Best top 10 electric motorcycle manufacturers in the world

Best top 10 electric motorcycle manufacturers in the world
Electric motorcycles continue to develop to occupy a large part of the market share. Because of their rich functions and environmental protection to attract many consumers. This article will introduce the top 10 electric motorcycle companies in the world.
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    If you are considering buying a new electric motorcycle but don’t know what the best electric motorcycle companies are. This article is about top 10 electric motorcycle manufacturers in the world.

    Although electric motorcycles may not have the same coverage as their electric counterparts, they are still an integral part of the fast-growing industry.

    The problem is that many companies have entered the market of the electric motorcycle industry, making it difficult for consumers to discern. This article will list the 10 best electric motorcycle companies, each of which has played a role in the emerging electric motorcycle industry.

    Most electric motorcycles are made by startups, so they are not as well-known as traditional motorcycle manufacturers. However, these companies have evolved in response to change, and some of them have become major innovators in the motorcycle industry.

    Here are the top 10 electric motorcycle manufacturers in the world: Zero, Energica, Super Soco, Lightning, Sur-Ron, Zapp, Verge, Newron, Vespa and Harley.


    Best list of top 10 electric motorcycle manufacturers in China

    Number Company
    1 Zero
    2 Energica
    3 Super Soco
    4 Lightning
    5 Sur-Ron
    6 Zapp
    7 Verge
    8 Newron
    9 Vespa
    10 Harley


    Established date 2006
    Company location California, USA
    Company website

    Zero is a US-based motorcycle manufacturer founded in 2006. This brand has extensive experience in the electric motorcycle industry, focusing on street, sports and motocross. Since its inception, the company’s goal has been to develop sustainable, eco-friendly high-performance bikes while maintaining reasonable prices.

    Zero product

    Zero electric motorcycle models include the Zero S (street), SR (street racing), FXS (supermoto), DS (dual-sport), DSR (dual-sport racing), FX (motocross), and SR/F. Zero Moto is a globally renowned motorcycle brand that leads the e-bike market with its impressive models and improved battery technology.

    Zero products

    Provide customers with high-quality electric motorcycles that include accessible performance, reliable real-world range, lightweight frame, and affordable price. Overall, it is without a doubt the top 10 electric motorcycle manufacturers in the world.


    Established date 2014
    Company location Italy
    Company website

    Energica, which specializes in high-tech electric superbikes, is an Italian manufacturer of electric motorcycles. The company aims to create sustainable motorcycles with high performance. Energicca is an emerging company specializing in the manufacture of high-power two-wheelers.

    Energica product

    Currently, the company makes two motorcycles: Eva and Ego. The latter is a top-of-the-line model driven by an oil-cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor that produces a power of 107km, which accelerates the vehicle from 0 to 100km/h in 3 seconds. Up to a top speed of 240 km/h, such a strong drive force is not at all lost to conventional internal combustion engines.  

    Energica products

    Energia is working to expand its sales network and has signed commercial agreements in several regions in recent months. And began a new development path in the Asian region, and consolidated in China.

    Super Soco

    Established date 2015
    Company location Shanghai, China
    Company website

    Super soco is a Chinese electric motorcycle company founded in 2015. They are becoming more and more mainstream, becoming one of the major electric motorcycle manufacturers. An innovative technology enterprise committed to the research and development, manufacturing and sales of new energy two-wheel vehicles.

    Super Soco products

    The TC Wanderer is a vintage motorcycle with extraordinary attention to detail, showcasing true craftsmanship. It also offers a range of classic color combinations. Like electric trials bike, technology development and services in the field of intelligent and electric vehicle technology. Motorcycles and spare parts, sales of electric bicycles.

    Super Soco product

    The company focuses on providing new energy intelligent transportation solutions for urban light travel scenarios, and builds a new retail life service platform with smart exit and exit through big data.


    Established date 2007
    Company location California, USA
    Company website

    Lightning is one of the top 10 electric motorcycle manufacturers in the world. Mainly focus on fast electric motorcycles, crazy fast electric motorcycles. To meet the goal of the endurance challenge, accelerate the rapid development, testing and commercialization of innovative batteries to ensure that innovative batteries enter the market with sufficient performance, safety and reliability, and light weight.

    Lightning building

    The Lightning LS-218 model is perfect for speed fanatics, with a top speed of 200 mph and a 0-60 mph acceleration time of 2.2 seconds. Lightning LS-218 electric motorcycle is not only fast, but also accelerates fast. The exterior is also eye-catching and the design is stylish.

    Lightning product

    In addition, the brand is related to racing in many ways. Lightning works with energy storage manufacturers, and with the development of technology, a range of five hundred miles will be possible.


    Established date 2014
    Company location California, USA
    Company website California, USA

    Sur-Ron is an electric motorcycle company that specializes in the production of fun off-road vehicles and the development of intelligent electrification products in the two-wheeled sector. Over $30 million worth of investments have been secured over the years.

    Sur-Ron products

    Electric bicycle sales, electric dirt bikes, motorcycles and spare parts. SUR-RON has developed pure electric motorcycles as well as lightweight electric off-road bicycles.

    Sur-Ron product

    Sur-Ron’s electric motorcycles may not be the most practical, but they are really fun and can be used in local parks, forests, and roads.


    Established date 2017
    Company location UK
    Company website

    Zapp is one of the newest electric motorcycle manufacturers to create electric scooters that are both stylish and flexible. The Zapp electric scooter has a modern twist and has some design elements inspired by the big, faster superbikes.

    Zapp building

    Incorporate the characteristics of a superbike into an urban commuter vehicle to create an eye-catching electric pedal that not only has no difficulty in getting started, but also gives you the thrill of speeding.

    Zapp product

    Zapp works with a third-party manufacturing company and says it now has the capacity to build up to 10,000 scooters next year, eventually launching in the European market in 2023.


    Established date 2020
    Company location Finland
    Company website

    Verge loves technological innovation. The electric motorcycle adopts a “hubless” rear wheel design, and the middle of the wheel is completely hollow.


    The Verge hubless rear wheel pure electric motorcycle motor is integrated into the rear rim and is very unique. In addition, since the rim is hollow, the details of the motor and materials can be seen.

    For a pure electric motorcycle, unlike hybrid motorcycle, the design of wheelless rear wheels can reduce the weight of the vehicle and improve the endurance; Significantly improve the cooling efficiency of the motor.

    Verge product

    When the car is separated from the traditional fuel power to pure electrification, the overall shape and performance of the car is also undergoing a new evolution with the change of this power system.

    Then if the motorcycles, which are also motor vehicles, get rid of the traditional fuel engine, and get new changes in performance and even shape.


    Established date 2016
    Company location France
    Company website

    Newron’s electric motorcycles are loved by people. Committed to creating originality and creating suitable options for users.

    Newron product

    The new electric motorcycle designed with curved wooden body panels brings a unique aesthetic. In addition to the wooden body, the biggest feature of the car is the battery design. Its battery is different from the square battery pack of other models, but adopts a cylindrical shape, with color-changing LED lights, which makes the body.

    Newron products

    Newron hopes to launch their product soon and mass production. Motorcycle design is very limited because motorcycle design is strictly limited by the drivetrain of the motorcycle itself. However, the company broke the limits and tried something new.


    Established date 1946
    Company location Italy
    Company website

    Vespa is a classic bike manufacturer. They are known for their retro-style scooters. It mainly produces pedal two-wheeled mopeds. The motorcycles produced by the company have retained the appearance characteristics of the original model, while maintaining the characteristics of small and compact.

    Vespa product

    Recently, they introduced a brand new electric scooter that looks the same as the standard gasoline-powered model. This is a huge stepping stone for the brand, as they are among the top 10 electric motorcycle manufacturers in the world.

    Vespa products

    Vespa is a 70-year-old car factory, which has always taken the rich retro literature and art and the heavy cultural and historical background as the theme of car building, bringing convenience and fun to the owner.


    Established date 1903
    Company location Wisconsin, USA
    Company website

    Harley is a top 10 electric motorcycle manufacturers in the world. The company sells heavy motorcycles designed for road cruising. With a unique design and excellent performance, it attracts a group of loyal brand enthusiasts.

    Harley products

    Large displacement V-twin cylinder, air-cooled, belt drive are Harley’s signature configurations, but in recent years, Harley has also begun to make changes in order to obtain a larger market. It is understood that the electric model LiveWire, the first adventure station wagon and the avant-garde mid-displacement street car will be launched one after another.

    Harley product

    Harley is not just a motorcycle, but a unique lifestyle that represents freedom, individuality. Harley motorcycles are not a necessity or an everyday means of transportation. In fact, the world’s leading lifestyle of motorcycling is being introduced to China and redefining and developing motorsport as a fun, exciting and prestigious leisure activity.


    With the continuous expansion and development of the electric motorcycle market, the top 10 electric motorcycle manufacturers in the world have demonstrated their products and brand influence. BENLG is part in this field. Vigorously incorporate the electrical system while remaining environmentally friendly and make electric motorcycles a new trend.

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