Reasons for electric motorcycle rather than petrol motorcycle

August 23,2021

Have you disturbed by rush hour and off-get off work rush hour every morning? Yes, the vehicles on the road make us impassable, even if we just buy a portable grill or a cute loaf pan. But owning an electric motorcycle, bicycle or electric bicycle will relieve this trouble. They are excellent means of transportation. Today, the focus is to share the electric motorcycle that can bring attention to the road.


Motorcycles in our consciousness have fuel and sound. They have many accessories, such as motorcycle stator, motorcycle connecting rod kit, etc. Electric motorcycles are a kind of electric vehicles that use batteries to drive motors. Electric motorcycles can be divided into electric two-wheeled motorcycles and electric three-wheeled motorcycles.


Electric two-wheeled motorcycle: a two-wheeled motorcycle with a maximum design speed greater than 50km/h.

Electric three-wheeled motorcycle: a three-wheeled motorcycle with a maximum design speed of more than 50km/h and a curb weight of not more than 400kg.


We know that motorcycles have a cool sound, especially when you wear black acetate polarized sunglasses oversize and conspicuous private custom football shoes on your feet, which can always attract people's attention on the road. You have a prerequisite for the traffic rules of electric motorcycles and fuel. Important In some aspects, each city area has different standards. You'd better consult the relevant transportation department.


electric motorcycle 2000w 72v

electric motorcycle 2000w 72v

Motor: 2000W~3000W Brushless
Battery Type: 72V32AH Lead Acid/72V32AH Lithium
Charger&Charging Time: 72V5A-6~8hours/ 72V10A-3hours


You may difficult to tell the difference between them, let’s see below info together.


Electric motorcycle VS petrol motorcycle

The fuel-burning vehicle itself belongs to the conversion of machine power, while the electric motorcycle belongs to the conversion of energy.

Oil motorcycles are heavier than electric motorcycles, and electric motorcycles are lighter.

Electric motorcycles do not have exhaust pipes, they are replaced by battery compartments, so you can't see gas emissions either.

Another of the wonderful perks of an electricity motorcycle over a burning one is actually the liberty recharge.


Forget checking out petrol stations, you may recharge the battery of your motorbike anywhere you possess an electrical outlet. There is no need to put up chargers of any sort of kind as in electric vehicles or even energetic electric motorcycles.


All you need to have is your charger. The lithium electric battery possesses a straightforward body by which to separate it from the motorcycle and connect it to the battery wall charger. And the only routine maintenance of a lithium electric battery, is actually to modify it every 3-4 years, time frame of helpful life of the exact same one. Although it is actually always suggested certainly not to leave it vacant for a long time.


No need to go to the fuel station, the charger can solve your travel problems for you. Mainly do the maintenance of the lithium battery, that is, replace it every 3-4 years. The maintenance of burning motorcycles lies in the filter, oil replacement and so on.


Electric motorcycles are a cost-effective investment. No additional costs will be spent on gasoline or oil changes. Although in terms of electricity bills, they are very reasonable and only account for a very small part.


What to consider for the battery of an electric motorcycle

The battery needs to be considered in terms of volume, installation location, voltage and capacity. As long as these parameters comply with national standards, they are theoretically stable and reliable.


What is the price of an electric motorcycle?

There are some things that don’t need to be emphasized all the time. You know that the quality of the car determines its price. In other words, the cost you spend is related to its characteristics, mainly due to the difference between its battery and generator. The investment range of electric motorcycles is usually between 1,000 to 4,000 US dollars (high-end). According to the different accessories and styles of the manufacturer and car you choose, it is recommended to ask the corresponding buyer. Generally, the faster the maximum speed, the more the battery's maximum kilometers, the more expensive it is.


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