Suggestions on the Purchase of Electric Scooter

March 23,2022

At present, there are more and more brands of electric scooters on the market, and the price and quality are also uneven, so this often leads to people not knowing where to start when purchasing. So here are some suggestions for purchasing electric scooters, which you can refer to.


electric scooter


Fuselage weight


The first is the weight. If the electric scooter is too heavy, it will be inconvenient and laborious for us to travel or go to and from work every day. At present, the weight of the electric scooter on the market generally will not exceed 14kg. If it is purchased by girls, it is best to choose one with a weight of no more than 10kg, which is convenient and labor-saving.




As for the motor power, it's not that the bigger the better. It's too wasteful and too small to use, so the most important thing is appropriate. Assuming that the wheel diameter of the electric scooter is 8 inches, the recommended rated power is generally in the range of 250w-350w. It also needs to consider the problem of high power climbing.


Endurance capability


As a small vehicle for daily travel, the endurance of the electric scooter should not be too short, the longer the better. At present, the endurance capacity of electric scooters on the market is generally 15-30km, which can be selected in combination with their use scenarios.


Speed per hour


As a small vehicle, the speed of an electric scooter does not mean that the faster the better. If the speed is too fast, it will often bring you some dangers. Therefore, on the premise of ensuring safety, the speed of electric scooters on the market is generally 15-25km / h.




Braking is a very important function for electric scooters, which can avoid the danger caused by acceleration, deceleration, or emergency. Now many adopt the dual braking mode of the combination of electronic braking and physical braking.




Shock absorption is directly related to the comfort of riding, and can also protect the body to a certain extent. At present, most electric scooters use double shock absorption, but some electric scooters use front wheel shock absorption, and the rear wheel is not shock absorption. There is no problem when driving on relatively flat ground, but there will be some ups and downs on relatively rough ground.


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