What are electric mopeds? Difference with motorcycle?

August 06,2021

Many people have difficulty telling motorcycles and electric mopeds. Though you often see them on the way to work, you don't know how to choose. It is convenient for you to send your girlfriend with print cotton lace kaftan to the simplex cable company to work. After all, they are both cost-effective and efficient ways to commute, which can reduce traffic troubles for you. What is the difference between the two?


Cool Electric Moped wholesale

Cool Electric Moped wholesale


What are electric mopeds?

There are two main types of mopeds, one is a two-stroke scooter similar in appearance to an electric motorcycle, and the other is a single-cylinder four-stroke fuel moped. The mopeds currently driving are basically four-stroke mopeds, which actually have good fuel-saving properties. The four-stroke moped is recognized as a motor vehicle by reference to the standard.


The difference between a moped and a motorcycle


1. The biggest difference is that mopeds have no gears; motorcycles have clear gears, so the horsepower is much larger than that of mopeds.


2. The motorcycle is 2-stroke, and there are two sets of pistons moving up and down in the cylinder to generate surging power; while the cylinder of the moped has no piston motion, it is pure gasoline combustion to generate power, so it is stepless Variable speed, power is very limited.


3. Small-displacement motorcycles with a displacement of less than 50CC [including 50CC], and motorcycles with a displacement of more than 50CC are called motorcycles;


4. The horsepower of a motorcycle is fast, so driving requires a license plate, a driving license, etc., while a moped that meets the "gasoline-powered bicycle" standard does not need to go through the licensing and driving license procedures.


They are both equipped with high-quality cylinder kits, and they are very easy to obtain and easy to park. As long as the weather is good, you can park anywhere on the outdoor terrazzo floor tile.


chinese motorcycles 125cc

chinese motorcycles 125cc


Proper driving tips and suggestions for cool electric mopeds

1. Getting started

①Start (preferably use neutral gear to ignite, or hold the clutch to start)-② Grip the clutch-③ Shift gear (preferably one gear)-④ When starting, step on the ground and walk a few steps so that the car has an initial speed- —⑤ Lightly refuel (speed above 2000) — ⑥ Steady the throttle and slowly release the clutch (find a point) — ⑦ Release the clutch and refuel at the same time (slowly release the clutch and slowly refuel, pay attention to the clutch and don’t send too fast, afraid of the throttle If you can’t keep up, don’t give too much throttle, but keep giving gas, and you have to master the range of refueling by yourself)——⑧Start forward


2. Stop and go (traffic light situation)


  • Control the speed of start time
  • Forward speed control after starting
  • Shift gears while driving


Boom the throttle and there is a rush speed-the three steps of pulling the clutch, returning oil, and shifting are carried out at the same time-after the gear is engaged, the accelerator is quickly added, and the clutch is released at the same time. )

▪️ High-end: low gear to high-end, you must refuel after sprinting and then pull the clutch, and at the same time release the throttle, quickly shift gears, release the clutch and refuel in one go

▪️ Low gear: high gear shifts to low gear, and the corresponding gear can only be changed after the speed drops to a proper speed ratio. (Regardless of low gear shifting to high gear, or high gear shifting to low gear, the principle is to use the corresponding gear for the corresponding speed, and shift gears frequently to make the car play to its best condition)

▪️ Uphill shift

▪️ Downhill shift


4. Turn left and right at a small angle

Can only use a slow car. Novice skills need to be improved. Stability must be required. It is the safest and simplest to cut to first gear before entering the corner.


5. Walk slowly in the crowd (without turning off the fire)

Practice slow walking in low gear

6. Slow-moving cart technology under vehicle start


7. Use light technology, especially taillights


Personal thought

As a novice learning moped or motorcycle, the most important and first thing to learn when training is to use the clutch and throttle, and pay attention to the brakes (front and rear brakes) at all times. Then learn to shift gears, use lights, use horns, and use rearview mirrors. In this way, you can gradually practice the technical level. Of course, motorcycle theory, common sense and traffic laws are essential knowledge! The signs that can be mastered proficiently and the approval of the transportation authority is to be verified.


Cool Electric Moped


Your Final Decision


Whether it is a Fortune 500 company to work or an excellent four-pillar thermoforming machine plant, or even to a physical shop to check framed bathroom round mirrors with defogger, cool electric moped and motorcycle, it can solve your traffic troubles and get you there in time company. The final choice is made by yourself, but you can communicate with our vehicle expert more before buying-benling electric bike , and they will be very happy to give your professional advice.