Decode auto start stop technology and its function

Decode auto start stop technology and its function
Automatic start and stop technology is more common in the automotive sector, but it is not very popular in the motorcycle field, and only pedal models are currently using this device, which makes some people very curious.
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    The auto start stop technology was first applied to the automobile engine by Toyota in the 70s of the last century, and it was also an application test at that time, and it was not popularized on a large scale.

    Later, with the increasing improvement of global automobile emission regulations, around 2000, it was paid attention to and gradually improved by major manufacturers and Benlg.

    The automatic start and stop technology of motorcycles is transplanted after the maturity of automobile applications, so the technology is mature. What is the significance of auto start and stop technology? Does it play a role in reducing fuel consumption?


    What is auto start stop technology

    Motorcycle engine start stop refers to the automatic shutdown of the engine when the speed of the motorcycle is reduced to a certain level or completely stopped during motorcycle driving to save fuel and reduce emissions.

    And when it’s time to restart driving, the engine automatically restarts. This feature improves fuel efficiency and reduces tailpipe emissions, making it more environmentally friendly.

    What is auto start stop technology

    Simply put, the start stop technology of the motorcycle is a more intelligent device that can replace manual ignition. Its main application scenarios will focus on switching off and restarting in a short-term shutdown state, and to put it more simply, it will automatically turn off and start when waiting for a red light.

    However, in order to achieve this function, it is generally only available to the silent start engine with pulse ignition, because this device is very dependent on the starting motor, otherwise it would be a joke to start and stop automatically.

    How the auto start stop technology works on a motorcycle

    • Detect vehicle status

    When the motorcycle is stopped, the start stop technology will detect the status of the vehicle through sensors, such as vehicle speed (motorcycle speed wobble), brake status, clutch status, etc.

    • Parking judgment

    The start stop technology determines whether the motorcycle is parked or not. Normally, in the case of clutch disengagement and brake suppression, the system recognizes the parking status.

    • Engine shutdown

    Once the system confirms that the motorcycle is parked, the start stop system sends a command to the engine control unit to shut down the fuel injection system or ignition system, and shut down the engine.

    How the auto start stop technology works on a motorcycle

    • Start the request

    When the rider is ready to start again, step on the motorcycle clutch or release the brakes, and the start stop system recognizes the start request. Once the system detects a start request, the start stop system sends another command to the engine control unit to restart the engine.

    It should be noted that the start stop function of motorcycles is generally suitable for low-speed driving or long-term parking, such as traffic lights. At high speeds or in the event of frequent shutdowns, the shutdown system may be disabled or not working properly. Different motorcycle brands and models may vary, and the specific start stop function principle may vary.

    Auto start stop function - pros and cons

    ● Merit

    • Fuel efficient

    When waiting for a red light or traffic jam, the automatic start stop function can automatically turn off the engine, so as to achieve the purpose of fuel saving. Especially in the case of long waiting times at intersections, the fuel saving effect is more obvious.

    • Environmental protection and energy saving

    By reducing engine idle time, automatic start stop helps reduce exhaust emissions and indirectly protects the environment.

    • Convenient

    Automated operation is more efficient than manual operation, especially in scenarios that require frequent starts and stops, such as driving in urban areas, which can significantly reduce the actual fuel consumption of the vehicle.

    Auto start stop function - pros and cons

    ● Demerits

    • Increased costs

    Vehicles with start stop technologies are usually several thousand dollars more expensive than vehicles without this feature. In addition, due to the frequent and repeated start and stop of the engine, there are higher requirements for oil quality, which further increases motorcycle maintenance costs.

    • Reduced comfort

    When following traffic and getting stuck in traffic, frequent start stop may affect the comfort of the ride, especially in the case of stop-and-go.

    • Safety hazards

    In certain scenarios such as wading through water, ramps, refueling, and low-speed parking, the automatic start stop function can pose a safety hazard. For example, the engine may be damaged by water backflow when wading through water, and the danger may occur due to slow start when driving on a ramp.

    The automatic start stop function can significantly save fuel and reduce tailpipe emissions in certain scenarios, but it also comes with some additional costs and safety hazards. Therefore, car owners should decide whether they need to turn on this function according to the actual situation and needs when using it.

    Is the auto start stop technology fuel-efficient

    There are prerequisites for saving fuel. Because theoretically, the most fuel-efficient state of the motorcycle is to turn off, and the reason why the automatic start and stop can save fuel comes from the temporary stop of the engine.

    Is the auto start stop technology fuel-efficient

    If you wait longer for a red light at an intersection, the more fuel efficient it will be. And its automatic operation and motorcycle abs system will be very convenient, more efficient than manual operation.

    If the red light at the intersection is not long, then the automatic start stop will not have much practical effect, and the fuel it saves may not be enough to start the vehicle again. And in some unobstructed road conditions, its fuel saving effect will also be minimal.


    To sum up, we can conclude that the auto start and stop technology of two-wheeler is not a device that looks useless. As long as the waiting time at the intersection is long, it will have a significant effect and can also save a certain amount of fuel.

    The main automatic start and stop technology is that the process is still relatively random, but there is no need to deliberately amplify this function. Therefore, if there is an automatic start and stop technology, make good use of it, and there is no need to worry about it.

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