5 Common Misconceptions about Electric Bicycles

March 10,2022

With the widespread implementation of green travel, electric vehicles have become the main travel tool for people who travel short distances. However, many people still have some doubts about how much the battery is used to charge? How to better maintain electric vehicles and so on. Today, this blog will answer you in detail.


5 common misunderstandings and how to solve them


electric bicycles


❌Misunderstanding 1: Charging when the battery is exhausted


Many people usually don't think about charging the battery of their electric bike until they run out of battery.


The correct way is: it is best to charge the battery before it is completely exhausted, otherwise it will speed up the battery failure and shorten the battery life.


❌Misunderstanding 2: Use it when the battery is not full


Many people often ride when the battery is not fully charged.


The correct way is: electric vehicles should be used after they are fully charged. If the battery is often used without being fully charged, the battery will have a "memory" property, and the battery will not be fully charged in the future, which will affect its continuation mileage and also consume the service life of the battery.


❌Misunderstanding 3: Long-term use without charging


Many people may not use electric vehicles for a month or two or more, therefore, do not charge electric vehicles


The correct way is: In fact, the battery will be discharged when not in use, and the battery will not be charged if it is not used for a long time, which will weaken the performance of the battery. When not in use for a long time, charge the battery every two weeks.


❌Misunderstanding 4: Driving fast and braking


Electric vehicles can reach high speeds, and many people like to drive fast and brake suddenly when they encounter situations.


The correct way is: the electric vehicle brakes urgently at high speed, and the unsafe factor increases, which may lead to a rollover accident. The correct way is to not ride too fast and slow down slowly when parking.


❌Misunderstanding 5: Start climbing does not help


The purpose of starting an electric vehicle is to save effort, and many people will not ride manually when the battery is not used up, including when starting off, going up a bridge, and climbing a slope.


The correct way is: when the electric vehicle starts, climbs, or rides with a heavy load, the battery discharge will be higher than usual, the current will increase significantly, and the foot will not help, which is a kind of damage to the battery. Therefore, in starting, climbing, it is best to use some manpower.


In conclusion


A good quality electric car will serve for many years, but the premise is that reasonable maintenance is necessary. If you have more doubts about electric vehicles, as professionals, we are happy to serve you.