Driving Mode and Characteristics of Electric Bicycle

January 18,2022

The driving modes of electric bicycle products are divided into three driving modes: electric drive, electric moped, electric drive, and electric moped.


electric bicycle


Characteristics of electric drive vehicle


Electrically driven vehicles are mainly electrically driven, supplemented by pedal riding behavior. There are three main electric drive modes: one is hub drive, one is the central drive, and the other is suspension drive.


In the market, electric bicycles are mainly driven by wheel hub, and wheel hub drive is better than rear-wheel drive, and the front-wheel-drive performance is relatively poor. The battery capacity and motor driving capacity of electric drive models should be stronger. Compared with the other two driving modes, the electric drive model is relatively heavier.


Characteristics of electric moped


Based on retaining the standard transmission system of the bicycle (including flywheel, toothed disc, crank, and chain), the electrically assisted vehicle integrates the electric driving device. The electric part is auxiliary (equal to the addition of a small electric driving device for the bicycle), and the battery capacity is relatively small. Compared with electric drive models, the weight will be much lighter.


Characteristics of electric drive and electric moped


As the name suggests, this model has both electric drive function and electric-assist function, and its characteristics are similar to those of the electric assist model.


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