Definition and action analysis of electric motor brake

Definition and action analysis of electric motor brake
The electric motor brake is a common additional device of the motor, which is fast and accurate in positioning, and is used for automatic intelligent control equipment requiring accurate positioning. The quality of the electric motor brake ensures safety when driving.
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    The electric motor brake is a commonly used auxiliary device for the motor. There are two types of braking: energized braking and power-loss braking.


    What is an electric motor brake

    The electric braking method is fast and accurate in positioning and is used for automatic intelligent control equipment requiring accurate positioning, but the application has certain limitations.

    The power loss braking method is widely used, and the mechanical transmission system with positioning and braking requirements is widely used. If there is any question, contact Benlg please.

    What is an electric motor brake

    In addition to the advantages of easy control and fast braking speed, the power loss electric motor brake means that the equipment can be safely braked in the event of an accidental power failure, ensuring the safety of people and facilities.

    Working principle of electric motor brake

    The electric motor brake is mainly composed of a magnetic choke, armature, connecting plate, spring, friction disc, gear sleeve, and other parts equipped with coils. The spring is mounted on a magnetic spring, and the armature can move along the axis.

    The magnetic choke is fixed to the frame by the mounting screw, and the clearance is adjusted. After the specified value does not move, the gear sleeve is connected with the drive shaft through the key, and the outer teeth of the gear sleeve engage with the inner teeth of the friction disk.When the coil is powered off, under the action of spring force, the friction disc and the armature, the frame (or coupling plate) generates friction and brake the drive shaft through the gear sleeve.

    When the coil is energized, under the action of electromagnetic force, the armature is attracted to the magnetic choke, so that the friction disc is loosened and the brake is released like an electric motor for bicycle.

    Operating conditions of the electric motor brake

    • The relative humidity of the surrounding air is not more than 85% (20±5°C)
    • In the surrounding medium, there is no gas or dust sufficient to corrode metal and destroy insulation.
    • Class B insulation is used around the brake, and the voltage fluctuation does not exceed +5% and -15% of the rated voltage. Its working mode is the continuous working system installation control requirements.

    Operating conditions of the electric motor brake

    • When installing, the coordination accuracy of the drive shaft and brake should be ensured.
    • The brake must be cleaned before installation, and there must be no oil or dust on the friction surface or inside the brake.
    • Gear sleeve must be axially fixed.

    What’s the advantages of electric motor brake

    • Compact structure: The size is small, but the braking torque is large enough.
    • Rapid response: The projectile storage device forms braking torque, and the projectile reset time is the braking response time.
    • Long life: The new friction material determines the performance of high life.

    How to maintain an electric motor brake correctly

    After the brake is used for a period of time, due to the wear of friction parts, it is necessary to adjust the clearance value by adjusting screws, nuts, adjusting sleeves, etc., to make it meet the specified value. The friction surface should always be kept clean and free of impurities.

    Notes of the installation of electric motor brake

    Here are the notes from benlg electric motorcycle:

    Brake and motor share power supply to ensure that the motor and brake have both power supply and power loss.

    In view of the characteristics of both power supply and power loss, it is necessary to ensure the consistency of the rated voltage of the two.

    Notes of the installation of motor brake

    The brake can only lose power at the rated voltage and release the brake control. Once the voltage is low, the motor can not start, and the electric machine will burn. Therefore, the motor installed with the brake must ensure that it starts at full pressure.

    For the short circuit test of the motor, due to the low pressure (such as in a 380V three-phase asynchronous motor, the pressure is generally 100V), it is not necessary to meet the static state requirements of the motor.

    The clearance of the brake disc is generally adjusted at the factory, and the clearance compliance should be verified after the brake installation, and the conformity determination should be carried out through the inspection test.

    The brake connection should be reliable, and its connector should be installed under the motor connection fixing nut together with the motor stator connector to ensure that the customer’s connection will not affect its original connection reliability. 

    Cause analysis of the electric motor brake failure

    • The brake cannot be released after power-on: Possible causes include coil damage, the power supply not being switched on, or the voltage is insufficient. The work gap is too large to close.
    • Brake brake torque is not enough: motor speed is too high; motor load is too large; friction surface has impurities or damage; insufficient spring elasticity or failure
    • Brake heating: the friction plate slips due to overload; the supply voltage is insufficient.
      Electric motorcycle brake replacement method and precautions

    Cause analysis of the motor brake failure

    Electric cars help you drive, but you can’t stop without brakes. You can only control when to run and when to stop. Electric cars without brakes are dangerous.
    Electric vehicle brakes are roughly divided into holding brakes, lifting brakes, drum brakes and disc brakes.

    ● Holding brake

    The braking principle of the lock brake is to hold the wheel hub tightly from the outside to the inside. The brake is mechanically operated.

    ● Lifting brake

    The braking principle of the ascending brake is to brake from the inside out, pull the brake line, and only one side of the brake rapidly expands to achieve the braking effect. The braking effect is good, and it is widely used in electric bicycles, but it is inevitable to use it to a certain extent.

    ● Replacement method

    • Spray rust remover on the screw to be removed.
    • Rust is inevitable for a long time. Forced removal can result in laborious thread breakage.
    • Remove screws and gaskets at will to facilitate installation.
      Tap the brake disc. Don’t change the brake because it’s easy. If the brake disc is not round for a long time, it will cause damage to the brake pad.
    • Do not use brute force when knocking, it is easy to smash the aluminum cover of the motor.
    • When installing, apply a small amount of lubricating oil to the rocker arm on the side of the rising brake, and remember that the brake pad is strictly prohibited from oil, so as to avoid rust and inflexible return shortly after use.
    • The gap inside and outside the brake should be moderate, and the gap should be adjusted using gaskets.
    • The screws holding the brake motor shaft must be tightened, otherwise, the electric motor brake will cause locking and dropping.
    • Debug the brake to prevent rolling resistance and check that the electric motor brake is switched off. Parts that are not powered off are easily damaged and unsafe for people to ride.

    ● Drum brake

    The brake principle of a drum brake is to open the brake line or brake rod, and the two brakes are opened at the same time, close to the brake ring, so as to achieve the braking effect.

    ● Disc brake

    The brake principle of the disc brake is to use hydraulic oil to push the brake pad to friction stainless steel plate for braking, and the brake fluid of the disc brake needs to be replaced for a period of time.


    The quality of the electric motor brake determines the safety behavior on the road to ensure that it is safe to drive. The brake cannot be applied. Please repair it in time. For your own safety and the protection of the electric tricycle, the electric motor brake plays an important role.

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