How to Choose the Electric Tricycle Battery Capacity?

June 22,2022

In the process of using electric tricycle, many users will have such questions, that is, do not know how to choose the battery. And recently a user asked me such a question: electric tricycle battery is to choose 72V32Ah good, or choose 60V45Ah good? For this question, my answer is 60V45Ah better, why say so? Here is a detailed explanation.


Electric Tricycle


Choose from 32ah~80ah.


Electric tricycle is divided into household, freight and factory models according to the use. Because of the different uses, the technical standards used are also different. Household type electric tricycle, most of them use side wheel motor, external frame (frame outside the wheel).


Cargo electric tricycle, this kind of car is also divided into two kinds, one for the motorcycle type, configuration and models and three-wheeled motorcycle similar, mid-mounted motor with large axle, with more than 500W motor, cargo capacity is generally in 300-600KG.


A motorized three-wheeled type, mostly converted from motorized three-wheeled, rear axle, carriage completely using motorized three-wheeled configuration, the load is more than one ton, can be speed-controlled by the gearbox, configured with 4-5 120AH high-capacity battery, DC 900W motor, with cab and without cab, can also be configured with hydraulic lifting device, used for loading and unloading bulk materials in the factory and the city to remove garbage.


Three wheel electric car general service life is 3-5 years.


Generally open more than 20 kilometers a day to maintain life in about 5 years, although the quality of the car is different, but the greater degree of decision on the degree of use. The battery is generally changed once a year, the new 20ah battery can drive 55-70 km, a year later is generally more than 30 km. For electric cars, the most important thing is still the battery, the car is generally not easy to break.