Top 10 best long distance motorcycle in the world

Top 10 best long distance motorcycle in the world
During the trip, a lot of time is spent with motorcycles. So the comfort of a motorcycle can be considered to be worthy of being ranked first. This article mainly introduces the top 10 best long distance motorcycle in the world.
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    With the continuous development and progress of the times, many people choose electric motorcycle as a means of transportation for daily travel. Motorcycle travel has also gradually become fashionable, and freedom has become synonymous.

    Choosing the right motorcycle is especially important during the trip. So, how to choose the best long distance motorcycle. This article is about to provide a comprehensive list from many perspectives.

    Here are the best long distance motorcycle in the world: Suzuki, Honda, BMW, Zontes, Benlg, KOVE MOTO, Zong Shen, Benelli, Qianjiang and Motomorini.


    How to choose the best long distance motorcycle

    • Riding comfort

    During the trip, a lot of time is spent on motorcycles. So the comfort of a motorcycle can be said to be worth being ranked first. One of the most important ways to determine whether a motorcycle is the best long distance motorcycle is the sitting position. From this point of view, the four models ADV, large pedal, cruise and RV are relatively comfortable.

    But there are two things:

    The cruising car has straight saddles and legs stretched out in front. When encountering bad road conditions, the impact of vehicle vibration is basically borne by the waist.

    Other models can ride standing when tired after sitting for a long time, but cruising requires always riding in a seated position.

    Therefore, if it is a motorcycle tour of several hundred kilometers, the comfort of the cruising car will not be bad, but for a longer motorcycle tour, cruising is still not very suitable.

    •  Trafficability characteristic

    Many classic routes encounter unpaved roads. Compared to other models, the ADV can be considered an all-rounder. As you can see from the name, ADV was born for long-distance motorcycle tours.

    They have a high ground clearance and a reinforced damping system. It can not only meet the needs of highway running, but also adapt to some extreme road conditions.

    How to choose the best long distance motorcycle

    • Loading capacity

    Loading capacity also depends on convenience. If it is a long distance and there is a lot of luggage, the loading capacity of ADVs and RVs with three boxes will be stronger.

    The scooter is not designed with long-distance travel as a priority, so although it can be installed, it is not convenient to install, and it is easy to cause items to fall on the way.

    • Rider ability

    Just like displacement selection, sitting height selection, these factors. Unforeseen situations may arise along the way, and it is best to have your feet fully on the ground to avoid reversing on the spot to a certain extent.

    The ADV is one of the best models for long-distance motorcycling. Not only is the riding comfort high, the passability is good, and the loading capacity is strong, but the various configurations are also considered accordingly for long-distance motorcycle travel.

    Generally speaking, it has a larger displacement and heavier dead weight, which makes it more difficult to operate than models such as pedals. Let’s take a look at the best long distance motorcycle.

    Nowadays, more and more people like to travel long distances on motorcycles. Motorcycles used to be just a means of transportation, but now they have become a pleasure.

    But in order to meet such needs, there are certain requirements for the endurance of motorcycles. For those who prefer to run long distances, a longer range means more safety. Hopefully, this article’s best long distance motorcycle helps.

    Top 10 best long distance motorcycle list

    Number Company
    1 Suzuki
    2 Honda
    3 BMW
    4 Zontes
    5 Benlg
    7 Zong Shen
    8 Benelli
    9 Qianjiang
    10 Motomorini


    SUZUKI logo
    Established date 1920
    Company location Japan
    Company website

    With a maximum range of 415 km, the vehicle was launched in 2006 and attracted a lot of attention at that time. Now in its third generation, the beautiful appearance is loved by young people, and the windshield also has an adjustable effect.

    Suzuki building

    On top of that, it has a 21L fuel tank, and 400km is an easy task for it. The 650CC’s displacement also brings great handling pleasure, and the price is also very reasonable, so it is a cost-effective all-round best adventure motorcycle.

    Suzuki product


    Honda logo
    Established date 1948
    Company location Japan
    Company website

    With a maximum range of 440km, it attracts many young people with its first-class off-road performance.

    Honda building

    In the 2020 model year, not only the electronics have been greatly improved, but the performance has also been greatly improved, and the fuel tank volume can reach 24.8 liters. It’s no problem to run 440km on such a large fuel tank, which is also outstanding for a male motorcycle.

    Honda product


    BMW logo
    Established date 1923
    Company location Germany
    Company website

    It has a maximum range of 465km, its 26.5-liter fuel tank is impressive, and the six-cylinder engine is also very powerful. At the same time, it is also reflected in comfort and operability, and operability has been praised by many people.

    BMW office building

    In addition, it is also rich in configuration, satellite navigation, handlebar and seat heating, ESA, etc., and the most important thing is that the car is very powerful.

    BMW motorcycle


    Zontes logo
    Established date 2003
    Company location China
    Company website

    The configuration of this car is still very comprehensive, and it is very attractive even in the market. Front-mounted inverted fork, Bosch ABS, LCD instrument, vehicle LED light source, electric fuel tank cap, keyless system, riding mode, aluminum alloy rear suspension and so on.

    Zontes building

    On the outside, the car uses the usual bird’s beak design, thanks to its wide body, although it is only a 300cc entry displacement, but it is visually able to match well.

    Zontes environmnet


    benlg logo
    Established date 2004
    Company location China
    Company website

    Focusing on motorcycle research and development, it aims to provide high-performance, high-quality large-displacement recreational sports motorcycle products for motorcycle users all over the world.

    Benlg building

    Benlg will continue to invest in R&D and design, and further build a professional and high-performance product image by continuously investing in new technologies and standards in new products, and cooperating with the launch of revolutionary new product projects.

    The BL-BOX series models are designed with a 175 mm ground clearance and a front and rear Oil pressure (Hydraulic) damping system to easily cope with rough roads. BENLG battery exchange technology, CAN (Battery capacity display) communication.

    Benlg product

    Designed for maximum electric motorcycle battery capacity. The maximum speed of 4000W can reach 80km/h, and the carrying capacity is 250kg. Front and rear drum brakes, electronic parking brake, alloy rims. All of the above support it to be the best long distance motorcycle, and it also supports customization. The point is to meet the right price and be very cost-effective.


    KOVE MOTO logo
    Established date 2017
    Company location China
    Company website

    Externally, this car is still a bird’s beak design. In terms of configuration, it can be said to be very good, KYB front and rear shock absorption, spoked wheels, vacuum tires, Nissin brake calipers, adjustable windshields.

    KOVE MOTO environment

    This bike has two relatively practical electronic configurations, one is the riding mode selection, and the other is the ABS mode switch (full on, full off, only the rear wheel off). This setting provides more fun for many professional people. This car also has its own problems. That is, the workmanship and quality are not stable enough.

    KOVE MOTO product

    Zong Shen

    Zong Shen logo
    Established date 1995
    Company location China
    Company website

    This car is positioned for long-distance motorcycle tours, and the model is relatively large, with a displacement of 450cc. This single-cylinder, water-cooled engine can reach 40nm of torque at 7,000 rpm, which is still a very practical combination.

    Zong Shen building

    This car is also a polarized vehicle in terms of word-of-mouth, and people who don’t like it have opinions about its riding comfort, posture and craftsmanship, and the other thing is that it borrows more or less from the big and small eye design.

    Zong Shen product


    Benelli logo
    Established date 1911
    Company location Italy
    Company website

    This car is considered to be a very cost-effective ADV motorcycle model in the market, equipped with three boxes with ABS. Except that the whole vehicle is a little too heavy, the quality of other aspects is still good.

    Benelli environment

    After all, from the exterior to the 500cc twin-cylinder engine, it delivers 48 horsepower and 45 nm torque. In terms of power, this output is not low, but the car is too heavy, and the vehicle 227kg can only be considered enough for this power.

    Benelli product

    The appearance of this car is very atmospheric, the only deficiency is that the quality of the small parts is average, which needs to be specially selected when choosing a car.


    Qianjiang logo
    Established date 1999
    Company location China
    Company website

    It is powered by a 554cc engine with a maximum power of 45kW and a top speed of 172km/h. In terms of safety, it is equipped with an ABS braking system. The car is also available with optional spoked wheels.

    Qianjiang environment

    In terms of weight, the curb weight is 198kg, and the total mass is 380kg. In terms of tires, the front is large and the rear is small, the front is narrow and the rear is wide.

    Qianjiang product


    Motomorini logo
    Established date 1934
    Company location Italy
    Company website

    This cruising bike-shaped straddle comes from Motomorini. It has a displacement of 693 cc, a maximum power of 55 kW, and a top speed of 175 km/h.

    Motomorini environment

    In terms of security, an ABS system is used. In terms of weight, the curb weight is 214kg, and the total mass is 364kg.

    Motomorini product


    If long-distance travel is wanted, the above-listed top 10 best long distance motorcycle can be said to be a good choice, and it can be said that the battery life is better in the same class. As long as you ride them, you basically don’t have to worry about battery life. However, long-distance motorcycling is not an easy task, so it is better to plan for the evening to be safer.

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