Everything You Want to Know about Ebike Etiquette

December 11,2021

Many changes have come in with the pandemic but not all of them are bad. The popularity of electric bicycles is one of the good implications. It is similar to ordinary bikes but it is equipped with a battery and motor that allow riders to pedal with less effort. While riding on roads is not as dangerous as driving a car, it still has safety implications. Therefore, we had better ride carefully especially the teenagers.


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Don’t change the direction abruptly


First of all, the most dangerous thing is to change direction suddenly while riding an electric bike. A sudden change of direction gives the vehicle behind or in front too little time to make a reaction resulting in a terrible accident. So you must observe the road conditions before changing the direction while riding on a straight road.


Stop and wait for green lights


When it is red light please stop and wait behind the line until it turns into green. Road conditions are extremely complicated at the intersection of traffic lights because  there are cars going straight as well as vehicles who are going to turn around. The most dangerous situation is that electric bikes suddenly comes in between two cars waiting for green light. In order to prevent such accidents, it is necessary to remind those teenagers at all times.


Don’t drive on the wrong side of road


Some people tend to drive in the wrong direction to save time or distance. Teenagers are especially reminded not to drive on the wrong side of the road when turning. Because the speed of motor vehicles is relatively fast when they turn corners. When driving in the opposite direction, the sight range of the vehicle is relatively narrow. And the reaction time of the driver is greatly shortened, the probability of accidents will increase exponentially.


Don’t across the road


When riding electric vehicles across the road, some people always think that their electric vehicles will pass the road before the arrival of motor vehicles. This is more dangerous for young people who just are allowed to ride electric bikes, especially those under 14 years old.


Keep away from large trucks


When riding electric bikes, we should always pay attention to staying away from big trucks because the blind spots of big trucks are very much and two or three meters in front of the big truck is a driver's blind spot. Especially when you are turning a corner. What’s more, the blind spots of big trucks also include the right rear side of the truck and the left rear side from the truck one or two meters away from the truck's blind area. In order to keep away from these blind areas, you had better wait for those big trucks passing and then ride your bike again.


Keep away from the parked cars


When riding normally on the road, we should pay special attention to the cars parked on the roadside. It is dangerous if the cars suddenly open the door. That could make the rider fall from the vehicle, and even worse the rider may be rolled by later vehicles. So please stay at least 2 meters away from parked cars.


Paste a reflective paste


If we often ride electric bikes at night, especially the students who have classes at night we had better paste a reflective paste in the rear of the electric car. When the lights shine on the reflective paste, the driver can easily find us. That would serve as a good warning.


All in all, we can’t be too careful when we are riding on either jammed or clear roads. Please keep in mind that it doesn’t matter if you are going to be late for your class; it doesn’t matter if you are overtaken by other vehicles. You should remember that you live only once so it is unnecessary to run the risk of losing your life. We are a professional motorcycle manufacturer so if you are interested please feel free to contact us.