Must-known reasons for the battery bulge of electric motorcycle

August 18,2021

You are riding an electric car or a 72 v electric motorcycle to buy a pp side tape baby diaper for your baby or choose a breville 810 portafilter for your coffee shop, or buy black slate plates your favorite, when encountering a red light in the way, you will make an emergency brake. And it is frequent operation, which is also one of the important indirect causes of battery bulge.


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Types of electric vehicles


There are many types of electric vehicles, such as electric bicycles, electric unicycles, electric motorcycles, electric four-wheels, etc., which use batteries to drive motors. The electric drive and control system consists of a drive motor, a power supply, and a speed control device for the motor. The other devices of the electric motorcycle are basically the same as those of the internal combustion engine.


Many people have encountered bulging electric vehicle batteries. Generally, mobile phone batteries that have been used for a long time are easy to bulge. Everyone knows that battery bulges are very dangerous, and electric motorcycle batteries are no exception. Now take a look at the cause of the battery bulge.


Must-konwn reasons for the battery bulge of electric motorcycle

1. High safety valve pressure


In order to ensure safety, the electric vehicle battery will have a safety valve. When the pressure in the electric vehicle battery rises, the safety valve will automatically open and release the pressure, so as to ensure the normal use of the battery. When the pressure in the battery rises, but the safety valve cannot be opened, a bulging situation will occur.


2. Large charging current


Under normal circumstances, electric vehicle batteries produced by regular manufacturers have a certain charging current value, and because of various reasons, excessive voltage and excessive charging current can easily lead to excessive precipitation on the electrode plate, and then Lead to insufficient chemical reaction. At the same time, if the temperature inside the battery rises quickly but the exhaust is not timely, bulging will naturally occur.


3. Overcharge in series


Some electric vehicle batteries are used in series, which can have more capacitance, and when the batteries in series are charged too much, it will also cause poor gas recombination in the battery, resulting in bulging.


4. Unqualified battery


If the battery is not designed to keep a way out, there will be excessive pressure in the body and the battery will bulge.


The above four are the common causes of battery bulging in electric vehicles. To avoid battery bulging, in addition to mastering the reasons for the bulging, two more points should be paid attention to:


No matter how good the battery is, it can't stand the toss of use, especially many people don't pay special attention to maintenance when riding an electric bike. The road is rough, the brakes are often sudden, and the load is excessive (a lot of decorative acrylic ceiling lamp, nitrile blending gloves), which will cause the battery to be damaged, and the battery is checked frequently, on the one hand, to ensure the normal operation of the battery, on the other hand, to protect your personal safety and avoid unexpected situations.


Investigations and studies have shown that people will habitually buy cheap products when they buy things, and cheap products have very little cost-effectiveness. Therefore, the service life is usually not very high, but the failure rate is very high. In this regard, we suggest that it is best to choose a good-quality electric motorcycle, so as not to pay more money as the initial cost savings.


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