancement of battery technology means that electric vehicles will become more popular over time for their performance and convenience.

    The registration, licensing, and equipment laws differ from region to region as far as electric motorcycles are concerned. Some areas offer registration guidelines for converted cars.

    Make sure that you follow any electric motorcycle laws applicable in your riding place before you convert your bike. Benlg team can advise on legal policies regarding electric vehicles.


    An electric motorcycle conversion kit makes possible low operating costs, low maintenance and environmental benefits.

    Finding the right manufacturer is extremely important, having their own production line and factory and a good reputation are the basic criteria. Self-developed technologies and certifications are a further option.

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