How to Choose the Electric Tricycle Battery Capacity?

June 22,2022

In the process of using electric tricycle, many users will have such questions, that is, do not know how to choose the battery. And recently a user asked me such a question: electric tricycle battery is to choose 72V32Ah good, or choose 60V45Ah good? For this question, my answer is 60V45Ah better, why say so? Here is a detailed explanation.


Classification of Electric Tricycles

June 09,2022

Electric tricycles can be divided into household type, freight type and factory type. Because of different uses, the technical standards adopted are also different.


Do Electric Motorcycles Have Gears?

May 25,2022

In addition, electric motorcycles produce zero emissions, which is great for the environment. And finally, they’re just really fun to ride!  So if you’re looking for a new motorcycle that’s affordable, eco-friendly, and lots of fun, an electric bike might be the perfect choice for you.


Which is Better, Lead-acid Battery or Lithium Battery?

May 11,2022

With its compact and convenient characteristics, electric vehicles, as a short-distance means of transportation, greatly facilitate our daily travel.


Pros and Cons about Electric Vehicles and Motorcycles

April 20,2022

Although they are both two-wheeled vehicles, electric vehicles and motorcycles are actually quite different. If you want to know how to choose, you must understand their advantages and disadvantages.


Suggestions on the Purchase of Electric Scooter

March 23,2022

At present, there are more and more brands of electric scooters on the market, and the price and quality are also uneven, so this often leads to people not knowing where to start when purchasing. So here are some suggestions for purchasing electric scooters, which you can refer to.


5 Common Misconceptions about Electric Bicycles

March 10,2022

A good quality electric car will serve for many years, but the premise is that reasonable maintenance is necessary. If you have more doubts about electric vehicles, as professionals, we are happy to serve you.


How To Maintain Electric Bicycle?

February 23,2022

Electric bicycles are favored by more and more friends because of their characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving and convenience. So, how do we maintain electric bikes? This is a problem that most people are concerned about.


Driving Mode and Characteristics of Electric Bicycle

January 18,2022

The driving modes of electric bicycle products are divided into three driving modes: electric drive, electric moped, electric drive, and electric moped.