Suggestions on how to choose a electric scooter?

September 17,2021




Many people may not want to experience the congestion in the morning rush hour again. In order to avoid being late for work, you may need an electric scooter. We have summarized some shopping points, hoping to give you some inspiration.


Factors to consider while buying electric scooter


Since there are so many benefits of electric scooters, what points should we pay attention to when purchasing to help us better choose the electric scooters that suit us?


Battery life


Battery life is often an important factors for us to evaluate electric scooters. Good endurance performance is essential for our daily use. In addition to being able to run farther, it can also reduce the number of recharges. After all, the electricity bill is quite expensive.


The biggest factor in determining battery life is the battery. Generally speaking, the larger the battery capacity (unit: Ah/Wh), the higher the continuous mileage under the same voltage. And the higher the battery voltage (unit: V), the stronger the power, the stronger the climbing or load-bearing ability.


At present, most of the batteries of electric scooters use lithium batteries, so  do smart phones, mainly because of their high efficiency, light volume, long life, and the corresponding price will be more expensive.


For battery life, the current more common battery life is about 30KM-40KM, but this theoretical data is not particularly accurate, after all, the experimental environment is relatively ideal. When we actually use it, we need to consider the road conditions and our own weight. Generally, the battery life will be 10%-20% less than the theoretical value. However, it is more than enough for daily travel within a few kilometers.




An electric motor is to an electric scooter, just like an engine is to a car, it can be said to be the heart of the entire vehicle. The higher the motor power (unit: W), the stronger the power and the faster the speed.


At present, most electric scooters use brushless motors, which have the advantages of low operating sound, high energy efficiency, long life, and strong anti-interference ability. Because of the design of electric scooters, it does not require strong power. However, it can also meet our basic requirements.


It should be noted that the power of the motor is not as large as possible. The motor and wheel diameter and speed are also closely related. Each motor basically has the best matching power range. If it is exceeded, no matter how large the power is, it will be a waste. If it is small, it will naturally not run. The matching of the motor power and the body design is the most important.


For the purchase, the main parameter we look at is the rated power, which is the best matching power; for the peak power, it is the maximum power that the motor can reach instantaneously, and cannot be used to measure the true performance of a motor.


Usually, when we buy an electric scooter, the rated power of 250W-300W is a more suitable motor power.


We recommend that you go to a physical store to experience it, use the projection clock to time, run the scooter to the maximum power, and measure the temperature of the motor. At this time, OEM instant read meat thermometer or OEM bbq digital thermometer can serve you. Surprisingly, they can also have another function. Our partner is a professional instant read meat thermometer exporter, if you want to wholesale touchscreen meat thermometer, please feel free to contact them.




Tires are also a parameter that needs to be paid attention to when choosing electric scooters. After all, when driving, the tires are the most influential in addition to shock absorbers.


At present, there are three main types of tires: tubeless tires, inner and outer tires, and solid tires.


  • Tubeless tyre: At present, our motorcycles mainly use tubeless tyres. The biggest feature is that they are durable and very convenient for tyre repair. You can use automatic tyre repair fluid directly.


  • Pneumatic tire (inner and outer tire): A pneumatic tire is an outer tire with a thin rubber tire inside. The structure of a bicycle tire is similar. At present, most bicycles use this kind of inner and outer tires. This kind of fetus is less likely to turn upside down. But the disadvantage is that it is easy to be punctured, and the inner tube needs to be disassembled and repaired.


  • Solid tires: Like tubeless tires, they don't need to be pumped up, and they are very durable. Like the current shared bicycles, solid tires are used. If we have experienced it, we will know that this type of tire does not absorb shock.


Wheel determines your driving feelings.


So how to choose a tire?


Generally speaking, the smaller the tire, the more bumpy it is. If it is a small wheel, the entire scooter will bump on a small bumpy road, and it is easy to numb the feet. For small wheels, although they are also equipped with shock absorbers, the shock absorber effect is relatively general, and the effect is not better than the effect of directly on the big tire.


At present, 6-inch solid tires (upper), 8-inch solid tires (upper), 8-inch pneumatic tires (upon), 8-inch tubeless tires (good quality), and 10-inch pneumatic tires (upon, but watch It's bigger).


On the whole, we think that 8-inch pneumatic tires will be more suitable, with better elasticity, good shock absorption, and they will not ride upright.


Shock absorber


As mentioned above, the larger the wheel size, the better the suspension effect!


However, in addition to the tires, the shock absorber is also related to the structure of the scooter itself, especially the shock absorber (mainly spring) at the front wheel connection. Of course, there are also electric scooters that use rear shock absorbers. In fact, for the overall shock absorption effect of the car body, the tire is more critical, and the role of the shock absorber is not as great as it is on the motorcycle. You can choose either the front shock absorber or the rear shock absorber. Of course, if you have strong hands-on ability, you can also change the shock absorber yourself, such as changing the spring to hydraulic shock, and the effect will be better.




In addition to the factors mentioned above, the quality of the brake system is also particularly important. After all, a good brake system can avoid accidents at critical times.


Currently, electric scooters on the market mainly use disc brakes and electronic E-ABS brakes.


We are all clear about disc brakes. Nowadays, many mountain bikes or motorcycles use disc brakes. As the name suggests, the brake system is similar to a disc. The advantage of disc brakes is that they can prevent lock-up and can deal with all kinds of bad roads, such as grass and mud.


Electronic E-ABS brake. After receiving the brake signal, the electric wheel will brake immediately. In addition, the faster the speed, the better the braking effect. In fact, the electric current is used to brake the motor in a counteract, so that the electric scooter can brake in a short time, and it will not consume battery power. On the contrary, it will be The battery is recharged for a short time, which is beneficial to extend the life of the battery.

Especially with the development of technology, the electronic E-ABS braking effect is also very good. At present, more scooters use this kind of braking system.


However, it is not to say that there is a good brake system. When we are riding, we can drag racing without scruples. After all, the frame of electric scooters is relatively small and there is no protection. We people will fall directly due to inertia, especially for students with heavier weight.

So, when you usually ride a scooter, you still have to be steady! At present, the speed of electric scooters is also limited to less than 30km/h.




For portability, the weight and foldability of the vehicle must be considered.


The body is now generally made of aluminum alloy or carbon fiber. The weight should not be too heavy. If it is too heavy, it will not be easy to move. Especially for girls, it is not easy to carry when going up the stairs. However, it should not be too light. If it is too light, the load-bearing capacity will be limited. The weight of the whole vehicle is more suitable in the range of 10-13kg.


For body folding, most electric scooters on the market now use handlebar column folding or pedal front folding. Relatively speaking, column folding will be better. After all, the body of this structure will be stronger and more convenient.


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