Top 10 best retro motorcycle manufacturers in the world

Top 10 best retro motorcycle manufacturers in the world
With the rise in the popularity of retro style, there are more and more friends who choose retro motorcycles. This article will take a closer look at the top 10 best retro motorcycle manufacturers in the world.
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    There are many types of retro motorcycles on the market today, and the styles are very diverse. There are many manufacturers that produce electric motorcycle, and some have laid the foundation with the best retro motorcycle.

    Here are the top 10 best retro motorcycle manufacturers in the world: Honda, Velocette, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Ducati, Harley Davidson, BMW, BSA, Suzuki and Triumph.

    Advantages of the best retro motorcycle

    The biggest advantage of retro motorcycles is actually their potential for modification. The second is the appearance of a variety of styles, and such a variety of choices have become the favorites of some people who pursue individuality.

    In addition, retro motorcycles have lower height requirements, so the audience will be larger and wider. Classic retro motorcycles have always been popular on the market and have great value for money. It is also more popular with modern equipment such as electronic fuel injection, upgraded suspension and electric motor brake.

    The next content will introduce the top 10 best retro motorcycle manufacturers in the world. I would like to recommend the best retro motorcycles from the classic model, and I hope it helps.


    What are the best retro motorcycle for

    • Leisure and entertainment

    Retro motorcycles are “not good at performance,” and the vast majority of retro motorcycles do. Compared to sports motorcycle and street legal electric motorcycle, which are good at speed and explosive, most retro motorcycles are really not suitable for scenarios that require operation. Therefore, retro motorcycles are more suitable for casual riding and riding in their own style.

    • Pursuit of fashion and appearance

    There are many types of retro motorcycles, classic retro, modern sports retro with few retro elements, and there are also models that neutralize modern and retro, etc. There is a wide variety of looks to choose from, and each style has its own unique characteristics, and even the same model will have many different looks.

    At the same time, because retro models have a great potential for modification, they can get a new feeling with a little modification, and it is easy to become different, which also makes the purpose of personalization easier to achieve.

    • Keen on retrofitting

    Tuning is one of the unique advantages of vintage motorcycles. Most of the time, it’s not really about riding, it’s more about being a kind of art collection and at the same time being able to get a sense of accomplishment. It doesn’t matter if the hands-on ability is poor, some manufacturers will also launch original modifications to make modifications easier and simpler.

    • Pursue freedom

    Retro motorcycles are relatively relaxed, without heavy professional gear. General casual wear can be very compatible with retro motorcycles. Whether it is going out shopping to meet friends, or daily commuting to work, retro motorcycles are a very convenient choice.

    Best list of top 10 best retro motorcycle manufacturers in the world

    Number Company
    1 Honda
    2 Velocette
    3 Yamaha
    4 Kawasaki
    5 Ducati
    6 Harley Davidson
    7 BMW
    8 BSA
    9 Suzuki
    10 Triumph


    Honda logo
    Established date 1948
    Company location Japan
    Company website

    In the 60s of the 20th century, Brighton on the south coast of England was the main front for Cafe Racer motorcyclists. Drivers gather at coffee shops in London before racing to the waterfront on the weekend.

    Honda building

    The town of Brighton was also the site of the 1965 Brighton Festival Speed Race, an international motorcycle event and the first time the Honda CB450 took to the world stage. In a demonstration event, the bike reached a top speed of 160 kilometers per hour and ran a kilometer in just over 30 seconds.

    Honda product

    Honda’s goal was to bring the CB450 to the U.S. market, and the car’s production cycle was relatively short, at just three years. In the U.S., the CB450 had some success, positively impacting Honda’s motorcycle sales in the U.S.


    Velocette logo
    Established date 1904
    Company location England
    Company website

    The Velocette Venom was one of the first models to feature racing seats and grips, features that also made it an icon of road racing in the 1960s. The Venom is an upgraded version of the Velocette 350cc Viper, featuring 499cc displacement with swing arms and telescopic shocks.

    Velocette environment

    At the time, these were seen as revolutionary improvements. By the 60s of the 20th century, the brakes were further improved, the compression ratio was increased, a racing gearbox was used, and the car was produced for 25 years.

    Velocette product


    Yamaha logo
    Established date 1978
    Company location Japan
    Company website

    Yamaha’s SR line includes utility motorcycles from small to mid-sized that are affordable and reliable. It is available in a variety of engine displacements, including 125cc, 250cc, 400cc and 500cc versions. Only the SR400 is still in production today.

    YAMAHA office building

    The SR series boasts a standard upright riding position, modest power delivery, and good handling, making them ideal for beginners and city commuters. The Yamaha SR400 is a single-cylinder, foot-started motorcycle.

    Yamaha product

    The latest 2021 model also features the same 399cc engine as the original, but with a combination of electronic fuel injection, 298mm disc brakes at the front, and drum brakes at the rear. The Yamaha SR400 is not as eye-catching, but that’s what makes it appealing, and it’s a classic motorcycle that is sure to stay popular for a long time.


    Kawasaki logo
    Established date 1950
    Company location Japan
    Company website

    In 1974, Kawasaki began mass production of the KZ400 directly in the United States in response to global economic problems, depreciation, and sharp increases in fuel prices.

    Kawasaki office building

    With an electric start and twin-cylinder 398cc engine, the KZ400 is nimble and powerful enough to easily carry two people on long journeys. The dashboard is simple, consisting only of the tachometer, speedometer and signal indicators.

    Kawasaki product

    The whole car is chrome shiny, with shiny motorcycle shock absorbers, armrests, exhaust pipes, dials and fenders, and even the fuel tank has a nice livery, adding a retro vibe. It is a light and easy-to-handle best retro motorcycle.


    Ducati logo
    Established date 1923
    Company location Italy
    Company website

    Equipped with top-of-the-line parts like the Öhlins and Brembo, Ducati’s latest Scrambler 1100 Sports is the ultimate version of Ducati’s retro motorcycle, which also gets Ducati’s traction control, cornering ABS, ride modes, and the latest graphics for 2020.

    Ducati building

    The Scrambler series has always been the best-selling epoch-making retro motorcycle. Simple, compact, fun, and full of personality.

    Ducati product

    Harley Davidson

    Harley Davidson logo
    Established date 1903
    Company location America
    Company website

    In 1957, Harley Davidson introduced the Sportster, a stylish and sporty motorcycle. The original XL Series Sportster features a V-twin engine, single-seat design, low seat height and forward-leaning riding position.

    Harley building

    The early Sportster models had many traditional features, including foot-kick start, drum brakes, and a right-hand shifter. While this adds to the inconvenience, it’s all an experience for classic motorcycle enthusiasts.



    BMW logo
    Established date 1923
    Company location German
    Company website

    BMW released the R65 in 1978 in the hope of competing in the mid-size motorcycle market, and it proved very popular, and demand for the R65 is still strong in the second-hand market today.

    BMW office building

    The BMW R65 is between the R100 and R45. In the BMW model, the “R” stands for boxer engine and the 65 is engine capacity, so the R45 is 450cc and the R65 is 650cc.

    The BMW R65 is capable of breaking 100 in 5.8 seconds, covering a quarter mile in 14.3 seconds and reaching a top speed of 170 km/h. For a mid-size motorcycle from the 70s, the numbers are pretty good. BMW is mounted horizontally, allowing airflow to be directed for better cooling.

    BMW motorcycle

    By the 1970s, BMW had pushed the Boxer engine into the arts, one of the most reliable motorcycle engines in series production and the basis of the BMW R80 G/S model series that would later form the basis of the Paris-Dakar Rally and the creation of the so-called modern best adventure motorcycle genre.

    The BMW Boxer engine is still in production today, unlike the simple air-cooled overhead valve design of the past. The current version features liquid-cooled variable valve timing, overhead cams, and electronic ignition and fuel injection.


    BSA logo
    Established date 1919
    Company location England
    Company website

    BSA began manufacturing firearms in the 19th century and then transitioned to motorcycles. The BSA Bantam is a 123cc single-cylinder British motorcycle based on a German motorcycle design. The British put the gear lever on the right side and re-marked it to ensure it was differentiated, and this design is also used elsewhere in Europe and the United States.

    BSA product

    This small-displacement three-speed motorcycle is a small means of transportation, but the quality control of the car is not very good, and its side brackets are not strong enough. The gear lever is prone to breakage, and there are a lot of problems with its wire routing. Despite its shortcomings, the Bantam is still a sleek retro model.

    BSA products


    SUZUKI logo
    Established date 1920
    Company location Japan
    Company website

    In 1976 Suzuki launched the GS series of motorcycles, which were produced into the 21st century with models such as the GS500F and GS150. But the most popular among collectors of vintage motorcycles is the original GS series from the late 70s of the 20th century, including the 400, 550 and 750 models.

    Suzuki building

    The most striking feature of the car is its four-cylinder engine that produces 49 horsepower, and the car is equipped with front disc brakes and rear drum brakes, and is mated to a six-speed gearbox. The first in its class to use a six-speed gearbox, the car is very reliable and performs well, reaching a top speed of 170 kilometers per hour.

    Suzuki product


    Triumph logo
    Established date 1983
    Company location England
    Company website

    The Triumph Bonneville is one of the oldest best retro motorcycles still in production today, and Triumph has received a response from the market by upgrading its flagship Bonneville from a 650cc T120 to a faster and more powerful 750cc T140.

    Triumph building

    The T140 was built to cater to the American market. The T140 comes standard with a five-speed transmission, left-hand gear lever, front and rear disc brakes, 254mm single-piston calipers, and a powerful parallel-twin engine.

    Triumph product


    Retro cars are one of the most prominent types of motorcycles, and many people’s entry-level cars are either street cars or retro cars. Although the retro car is relatively unpopular at the moment, it is not as popular as cruising and pedaling. The types of best retro motorcycle are also richer, and the range of displacement is also wider and there are more choices.

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