Electric cargo tricycle – the first choice for stable load

Electric cargo tricycle - the first choice for stable load
Electric cargo tricycles provide a lot of convenience for people to travel, and their advantages and disadvantages can be accurately judged from battery capacity, motor power, frame, and tires. Benlg will continue to build better models in the future.
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    In the process of using an electric tricycle, in addition to their own configuration, they are also related to speed and load.

    So, what is the fastest range of an electric cargo tricycle when it maintains a speed and how much load does it have? In fact, the load is less than half of the maximum load, and the electric cargo tricycle has the longest range.


    How fast can an electric cargo tricycle go

    • First, consider the battery configuration

    In general, by maintaining a stable speed, the energy consumption of the vehicle will be reduced to a minimum, and the vehicle will last longer on a single charge.

    • Secondly, think about the motor configuration

    Generally speaking, the faster the electric cargo tricycle, the faster the vehicle’s motor and other configurations will run, and the higher the vehicle’s energy consumption.

    However, if the vehicle is too slow, it will also affect the practical application. For example, the sense of experience and actual efficiency will decrease. What is the best speed per hour?

    How fast can an electric cargo tricycle go

    According to the test data, the electric tricycle operates most stably at a speed of about 20 km/h, and power consumption will be reduced to the lowest at this time so as to maximize the vehicle’s range.

    How far can an electric cargo tricycle go

    In addition, the weight of the electric tricycle also has an impact on the range. Likewise, this always influences electric motorcycle. In general, the lower the load, the longer the range of the electric tricycle. The heavier the load, the shorter the range of the electric tricycle.

    But in general, if the load is less than half of the actual design maximum load, the impact on the range of the electric cargo tricycle will be minimized.

    Taking the maximum load of 500kg as an example, if the actual load is less than 250kg, then the range will not drop much, and if it exceeds 250kg, then the range will drop significantly.

    To sum up, for ordinary electric cargo tricycles, if the speed is maintained at about 20 km/h and the load is less than half of the maximum load, the electric cargo tricycle will have the longest endurance.

    How far can an electric cargo tricycle go

    Of course, for users, developing good habits will also extend the battery life of the vehicle to a certain extent. For example, do not use the battery completely and then recharge, so that the remaining power is 30%-50% of the charge. Do not drive without losing power, do not overload the drive, do not mix chargers, etc.

    Types of electric cargo tricycles

    • Awless electric tricycle

    As a traditional cargo tricycle, it is mainly used in rural areas. Its advantage is that the power is sufficient, generally using 800-2000W power motors, and the driving field of vision is wide and unobstructed.

    In addition, it is suitable for the transport of large cargo. Compared to canopy and semi-canopy, the price of the same configuration is also the lowest. Of course, this type of electric cargo tricycle also has obvious disadvantages.

    That is, it is more affected by rain and snow, and if you choose to ride in a raincoat, then the risk of handling will increase.

    • Covered electric tricycle

    This type of electric vehicle is usually mainly used for commuting or transporting children, and it is mainly suitable for areas with less stringent management.

    Compared to the open and semi-open, this type of electric cargo tricycle has the highest passenger comfort and passenger capacity. Ordinary models with two-row seats can carry 2-4 people, while models with three-row seats can carry 5-6 people.

    The disadvantage of this type of model is that it can only carry a small amount of cargo, and cannot carry a large volume of cargo. Moreover, in more regulated urban areas, these electric cargo tricycles may be at risk of not being able to use the road.

    Types of electric cargo tricycles

    • Half-canopy electric tricycle

    It is more like a combination of the two than uncovered and canopy, and from a functional point of view, this type of model can not only realize transportation, but can also be used for cargo transportation.

    In addition, it has the advantage that it is not affected by rain and snow, and can complete riding and delivery normally.

    And the carrying capacity is excellent, and large-volume goods can also be transported. Of course, the disadvantage is that it will be more expensive than a regular uncoated electric cargo tricycle, but the field of view is not as good as that of an uncoated electric cargo tricycle.

    In short, they all have their own advantages and disadvantages. For the user, the judgment should be made correctly. According to your needs, choose the corresponding car model.

    If you’re focused on freight and have a lower budget, opt for a canopy electric cargo tricycle. And if the budget is sufficient, then you can choose a semi-canopy electric cargo tricycle.

    And if you focus on carrying people or picking up children, then it is better to choose a covered car than a non-covered or semi-covered model. According to one of the top 10 electric tricycle manufacturers, Benlg is ready to offer suggestions.

    Quickly judge the quality of the electric cargo tricycle

    What is the reason why many electric three-wheeled vehicles are not durable and prone to damage? In fact, it is largely related to the model chosen, especially the following two models, which will have the problem of being undurable and easy to break.

    • The motor does not match the battery

    For many electric cargo tricycles, they will blindly consider power and ignore range. For example, if a 60V20Ah battery and a 1500W motor are used, then although the vehicle can have good power, it has a short range and can only run 30-50 kilometers.

    In addition, with the blessing of the motor, the battery will lose faster due to its low capacity, which will also make the vehicle undurable and easy to break. Therefore, if it is a 1500W motor, the electric vehicle battery must be equipped with at least 32Ah and above models, so as to meet the needs of daily travel.

    Quickly judge the quality of the electric cargo tricycle

    In fact, to put it simply, the motor and battery need to be matched, and not all models are compatible.

    Generally speaking, equipped with a high-power motor of more than 1000W, the battery should be equipped with a large-capacity battery of more than 32Ah. In this way, the electric tricycle will be more durable and less prone to breakage.

    • Models with poor load-bearing

    The load-bearing capacity is completely different for different models. For example, some electric cargo tricycles can only have a load-bearing capacity of 800 kilograms, while others can achieve a weight-bearing capacity of more than 2,000 kilograms.

    If the vehicle needs to carry thousands of pounds of goods, then the 800-pound load-bearing model, it is overloaded. If it is forcibly operated, there will be a risk of strain to the battery and motor, and at this time, it is easy to be damaged and undurable.

    For an electric tricycle with a load of 2,000 kilograms, there is basically no impact on the load of thousands of kilograms of goods and the load range of the whole vehicle.

    As can be seen from the above, electric cargo tricycles with different loads are affected differently when driving. In general, vehicles with a larger load capacity are more durable and less prone to damage. The lower the load-bearing model, the driving load, is easy to damage, and there is a situation that is not durable.

    To sum up, when buying an electric tricycle, it is not possible to ask for both motor and battery mismatch models and poor load-bearing. After all, these two types of vehicles are more prone to indurability and damage.

    For users, if they want to buy a durable and indestructible electric tricycle, they can give priority to brand models equipped with high-power motors, large-capacity batteries and carrying more than 1,000 catties.

    How to choose an electric cargo tricycle

    When choosing an electric cargo tricycle, there will be such a question: how to judge the quality of good or bad? For this problem, we can accurately judge from these aspects.

    • Battery capacity

    The first thing to consider is the battery capacity. In general, the choice of batteries and motors from well-known brands is preferred. In terms of capacity, try to choose a large capacity battery.

    Why? Because the current mainstream low-speed electric four-wheeled vehicles have 20 Ah, 32 Ah, 45 Ah, 52 Ah and other models when choosing batteries, but because electric tricycles are mainly used for freight, the power consumption is relatively large, and larger capacity batteries are preferred.

    How to choose an electric cargo tricycle

    • Motor power

    In addition, the quality of the motor will directly affect the power of the vehicle. Generally speaking, the higher the power, the more power the vehicle will have. On the contrary, the less power.

    Similarly, since electric cargo tricycles are mainly used for freight transport and have high power requirements, more consideration needs to be given to motors 800W and above.

    • Frame

    Secondly, a good electric tricycle will use stronger pipes, and the welding parts will be more reliable, less prone to deformation, and the load capacity will be larger. In addition, there will be holes in the bottom of the frame. Benlg electric motorcycle and tricycle owns good reputation.

    Poor electric tricycles, on the other hand, will use ordinary pipes, although in the short term, the difference will not be noticed. But the longer it is used, the greater the risk of breakage. Especially for users who often carry goods, a good frame determines the weight of the vehicle.

    • Tyre

    Finally, a good electric tricycle will use high-quality tires, which are generally bright in color and rich in texture to the touch. Inferior electric vehicle tires usually appear gray and dark due to many impurities.

    In addition, judging from the thickness of the tires, high-quality electric vehicle tires are generally thicker and heavier. And low-quality electric vehicle tires are not only thin, but also lightweight.

    The best electric tricycle recommended

    The new tricycle can climb steep slopes when fully loaded. In recent years, the electric cargo tricycle market has developed rapidly, and in order to meet the demand, major electric cargo tricycle companies are increasing their efforts to build new electric cargo tricycles.


    The high-efficiency power motor is equipped with strong torque, more explosive power, more energy-efficient driving, a longer cruising range, and faster acceleration.

    Even when climbing with a full load, the vehicle can easily cope with it, and the climbing power is more sufficient.


    In order to improve the range of the vehicle, the car is also equipped with a high-performance battery. The entire vehicle can adapt to a variety of road conditions. The car also has an integrated deep roller carriage.

    The vehicle load capacity is larger, which can ensure that the vehicle can achieve large cargo transportation. In terms of configuration, the vehicle focuses on power and range.


    When choosing an electric cargo tricycle, if you want to distinguish between good and bad, you can accurately judge the advantages and disadvantages from the aspects of battery capacity, motor power, frame, and tires.

    Benlg will also continue to build better models in the future. By adhering to safety measures and regulations while riding an electric cargo tricycle, you can minimize the risks of accidents and ensure a safe journey. 

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