Top 10 best beginner motorcycle manufacturers in the world

Top 10 best beginner motorcycle manufacturers in the world
Now that motorcycles are becoming more and more popular, how to choose the best beginners motorcycle. This article comes to provide the most comprehensive brands and manufacturers and is intended to find the right motorcycle and make a better choice.
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    In the history of electric motorcycles, there are some models that have become classics because of their excellent performance and quality. These models have stood the test of time and become the signature of electric motorcycle manufacturers.

    When beginners are eager to take the plunge, the perfect combination of speed and passion can make them feel endless excitement and joy. This article focuses on the best beginner motorcycle, enumerating the types of products that are suitable for beginners to choose, as well as the manufacturers.

    Here are the top 10 best beginner motorcycle manufacturers in the world: Yamaha, Kawasaki, Benlg, Honda, KTM, BMW, Harley, Suzuki, Cfmoto and VOGE. 


    Best list of top 10 mountain bike manufacturers in the world

    Number Company
    1 Yamaha
    2 Kawasaki
    3 Benlg
    4 Honda
    5 KTM
    6 BMW
    7 Harley
    8 Suzuki
    9 Cfmoto
    10 VOGE


    Yamaha logo
    Established date 1978
    Company location Japan
    Company website

    Since 1978, Yamaha SR400 has been the best beginner motorcycle to fit in. The car’s latest central instrument cluster has a retro style that makes you feel like you’ve traveled back in time to the golden age of motorcycles in the ’70s.

    YAMAHA office building

    In addition to retaining the classic old-fashioned starting method, this car can also be started by foot pedals, which is very unique. The seat height of the Yamaha SR400 is low, making it more comfortable for the driver to ride.

    Equipped with a 399cc single-cylinder, air-cooled 4-stroke engine and a 5-speed gearbox, it can handle both urban commuting and short highway rides. Although the car doesn’t have a windscreen, it’s still a good place to start.

    YAMAHA motorcycle

    The classic design and excellent performance of this car have made it the first choice of many motorcycle enthusiasts. Not only does it meet the needs of beginners, but it also allows experienced riders to experience the joy of retro riding. No matter what level of motorcycle enthusiast you are, the Yamaha SR400 is capable of giving you a unique riding experience.


    Kawasaki logo
    Established date 1950
    Company location Japan
    Company website

    Kawasaki is a multinational company that manufactures motorcycles, heavy equipment, aerospace and defense equipment, rolling stock, and ships. At the same time, it also vigorously develops the production and manufacturing of industrial robots, gas turbines and industrial boilers.

    Kawasaki office building

    The legendary Kawasaki model has excellent entry-level performance, and the 399cc twin-cylinder can output 44 horsepower. Its wide range of modifications and significant performance improvements make this car suitable for all needs, from novice to expert.

    Kawasaki motorcycle

    It’s a great way to get around every day, but it’s also a great way to show off on the track. Lower curb weight, shorter frame, stiffer fork and longer swingarm, and upgraded braking add to your driving experience.


    Benlg logo
    Established date 2004
    Company location China
    Company website

    Benlg is mainly engaged in the production of electric motorcycles. It is one of the top 10 electric motorcycle manufacturers in the industry to have a national industrial product production license, and the first electric vehicle company with independent export rights.

    Benlg building

    The Benlg brand covers four categories, including electric bicycles, lithium electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, and electric tricycles, combined with cool car series, nuclear submarine series, etc., to form a product series aircraft carrier group.

    The products have passed ISO9001 quality certification, DOT certification, EEC/E-MARK certification and other certifications, and are exported to more than 30 countries and regions.

    Benlg motorcycle

    Benlg has always inherited the motorcycle quality gene of the electric motorcycle industry cluster, and the product quality is excellent, and it has a good reputation in the market. Positive change, sales have increased by leaps and bounds in recent years, and market demand is strong, which puts forward higher requirements for factory capacity.


    Honda logo
    Established date 1948
    Company location Japan
    Company website

    Honda is mainly engaged in the development, production, sales and service of motorcycle and electric vehicle products, with advanced production lines. Its best beginner motorcycles have always been the choice for beginners and are still highly sought after today.

    Honda motorcycle

    With stable performance, easy-to-handle characteristics, an ultra-smooth 6-speed gearbox and a 491cc twin-cylinder water-cooled engine, it shows excellent power performance.

    At the same time, the curb weight is moderate and the seat height is low, making it the first choice for many female riders to get started. Honda has equipped this bike with a wide range of riding equipment, such as saddle bags, windshields, etc., so that riders can enjoy a more comprehensive riding experience.

    Honda office building

    In addition, Honda introduced the Rebel 300 and the ultra-advanced Rebel 1100, which are definitely worth checking out for beginners with their retro looks and consistent performance.


    KTM logo
    Established date 1954
    Company location Austria
    Company website

    KTM’s strong point is off-road bikes, which have won awards in many off-road events. Today, KTM has grown into a global motorcycle manufacturer with a product line that covers all types of motorcycles, from road bikes to off-road bikes, adventure bikes and even electric motorcycles.

    KTM office building

    The 390 ADV is equipped with the same powerful heart as the 390 DUKE – a water-cooled single-cylinder engine with a double overhead 4-valve camshaft distribution and 373 mL displacement. The 89mm cylinder bore is coated with DLC to improve durability.

    The 390ADV’s acceleration performance is even more remarkable, with a 0-100 km/h acceleration time of only 5.4 seconds, although slightly behind the 390DUKE, it still shows its extraordinary strength.

    KTM motorcycle

    The frame is made of traditional steel tubular frame, and key components such as the subframe and swingarm also follow the family line, inheriting the classic construction and quality.

    In terms of shock absorption systems, the 390 ADV uses professional equipment from the WP brand. The APEX 43mm fully adjustable inverted fork (170mm impact stroke) and APEX mid mounted rear impact (177mm impact stroke) work together to support adjustable preload and rebound, providing the driver with excellent handling and a comfortable ride.

    The ride standard comes at 855mm, which may be a bit challenging for some riders, but considering the car’s 158kg dry weight, it’s not a lot of pressure to handle. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, you can easily enjoy the thrill of galloping.


    BMW logo
    Established date 1923
    Company location Germany
    Company website

    BMW is one of the few motorcycle manufacturers among the world’s leading automobile companies, and its motorcycle business has a long history, and the classic two-cylinder opposed engine structure is still used today.

    BMW office building

    BMW Motorrad officially entered the Chinese market in 2006, mainly selling off-road vehicles, street bikes, station wagons, sports cars, police cars and other models. BMW Motorcycles has been synonymous with innovation since the birth of the first BMW R32 in 1923.

    The G310GS is powered by a 313cc inverted single-cylinder DOHC engine, an all-new engine developed for the G310 model, with some technology from the S1000R. The reason for the inversion is to lower the vehicle’s center of gravity and shorten the intake and exhaust distances.

    BMW motorcycle

    The maximum power output is 9,500 rpm burst of 34 hp, and the peak torque of 28 Nm is delivered at 7,500 rpm. The seat height is 835mm, and the sitting position is acceptable. The long travel and soft suspension make the GS a bit more agile in low-speed handling than the R, but the suspension is too soft and makes hard braking less stable.


    Harley Davidson logo
    Established date 1903
    Company location United States
    Company website

    The world’s leading manufacturer of recreational motorcycles is mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacturing, production and sales of motorcycles, covering customized models, cruising models and touring models of motorcycle series. At the same time, it also provides motorcycle accessories and rider clothing and equipment.

    Harley Davidson office building

    The Harley Street 500 was first launched in 2013 to meet the needs of young people. It may also be Harley’s smallest displacement model, equipped with a 494cc water-cooled twin-cylinder engine, which can output 40Nm of peak torque at 3750 rpm, which is really worthy of Harley.

    The length of the car is 2214.88mm, the wheelbase is 1519mm, the seat height is only 719mm, and the ground clearance is 145mm. The front wheel size is 100/80R17, and the rear wheel is 140/75R15. Single front and rear floating disc with double piston caliper.

    Harley Davidson motorcycle

    The fuel tank volume is 13L, and the vehicle weighs 233kg. Developed specifically for urban environments, the Street 500 features the latest Revolution X engine for stop-and-go between cities, while responsive throttle response allows the driver to quickly maneuver through the city’s heavy traffic.

    The all-new Revolution X engine is designed in a frame with a greater focus on agility, and the ultra-low seating, all-new suspension, and larger handlebars provide driving confidence. The best motorcycle for beginners.


    SUZUKI logo
    Established date 1920
    Company location Japan
    Company website

    Suzuki is a Japanese motorcycle manufacturer. Suzuki’s product line includes motorcycles, bicycles, automobiles, etc., of which motorcycles are one of its main products. Suzuki has a wealth of experience and technology in the motorcycle field, and its products are known for their reliability and durability.

    SUZUKI office building

    Entry-level GSX250R is always one of the best options for newcomers to get started. In terms of quality, there is basically no such thing as a car in China – stability and durability.

    The twin-cylinder water-cooled four-stroke engine has an actual displacement of 248 ml, a compression ratio of 11.5:1, a maximum power of 18.4 KW, and a maximum torque of 23.4 N/m, but the acceleration time of 100 kilometers in close to 10 seconds is too slow.

    SUZUKI brand

    Fortunately, the configuration is quite complete. The GSX250 is equipped with ABS, LCD instrument, front adjustable vertical cylinder shock absorber preload plus rear seven adjustable preload monotube shock absorber.

    The exterior design of the GSX250 is highly consistent with that of the big brother in the family. GSX1000 can also be called family, and the 250cc entry-level imitation race can do the same.


    Cfmoto logo
    Established date 1989
    Company location China
    Company website

    CFMOTO products focus on all-terrain vehicles, medium and large displacement motorcycles, and electric motorcycles positioned for sports and leisure. It integrates convenience and practicality with leisure and entertainment, and is suitable for driving in complex terrain, and can be applied to outdoor operations, sports and leisure and many other fields.

    Cfmoto brand

    CFMOTO is deeply involved in the power sports industry and actively participates in global competition. The 2023 250SR adopts the latest generation of the SR series, which is very close to the 450SR in appearance, but the new 250SR model is not only available in a double wishbone version, but also a single wishbone version.

    It’s a new design, and for a car in its class, the new 250SR has once again reached the pinnacle of its beauty. Moreover, the new SR family style design also makes the entire outer envelope not only fuller, but also more aerodynamically aesthetic. Optimized and upgraded detailed configurations.

    Cfmoto motorcycle

    The new handlebar button module is not only more textured, but the layout of the buttons is also more user-friendly. In addition, the new hollow aluminum alloy upper plate has excellent texture and a sense of grade.


    VOGE logo
    Established date 2018
    Company location China
    Company website

    VOGE is a sports motorcycle brand integrating R&D, production, sales and service, focusing on R&D and manufacturing in the field of large displacement sports locomotives. It is committed to building a diversified cultural life for users with technological innovation and conveying the concept of driving aesthetics.

    VOGE brand

    Based on the world’s leading motorcycle start-up brand, VOGE has begun to have the ability to control high-end motorcycles thanks to years of technical precipitation in the industry, the establishment of long-term strategic cooperative relations with BMW, and the reserve building of technical teams.

    VOGE motorcycle

    The VOGE brand aims to provide consumers with a new choice at the moment of consumption upgrading, bringing a high-quality, cost-effective, fun-filled sports motorcycle like a hybrid motorcycle and the best beginner motorcycle.


    Above is the introduction of the best beginner motorcycle brands and manufacturers. Regardless of the type of motorcycle chosen, safety and experience are the most important considerations.

    In addition to the target model, you still have to look at the budget and performance. Usually, the performance of motorcycles depends on the displacement and power, and the performance requirements will be inconsistent under different use requirements.

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