Introduce the chain differences on the travel tools

Introduce the chain differences on the travel tools
In the world of transportation, whether it's a bicycle, an electric two-wheeler, or a car, chains play a vital role. Although they each have similar functions, they are quite different in terms of details and materials.
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    Although the chain plays the role of transmitting power, there are obvious differences in material and performance requirements. This article will take a closer look at the respective roles of chains and their material characteristics in different modes of transport.


    The role and material of bicycle chain

    The bicycle chain is the key component that connects the pedal to the rear wheel, and through the transmission of the chain, the rider’s power can drive the bicycle forward through electric motor for bicycle. The material of the chain is usually made of steel, which has some strength and wear resistance.

    Common bicycle chains are divided into single speed and multi-speed, and multi-speed chains are also equipped with transmissions to adapt to different riding needs. With the development of science and technology, some high-end bicycle chains have also used more advanced and lightweight materials such as stainless steel and titanium alloy to improve the durability and transmission efficiency of the chain.

    The role and material of electric two-wheeler chain

    The chain of an electric motorcycle is basically the same as the chain of a bicycle in terms of function, and both are the transmission medium of power. However, since electric motorcycles are usually equipped with motors, the load on the chain is relatively large, so the strength and wear resistance of the chain are required.

    The role and material of electric two-wheeler chain

    The material of electric motorcycle chain is mostly high-strength alloy steel, which can withstand greater tension and impact. At the same time, in order to cope with the special working environment, the surface treatment of the chain is also more complex to improve its corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

    The role and material of car chain

    In automobiles, chains are mainly used inside the engine, such as timing chains and balancer shaft chains. Timing chains are responsible for ensuring that the various components inside the engine work in harmony, while balancer shaft chains are used to reduce vibration in the engine.

    Due to the extremely harsh working environment of automobile engines, high temperatures and high pressures, the material requirements for automotive chains are extremely high.

    The role and material of car chain

    They are usually made of special alloy steels, which are precision machined and heat treated to ensure stable performance at high temperatures and speeds. In addition, the surface treatment of automotive chains is often done with special coating technology to improve their resistance to high temperatures and wear.

    Is the motorcycle chain related to fuel consumption

    As one of the common transmission systems of motorcycles, the chain plays a very important role in the entire transmission process. In addition to the power transmission that can achieve consensus, it actually has some subtle manifestations. This includes the fuel consumption of the vehicle. To put it bluntly, the fuel consumption of a motorcycle is actually related to resistance, the smaller the resistance, the lower the fuel consumption, and vice versa.

    As the most important component of the engine power transmission process, the chain will affect the actual fuel consumption performance of the vehicle. The reason is very simple. It will certainly have resistance during operation, but the running resistance of the chain can be large or small.

    If it is properly maintained, adjusted in compliance, and replaced in accordance with the original factory condition, then its running resistance will be in the best condition, which is basically negligible. At this time, the theoretical fuel consumption of the vehicle has nothing to do with the chain.

    Is the motorcycle chain related to fuel consumption

    It works similarly to the flywheel assembly of a bicycle. Once the vehicle is refueled during driving, the rear wheels will slide freely, which can achieve the purpose of saving fuel. The working process is similar to the coasting effect in gear that some cars now have in Eco mode.

    Why does fuel consumption become higher after replacing the chain

    The reason for this performance after changing the chain is nothing more than the following three reasons.

    • The chain is too tight

    In order to avoid the phenomenon of too loose chains in a short period of time after replacement, some repair shops will deliberately reduce the upper and lower amplitudes as much as possible. This will invisibly increase running resistance, and then there will be high fuel consumption.

    Therefore, the free amplitude of the chain must be adjusted to a suitable range (15~20mm for most models) at any time, and the performance should not be overtight. In this way, not only because of the high running resistance, there will be high fuel consumption, but also acceleration of wear, and even the possibility of breaking the chain.

    • Specifications are different

    The drive chain of the motorcycle also has specifications, and the sprockets corresponding to different chains are also different. To put it simply, the higher the number, the wider the chain, the better the tensile strength, but at the same time the running resistance will increase.

    Therefore, when replacing the motorcycle chain, the specifications cannot be easily changed. There is no need to choose a wider chain for the so-called tensile strength. After all, the combination of factories is the most reasonable. Please feel free to contact Benlg and we will answer all the questions.

    Why does fuel consumption become higher after replacing the chain

    • The speed ratio is different

    The sprocket group of the motorcycle will have different speed ratios, and different combinations will have different power and speed performance.

    Assuming that the size of the front sprocket is the same, the smaller the rear sprocket, the higher the top speed of the vehicle, and the larger the rear sprocket, the stronger the low torque. But with this comes a change in fuel consumption.

    The fuel consumption of the motorcycle and the chain must be inevitably related, so in addition to normal motorcycle maintenance and lubrication, the gear ratio and chain specifications should be strictly controlled, and the original combination should not be easily changed. This will not only make the performance more ideal, but also avoid some unnecessary headaches.


    Bicycle chains focus on lightness and durability, electric motorcycle chains emphasize high strength and wear resistance and automotive chains focus more on high-temperature stability and corrosion resistance. With the advancement of science and technology, there will be more breakthroughs and innovations in the materials and performance of these chains in the future, providing a more efficient and reliable guarantee for our transportation.

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