Pros and Cons about Electric Vehicles and Motorcycles

April 20,2022

It is a well-known fact that cars are the most popular car models at the moment. However, as the number of cars increases, their convenience has also declined. Now the speed limit value of urban roads is getting lower and lower, and the traffic lights are getting worse. It is an objective fact that public parking spaces are getting slower and harder to "grab". Therefore, for some non-essential car trips, an alternative tool is needed.


And if you have the ability to travel for a short distance without worrying about traffic jams and parking problems, the preferred mode of transportation is two-wheeled vehicles. The mainstream two-wheeled vehicles include electric vehicles and motorcycles. Then, how should we choose these two modes of transportation? , which would be more cost-effective to choose? At a glance, the owner: Fortunately, I did not choose the wrong one.


Electric Vehicles and Motorcycles


Although they are both two-wheeled vehicles, electric vehicles and motorcycles are actually quite different. If you want to know how to choose, you must understand their advantages and disadvantages.


Advantages of electric vehicles and motorcycles:


Electric vehicles are the cheapest model of all powered vehicles (excluding electric balance vehicles and electric scooters without right of way). The price of ordinary electric vehicles is only between 1,000 and 2,000 yuan. For most office workers In other words, you don’t need half a month’s salary to buy a transportation tool that can be used for several years. Of course, in addition to being cheap, it saves fuel resources and does not emit pollution, which is also its great advantage.


Although a motorcycle is a two-wheeled vehicle, it is a vehicle that can feel "speed and passion". As far as I know, the highest speed motorcycle can even reach 676 km/h. In addition to being fast, The battery life of the motorcycle is also a great advantage. A motorcycle with a 10L fuel tank can run about 500 kilometers of battery life.


Disadvantages of electric vehicles and motorcycles:


Electric vehicles are the main weaknesses in terms of durability, battery life, and speed. An electric vehicle can only be used for about 5 years, while the battery of an electric vehicle can only be used for about 2 years, while the battery life of an ordinary electric vehicle is only 30 kilometers to 70 kilometers. The speed is 25 kilometers per hour, and the charging time is relatively long, which takes 6 to 10 hours, and the car cannot be used at any time. These are the shortcomings of electric vehicles.


Although motorcycles do not have obvious weaknesses in terms of durability, battery life, speed, etc., the biggest trouble encountered by motorcycles is practicality. In many places, especially in cities, motorcycles are restricted and not allowed on the road.” "Legal" driving, which leads to the fact that motorcycles are "can only be bought but not used" in many places. Restricting travel reduces the practicality of motorcycles, which is a disadvantage that is difficult to overcome.


To sum up


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