Cheap Chinese 125cc Motorcycles Scooter For Sale(recommending read)

December 25,2020

In the last article, we described 150CC motorcycles. Many people are also very interested in 125CC. What are the characteristics of 125CC and what conditions need to be considered. After reading this article.
The size of the scooter engine is in cubic centimeters (cc). How about the speed, safety and usability of 125cc motorcycle scooter in China? How to choose?

Chiness 125cc motorcycle scooter speed


The maximum speed of 125cc scooters and motorcycles is 60mph, which is twice the maximum speed of 50cc. If you plan to take longer trips or drive on flat roads, a 125 cc scooter is more suitable for suburban/country riding.

125cc motorcycle scooter safety


Before the age of 17, you cannot ride a 125cc motorcycle, mainly because the extra speed can be prohibitive, as can more complex gear systems. Once you are confident in the extra speed, 125cc scooters and motorcycles will become ideal transition tools for transitioning to full motorcycles.
chinese 125cc motorcycle

125cc motorcycle scooter availability


Before deciding which engine size to choose, it's worth figuring out what you will do with the scooter.
If you plan to take longer trips or drive on larger roads, invest in 125cc for extra speed and power.

125cc motorcycles scooter selection tips


First determine the engine size that best suits your needs. It is important to consider the model according to your own style.
In terms of style, appearance, paint and scooter shape. More importantly, you need to consider your riding style. How do you ride?
If you are a new scooter enthusiast and want to own a scooter on a leisure and free basis.
In this case, appearance attributes are more important than performance.
If you are considering owning a scooter for daily transportation.

In this case, reliability and performance must be considered. 


If you are a scooter enthusiast, there are more (much cheaper) options besides focusing on branded cars. You can also try to get started. 
Similarly, for scooter commuters who need a scooter even in the rainiest days, some models prioritize reliability over aesthetics.
For recreational scooter riders, you only need to search a little to find a cheap model, own, customize and still provide the ideal feel when riding.
For scooter commuters, I also ask you to consider this question. I want a scooter that can quickly take me to my destination, or a scooter that takes me to my destination time and time again without having to go for gas Station so many distances?
chinese 125cc motorcycle
Based on the above situation, I still recommend two cars for selection.
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