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Top Electric Motorcycle & Electric Scooter Company in China

Established in 2003, BENLG electric motorcycle and electric scooter company has one of the largest factories in Dongguan covering an area of 60000 square meters. After years of technological development, our electric motorcycle production base has been expanded to Tianjin, Wuxi and Taizhou. We also set up the international branches in the world like Gurgaon, India, Manila, Philippines, Bangkok, Thailand and Jakarta, Indonesia.

As a well-known brand representative in China, BENLG is not only the top electric motorcycle company, but also takes pride in being an excellent electric scooter company. The exceeding 20 years of industry experience and three major production bases have equipped us with professional ability to promote BENLG electric scooters to the whole world.

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International Branch
Industry Experience
Square Meter Factory
Patent Certification
Exporting Country
Number of Employees

BENLG Electric Motorcycle Company has advanced equipment, as well as a professional R&D team and production personnel, and the total number of employees will reach 600. By 2022, 50,000 units will be exported to all over the world and sent to more than 65 countries and regions around the world.

BENLG electric motorcycle company has won wide acclaim from customers through strong technical capabilities, high-quality product quality and mature OEM and ODM customization capabilities. The recognition of the market and the trust of customers have accumulated endless power for BENLG.

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BENLG has passed the US DOT certification, the EU EEC/E-MARK certification, ISO9001: 2001 international quality certification, and more than 30 registered patents in China. With excellent product quality, we won the bids for the government procurement projects of city patrol vehicles in Shenzhen, Nanning, Guilin, Yulin, etc., and contributed our strength to social harmony.

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We sincerely invite you to visit our factory in China, and we believe that we can work together to create value in the future.


In October 2003, “BENLG” transformed from motorcycle to prepare electric vehicle and moped manufacturing enterprise projects.

In May 2004, Shenzhen Songgang production base was officially put into operation, and the first “BENLG” luxury electric vehicle was born.

In 2005,”BENLG” electric vehicles and fuel mopeds were put into full production, becoming the first tram manufacturer with many styles in South China.

In March 2006, “BENLG” was awarded the “China Famous Brand” in the electric moped industry by the China Social Survey, and the foreign trade marketing center was established in the same year, becoming the first electric vehicle foreign trade enterprise in South China and exporting to the Southeast Asian market.

In 2007, “BENLG” Electric Vehicle Shenzhen Songgang Production Base moved to Shenzhen Shanmen 15,000 square meters of professional production plant, the production scale was further expanded, and joined the Guangdong Bicycle Association in the same year.

In June 2008, the first foreign production base was established in Ho Chi Minh City, and Hou Nianlin, the Chinese representative of “BENLG”, served as the general manager.

In May 2009,”BENLG” became the first batch of electric vehicle “home appliances to the countryside” brand in China.

In 2010, the Tianjin production base was set up and officially put into operation in July of the same year.

In January 2011, Zhejiang Taizhou production base was established, and in March of the same year, it was officially put into production and produced representative electric motorcycle series.

In 2012, EVs of “BENLG” passed the EU certification and exported to Europe, South America, the Middle East and other countries. In the same year, “BENLG” was exhibited in the “Cologne International Exhibition in Germany”, which marks Benlg’s entry into the international market. The chairman of the company was awarded the title of “Industry Vice President” by Guangdong Bicycle and Electric Industry Association.

In May 2013, the scale of Taizhou production base was further expanded, the northern marketing center was established, and in the same year, it became the first batch of production enterprises with more than 100 product catalogs in Guangxi Province, and the online “BENLG” specialty store was officially launched.

In March 2014, the enterprise management consulting company entered, carried out enterprise management training, introduced a refined marketing management model and reached strategic cooperation with Baidu. Further more, expanded its production volume. In the same year, the export amount of foreign trade exceeded 500,000 US dollars in a single month, and obtained a number of national certification patents.

In April 2015, Dongguan Dayu Motorcycle Co., Ltd. was acquired, and the electric vehicle industry base was moved to a 66,667 square meters industrial park, becoming an electric vehicle manufacturer with motorcycle production qualifications in South China.

In 2016, “BENLG” foreign trade made full efforts, participated in two international motorcycle exhibitions, and achieved proud sales results;

In 2017, the company established production bases in Nepal and Bangladesh, and the scale of “BENLG” electric vehicles continued to expand;

In May 2018, the Philippines branch was established, and in November of the same year, “BENLG” Energy Technology Co., Ltd. of India was formally established;

In 2019, “Benlg” Wuxi base was officially put into production;

In 2020, the Tianjin base was officially put into operation; In May of the same year, “BENLG” Wuxi base obtained the electric motorcycle production qualification;

Participated in the “Guangzhou Canton Fair” in October 2021; More than 50,000 electric vehicles were exported worldwide in one year;

In 2022, foreign trade has developed a variety of electric motorcycles that support battery swapping, enriching the market and diversifying its choices;

In 2023, “BENLG” has accumulated customers from 65 countries around the world, and is preparing production bases in Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. A better future awaits us come together.

Why choose us

In addition to winning the trust of customers, BENLG shoulder the responsibility of the top electric motorcycle and electric scooter company in China to commit to contributing to the cause of global environmental protection. Experienced long periods of customers certification and quality improvement, we gradually grow into a large-scale company integrating R&D, production, sales and after-sales service of electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric tricycles, electric scooters, and electric scooters.

20 years experience

BENLG employs 600 people

Factory 60,000 square meters

Annual output 600,000 units

Branches in 4 countries

Products reach 65 countries

Why choose us

BENLG Electric Motorcycle Company Services​

High quality control system

Each product will undergo strict testing before shipment to ensure that customers get the perfect

Promised delivery date

With a professional logistics team, we will deliver the goods to the port on time, and can deliver to the door if necessary

24/7 Sales and technical support

BENLG’s sales and technical teams are available 7/24 to provide you with consulting services.

Product certificates

Before selling, we will do relevant product certification for it. The products sold by BENLG are in compliance with the regulations

Worry-free after sales

When your product has problems during use and needs to be repaired or replaced, please contact our staff.

OEM/ODM customization

BENLG electric motorcycle manufacturer has OEM and ODM customization capabilities through strong technical capabilities.


We are proud to be the top electric motorcycle and electric scooter company in China, customers from more than 65 countries around the world are using our products. Here we not only provide electric motorcycles, we also have other three types of products: electric scooters, electric bicycles and electric tricycles. When you encounter problems with the above models when purchasing, you can contact us in time to get professional answers.

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Complete control over product allows usto ensure our customers receive the bestquality prices and service. We take greatpride in everything that we do.

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