Analysis of the causes of abnormal brake noise of electric vehicles

Analysis of the causes of abnormal brake noise of electric vehicles
Now the disc brake is basically the standard configuration of commercial models, and the performance of the disc brake is recognized by everyone. The mechanical structure of hydraulic disc brakes is more sophisticated and complex, and a slight discomfort can also cause various problems.
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    Understand and judge first, and know the problems can be solved. Today’s article is dedicated to learning about overhauling. On busy city streets, two-wheeled electric vehicles, especially electric motorcycles have become more and more citizens’ travel choices due to their lightweight and environmentally friendly characteristics.

    However, when enjoying the convenience of riding, many car owners have encountered the trouble of abnormal disc brake discs. This article will delve into the causes of the abnormal sound of the disc brake disc of two-wheeled electric vehicles and provide corresponding solutions.


    Two-wheeled electric vehicle failure analysis

    • The brakes are too tight

    Newly purchased bicycles or cars with replaced disc brakes often have the problem of making the gap too small and jerky too tight, which is a normal situation and can be solved by scientific running-in.

    • Brake noise

    The problem of abnormal brake noise is not complicated, mainly due to improper installation position or mixing of foreign mud and sand objects in the caliper. It can be solved sequentially by elimination.

    • Keep it clean and oil-free

    Remove the plates and plates and wipe them clean.

    The brake system is saturated

    Hydraulic disc brake saturation means that there is too much oil or water vapor in the oil circuit, especially DOT brake fluid that has a strong hygroscopicity. Over time, the pressure of the tubing that sucks in the water increases.

    As a result, the gap between the blades becomes smaller and the rebound is not smooth, which is prone to poor wheel rotation and locking up as soon as the brake is braking, resulting in potential dangers. And this situation is related to motorcycle abs system.

    The brake system is saturated

    First of all, we can take a new oil change, which is suitable for the vehicle has not been ridden for a long time, and the oil quality has dropped significantly more than half a year since the last oil change, at this time, the brake and the disc will be excessively rubbed, so the new oil replacement is more efficient.

    Or, properly drain the oil, at the oil injection hole of the brake handle, unscrew the oil injection screw, then too much oil will naturally overflow, wipe the flowing oil with a paper towel to tighten the screw, if the wheel still can not rotate smoothly, you can repeat this step until the wheel rotates smoothly.

    • The brakes lack oil and air mixture

    Due to the damage to the oil circuit, the disc brake will lack oil or mix in the air, which will cause the handle to become soft and the brake to be weak, so it is necessary to exhaust the air and replenish the oil.

    Unscrew the oil injection screw. If there is air, it will naturally be in the top part of the oil circuit, then you can use a needle syringe to inject the corresponding oil, and fill it up. If you are using mineral oil disc brakes, you can choose a disc with better heat dissipation to avoid boiling and oil leakage.

    • Mineral oil disc brakes rely on the disc to dissipate heat

    If you have more questions or problems with hydraulic disc brakes, it is recommended to consult your local car shop to avoid the adverse consequences of unauthorized action outweigh the losses.

    The cause of the abnormal sound of the disc brake disc

    • Brake pad wear

    With the increase in use, the brake pad will gradually wear out until the contact area with the disc brake disc decreases, resulting in an increase in the coefficient of friction, resulting in a harsh abnormal sound.

    The cause of the abnormal sound of the disc brake disc

    • Improper installation of brake pads

    When replacing brake pads, if the installation position is incorrect or there are foreign objects, it will cause uneven contact between the brake pads and the disc brake disc, which will cause abnormal noise.

    • Disc brake disc deformation

    Long-term use or improper riding habits can cause disc brake disc deformation. The deformed disc brake disc is in uneven contact with the brake pads during braking, which is prone to abnormal noise.

    • Brake pump failure

    The brake pump is the core component that controls the brake system. When the brake pump fails, such as when the motorcycle piston seal is not tight or the return spring fails, it will affect the normal operation of the brake pads and produce abnormal noise.

    How to solve the abnormal noise

    • Replace the brake pads in time

    Regularly check the wear and tear of the motorcycle brake pads, and replace them in time once the wear is found to be serious. Choose reliable brake pads and install them according to the correct installation method.

    • Adjust the position of the brake pads

    If abnormal noise is caused by improper installation of the brake pads, the brake pads should be reinstalled to ensure that the contact area between them and the disc brake disc is even.

    • Replace the disc brake disc

    When the disc brake disc is seriously deformed, it should be replaced with a new disc brake disc in time. Choose a disc brake disc that matches the original car to ensure that the braking system works properly.

    How to solve the abnormal noise

    • Check and repair the brake pump

    If abnormal noise is caused by the failure of the brake pump, the working condition of the brake pump should be checked in time, and the necessary repairs or replacements should be carried out.

    In addition, car owners should also pay attention to avoid improper riding habits such as sudden braking and long-term high-speed driving in daily riding to reduce damage to the braking system. At the same time, regular maintenance and inspection of electric vehicles are carried out to find and solve problems in time to ensure driving safety.


    In short, there are many causes of abnormal noise in two-wheeled electric vehicle disc brakes, and owners should take corresponding solutions according to the specific situation when encountering this problem.

    With proper motorcycle maintenance, we can keep the braking system of our electric vehicles in good working order and provide a safer guarantee for our travel.

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