How To Maintain Electric Bicycle?

February 23,2022

Electric bicycles are favored by more and more friends because of their characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving and convenience. So, how do we maintain electric bikes? This is a problem that most people are concerned about.

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Charging The Battery Properly


No matter it is lead-acid or lithium batteries, there was no memory effect. So we need to charge frequently. Charging time is generally controlled in 8-10 hours. We need to avoid high temperatures when charging. For example, if we just got back from a bike ride, we should wait for the battery temperature to drop before recharging. Electric bikes should not be charged in the sun, try to put in a cool garage inside. Don't charge your battery if it's already over 60 degrees.


Avoid Frequent Deep Discharge Of Electricity


Always keep the battery level above 30%. If you don't use your car for a long time, charge it every month to replenish the battery. When we ride a bike, we should avoid carrying too much load. When going up a steep hill, push as far as you can, don't accelerate too quickly. These actions will cause a large current discharge, which has a greater impact on the battery life.


Take Good Care Of The Charger


The charger usually comes with the e-bike. If it is jolted and vibrated outdoors, some components may become loose, and if there is a problem such as virtual welding, it is prone to problems. If you can wrap it in some foam or cloth or secure it to a back box, you can reduce this problem.


Because of frequent plug, the plug of the charger is more prone to poor contact, causing loosening and oxidation problems. If the gap is large, it needs to be replaced in time. Therefore, do not use brute force when inserting and removing at ordinary times, and aim at the hole position and operate vertically.


Appearance Maintenance


The frame and other parts of the electric bicycle are basically metal and plastic materials. If you don't use them at ordinary times, try not to put them outdoors, which will cause corrosion of the appearance. Over a long period of time, it soon rots away. Some guano and leaves and other impurities should also be cleaned in time to avoid the formation of galvanic effect to accelerate rust.


Frequent Safety Check


Tires and brakes and driveline are safety concerns, so keep an eye out for them. It is best to check whether the front and rear brakes are effective before using the car every day. Generally, the brakes should be replaced after more than a year of use. The chains, bearings and flywheels should be cleaned and buttered every three months to prevent them from rusting.


If the tire wear is serious, the pattern is nearly ground flat, to be replaced in time.  Whether the tire pressure is within a reasonable range should be pay attention to also.


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